edifier thx vs dolby digital


  • Finally Dolby Digital via laptop output  

    Audio Adapter Toslink female to 3.5mm optical connector (option)
    Long it took me to figure out how I can transfer Dolby Digital signals from my laptop to my digital receiver (Intensifiers). Solution - populate> S / P-DIF output jack with this adapter and it then connect an optical cable. Then connect the optica
  • Okay, finally Dolby Digital Plus "true" HDMI-compatible Blu-ray 3D  

    Aston Xena Twin HD Satellite Receiver with dual HD tuner PVR HDMI 3D dual card reader (Electronics)
    From an original aspect, the youngest of Aston is really complete. Automatic installation is kept by auto-detection. It connects the TV, the cable (s) (s) antenna 1 or 2 external hard drives formatted in FAT32 (2 USB ports), the Fransat card and / or
  • restore SBX encoding and DOLBY DIGITAL LIVE at the supplier  

    Creative Sound Card OEM PCI-E Sound Blaster Z (Accessory)
    the software has been installed and works fine The quality problem of the SBX DIGITAL LIVE and its still there. But the sound that comes out of my 5.1 speakers is flat, I would compare it to that of a single audio device What can or what should I do
  • Problem decoding of Dolby Digital HD DTT in France  

    Dvico multimedia TViX6632N Housing Double HD tuner HDMI USB 1.3 WiFi 2.0 (Personal Computers)
    I bought a TViX 6632N. After HDMI connection and configuration parameters of the Dolby Digital audio output digitally as recommended in the manual, I realized that there was no sound on the strings TF1HD, France and 2HD M6HD. No problem with ArteHD a
  • Only Stereo (2.0 sound), no Dolby Digital (5.1) or DTS (7.1) from your PC  

    Ligawo 6518840 HDMI Extender / Switch HDMI (Full HD) 50m black (Accessories)
    --- The review I reworked from its original form again in order to integrate the results of the attached discussion --- The wall box --- I have not used for the further tests to exclude them as source of error --- The following configurations I teste
  • Top Dolby Digital Live USB soundcard.  

    Asus Xonar U3 USB external sound card, Digital Out, Dolby support, ASUS GX2.5 Gaming technology (accessories)
    Since my new motherboard while an optical output but unfortunately Dolby Digital Live is not supported (in games), I wanted a cheap option that allows me. I'm using the latest drivers, am very satisfied with the sound card, as I also in Games again s
  • Whistling and crackling with HD channels with Dolby Digital audio  

    Lindy Audio Converter SPDIF Digital -> Analog - cable, 70408 (personal computer)
    Bought 4 weeks ago unfortunately directly at Lindy and incl. High shipping paid about 30% more to Lindy Audio Converter. It's annoying, but nothing has of course to do with the quality of the product. Now this: I wanted the sound of my new Philips LC
  • Suitable for Xbox 360 in conjunction with a Dolby Digital system!  

    Hama Optical digital cable 2x ODT Toslink 1.5m (accessory)
    Many wonder how the Xbox 360 to connect to your Dolby Digital system ...? Quite simply, this cable back to the connector where you can switch between TV and HD TV and connect to AV - plug RECEIVER. Finish the connection of XBOX 360 with DOLBY DIGITAL
  • Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect  

    Creative Sound Blaster Z Internal sound card (PCI Express, High-performance headphone amplifier, microphone beamforming) (Personal Computers)
    The Creative Sound Blaster Z was purchased decoderstation to supply a Devil 3 (DTS Connect) as well as a Sony MDRDS6500 Wireless Headphones (Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect) the connection of the devices takes place at the SPDIF TOSLINK output of
  • Easy installation, outstanding image quality, Dolby Digital.  

