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  • Getting used to (awkward!) Navigated  

    PICTURE (App)
    What I would have expected: short concise messages with movies (!). But during the first zapping I only got messages with large headlines and some articles and have shown around zap a few minutes later stopped to concern myself with it because I've s
  • Content super, navigation disastrous  

    SPIEGEL.TV FireTV (App)
    I do not know what the creators were thinking. Via Fire TV makes the app a lot of fun. A wrong navigation and hey presto you're already out begins from the current playback and the next video. In addition, a premium version without ads is desirable.
  • Long Akkulaufz., Super proce., Kostenl.Offline Navig., Great operating system (Android Migrators), Dual Sim par excellence ...  

    Nokia Lumia 630 Dual-SIM Smartphone (11,4 cm (4,5 Zoll) Touchscreen, 5 Megapixel Kamera, HD-Ready Video, Snapdragon 400, 1,2GHz Quad-Core, Windows Phone 8.1) gelb (Elektronik)
    (Update: 28.02.2015) Currently ... OS Version: 8.10.14234.375 (updated 02/28/2015) Firmware Version: 02040.00021.15053.36003 Attention !!! New alternatives to the Lumia 630 !!! (See under "mild criticism") INTRODUCTION ... Would like to des
  • Move Navigation Controller  

    PlayStation Move Navigation controller (optional)
    The Move Navigation Controller is a very high quality. He sits comfortably in the hand and does the job wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, there is not many games that require or support this controller, but I'm sure that Sony and other developers will d
  • Modern navigation device from Garmin  

    Garmin nüvi 3597LMT EU navigation device (12.7 cm (5 inches) touch screen, maps 45 countries in Europe, the whole of Europe, map update, TMC Pro) (Electronics)
    I bought on 25.05.2013, the Garmin nüvi 3597 LMT for 319 at one wholesaler. Bin so far very satisfied and wanted you once let a small report as Positive I noticed: 1. The navigation works very well, had no interruptions while driving. 2. The device h
  • Walking Navigation  

    OsmAnd + Maps & Navigation (App)
    After I had tested the free version on Lake Garda, I decided to buy. There are not yet listed some ways. But all in all this is a software with which I am very satisfied. Especially the way you can use them offline. In the field select a track, it st
  • The KW-203 has a large display and two output ports, very convenient!  

    Ezreal Two-Tone USB charger Multimeter Detector Portable Digital ammeter and voltmeter Voltmeter Ammeter power meter tester (Electronics)
    Video at See Loading the smartphone quickly or the rapid charging power supply is not detected? Sometimes it's very interesting times remeasure how much current flows and if the voltage is correct. Here small USB multimeter come into play,
  • Good navigation  

    NAVIGON select (App)
    For little money. At least for telecom users. The navigation works very well and the scope can be extended with inApp purchases.
  • Good MP3 player with a little getting used to folder navigation  

    Transcend TS8GMP350B Outdoor Series MP3 player with fitness tracker, radio, microphone and voice recorder (8GB internal memory, 90dB) Black / Blue (Electronics)
    I also have the MP330 and MP870, the MP 350 also has a good Klangqualität.Der clip holds relatively strong (much better than the simple Einhängeclip the MP330), and by the tiny size of the player it is never in the way. He has no line is covered with
  • Osram Dulux S (827)  

    Osram compact fluorescent lamp DULUX S 11W / 827 G23 (75W) Interna (Housewares)
    This lamp is with me since about 6 years in use as desk lighting. My little photosensitive eyes feel the warm glow (827) as very pleasant - better than most other fluorescent tubes with colder and more white light. The shelf life can I assess as very
  • TaoTronics car mobile holder for TomTom navigation "misused"  

    TaoTronics car mobile holder for smartphones or Navi (ventilation slit top, windshield / dashboard mount) (Electronics)
    This part was kindly for testing purposes. My wife uses this part for your TomTom navigation. Because where the Orignalherstellerteil failed completely holds the part bombenfest here. My wife drives a Quashquai something seems to be there with the cu
  • Navigerät Becker Ready 50 EU 19  

    230V power supply Becker 50th Steckerlader 230V for Becker Ready 50 Series 50 Active 50 Transit 50 Becker Ready45 Ready 45 LMU SE ICE - Charger 110-240 Volt (Electronics)
    a good Navigerät, just a shame that you buy the power adapter separately muß.Displayschutz should werden.Ansonsten provided I am very zufrieden.Vielleicht with this device it would also be wise lifelong map update to get a small fee, see other provid
  • Navigation OK, but significant weaknesses  

    TomTom GO 6000 Europe navigation system (15 cm (6 inches) touch screen, 8GB of internal memory, QuickGPSfix, TomTom Lifetime Traffic & Maps) (Electronics)
    As a replacement for my defective Tomom GO 740 I bought the GO 6000. My conclusion: I would not do it again. Arguments balance: (+) Good location (+) Very good jam information (+) Fast route calculation (-) Announcements and advertisements on highway
  • Finally my Galaxy Note is charged despite Navigation  

    TomTom High Speed ​​USB Multi-Charger (Optional)
    Had read on the Internet that the Galaxy Note when TomTom MultiCharger is charged to one of two terminals despite Navigation stress. This I can hereby confirm pleased !!!
  • Does my smartphone despite navigation and Bluetooth  

    TomTom High Speed ​​USB Multi-Charger (Optional)
    Who uses his smartphone for navigation in your car, know that it is difficult to find a charger so that the phone can load despite ongoing navigation. So far, I had the best experience with an old original charger for a Motorala Defy my Prada Phone b
  • Navigation without problems  

    Garmin nüvi 2595 LMT GPS (12.7 cm (5.0 inch) display, 3D Traffic, total Europe, Lifetime Map Update, Bluetooth, voice control) (Electronics)
    I bought this Navi for vacation (trip to Croatia). Decisive for me especially that lifetime free map updates are included when purchasing the device. So far I have always had Navis from another manufacturer, but map updates were just too expensive (a
  • Device crashes after 4 weeks no navigation possible  

    Becker active.6 LMU plus navigation device (15.8 cm (6.2 inch) screen, 47 countries, lifetime map updates, TMC, MagClick Active Holder with Bluetooth) (Electronics)
    Our new Becker active.6 LMU Plus was supplemented with the Becker ADAC Pitch accessories on the same day of the delivery charge. The first few days of our trip we were impressed by the navigation / road layout / options. Especially the mount holds
  • Not suitable for serious navigation  

    TomTom Start Classic Central Europe Traffic navigation system (8.9 cm (3.5 inch) display, 19 country maps, lane guidance, text-to-speech) (Electronics)
    The system is of a more serious navigation, especially on long journeys, completely useless. There are almost no configuration options for route planning. Lock Quick, short, economical route, etc., TMC on / off, certain road types or ferries, there i
  • Top quality, invites even with navigation because 1200mA max. Charging current  

    Sony Ericsson AN-400 / TO-401 car charger adapter incl. Micro USB cable (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I'm excited. I was looking for a car charger for Galaxy mini, but it should be a branded product and invite definitely also in the Navi mode. First I tried the Hama business, which has a top quality but unfortunately only 1A max. Charging current. Wh
  • Stable, good car holder for Navigon navigation devices  

    Wicked Chili car mount (free of vibration / tilt / swivel) for Navigon navigation devices (electronics)
    It is a stable, good car holder for Navigon navigation devices. Although it is not as elegant as the original holder, it keeps them! The original holder was after a short time because of a penny article (injection-molded part made of brittle plastic