    Strong SRT 7403 Tuner Yes (MPEG4 HD) (Electronics)
    Edit 6 March 2015: after a year of loyal service, this demodulator is running as required, we are still as enthusiastic about the beautiful picture quality and sound from this product, Strong with this product gives to his money, that's fine. Install
  • Converter 5.1 / 2.1 Dolby Digital and DTS for  

    Digital Audio Converter Converter 5.1 / 2.1 Channel Surround Sound DTS / AC-3 audio decoder for PS3, network player, HDTV DVD player, Blue ray DVD, DVD, SP3, Xbox 360, DM500S, DM800HD, etc. AC113 (Electronics)
    This adapter very polivalent. It supports 2 different sources, both sources can be connected via optical or coaxial cables. I met a very annoying problem though. I has this adapter connected to my TV to hear the sound of my stereo. When I change chan
  • Micro Headset Tritton Pro + Dolby Digital 5.1 for PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC / Mac  

    TRITTON PRO + True 5.1 Surround Gaming Headset - white glossy (Personal Computers)
    This helmet impresses with its design ... and sound (we take full ears with a basic config!). Installation is fast with this manual in the box. But then you have to know where you venture to set the volume of the different speakers, nothing is indica
  • Unfortunately not with Dolby Digital Pro Logic II!  

    Bonomi Miscela di Caffe` Blu macinato ground 250 gr. (Misc.)
    This coffee is a very good coffee. It tastes wonderful. I like him. AAAAB: The above product image fulfills clearly the offense of misleading advertising. Contrary to the pictorial promise I got this coffee with only 3 instead of 4 speakers delivered
  • LG DVX 592 H DVD Player (HDMI, 1080p upscaler, DivX Certified, DTS, Dolby Digital, USB 2.0)  

    LG DVX592H DVD Player (HDMI, 1080p upscaler, DivX Certified, DTS, Dolby Digital, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    Caveat: This is my 1.Rezension - Amazon gets me 5 stars for fast delivery and when times 1 item has been sent back, then the funds will be credited back within a short time. TOP ... The player himself: - Are all the movies, no matter (whether from th
  • Is just a cable that also makes what it is! ... And the right! * Smile *  

    Hama Audio Optical Fibre Cable ODT plug (Toslink), 3 m (accessories)
    The Hama Audio Optical Fibre Cable ODT plug (Toslink), 3 m I ordered here in May 2012 for 10.07 EUR and get from Amazon. Since then I have it in use, and what am I supposed to Hama Audio Optical Fibre Cable ODT plug (Toslink), say 3 m ... It does wha
  • The best gift I've ever given me. Never looked back!  

    Teufel Theater 500 Mk2 "5.1-Set Cinema" - Great theater with big boxes: Power for Stereo and Surround (Electronics)
    I wanted to have a music system, with which I can hear good music and film. After studying reviews I have brought this system. In a Hifi Forum you wrote to me that I got a great system for the price (hell is good quality for relatively little money o
  • Edifier S550 VS. Logitech Z906  

    Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System THX and Dolby Digital (electronic)
    Good day, I was able to both systems extensively compare. I make it short: Edifier: sounds balanced, especially in middle-Breich. Edifier: is processed valent. Edifier: bring higher sonorous bass over, due to 2 passive membrane. Edifier: bass reprodu
  • Great sound, stable driver, no digital output  

    Sound Blaster Recon3D USB external THX sound card for PC, Xbox, PS3, Mac (optional)
    The Recon3D USB soundcard is my first certified by THX Creative soundcard. Since I very often abspiele my music through headphones, the curiosity was all the greater if Creative has also set eyes / ears shopping on the sound quality without the engag
  • Separating the audio signal for digital processor from HDMI  

    Ligawo ® HDMI Audio Extractor - HDMI to 2.0 / 5.1 - Toslink SPDIF / Coax / jack (Electronics)
    I have worried me the device to the digital audio information to filter out from an HDMI signal, to process them in a exteren digital processor further. Source here is a Raspberry Pi and the processor a devil Decoderstation 5. After connecting the sp
  • Finally bring digital sound with no latency for amplifiers  

    Ligawo ® HDMI Switch 4x1 - Pro 1080p 3D - Toslink / SPDIF - 3.5mm audio (Electronics)
    I wanted to essentially solve a problem: The Toslink output of my TVs are Dolby Digital signals that arrive via HDMI, only delayed again. Lip sync in movies or exact timing at Guitar Hero were therefore not possible. To connect the audio signals from