emery 62d height


  • If you have time found the right height ...  

    ALOE VERA% ACTION: Orthopedic cervical neck support pillow 40 x 80 x H 15 cm, made of pressure equalizing Visco-gel foam - AS A GIFT TO: 2 outer protective cover with aloe vera - pillows, cushions, neck pillows
    Bought as a Christmas present for my father the pillow. This has always problem with the cervical spine. The pillow was very well received and it was accordingly tested immediately. My father (about 180 cm tall) has just used it on the first night ev
  • Good, but not suitable for people over 1,70m height!  

    Body Sculpture EZ exercise bike with magnetic brake, collapsible, with backrest, Orange / Grey / Black (Sports)
    I've bought the wheel to the desk (height adjustable!) To ride loose during work. The works so far really good. The build quality is good, the seat quite comfortable, ergonomic fit, the wheel is round and not very loud. BUT: The wheel is suitable in
  • Height adjustment only possible with Allen  

    Deluxe music stand with perforated plate Notenpult
    As the title says. The height can be adjusted only with an additional tool in our music stand on the middle of the three screws. Since the music stand must not be mobile with us, we can live with and have not exchanged. At least the machine is stable
  • Good headphones for little money, only in the heights he forgets  

    AKG K 511 stereo headphones (Closed Frame) (Electronics)
    I hear not only exclusively a kind of music (how boring it would be?) And would like to say that I am familiar with good sound quality. My stereo system located in the high-end range, which is why I do not even want to spend huge sums on the go or in
  • Kerbl 82528 Kratzbaum Jade Pro Height: 96 cm, brown / beige  

    Kerbl cat tree Jade Pro, height: 96 cm, brown / beige (Misc.)
    I'm very satisfied with the scratching post. I think my cat (3 years) also. The cat tree looks really beautiful, the color is super, very stable, quality is also very good, the screws could indeed be shorter because if you fixed rotates the columns t
  • Light Table to quickly set up, unfortunately without height adjustment  

    10T Alutab Light - Camping table 70x70cm handy with lamellar system tabletop Aluminium pack size (equipment)
    The table is a space-saving, lightweight, one gets also erected quickly without assembly instructions. The size is sufficient for 1-person camp. The construction itself may seem a little more stable, but he fully assembled is sufficiently stable. (Of
  • No heights, poor volume control  

    UE Mini Boom Speaker (Bluetooth) black / black (Electronics)
    Granted, I have decided on the UE Mini Boom speaker mainly due to the low price. Still, I bought the Bluetooth speakers with a certain expectation. Visually the speaker is great, but I do not buy it to me because he looks good but is good to play mus
  • Sorry, no security for the height adjustment  

    Racing office chair "Suzuka" white / black / red, armrest hinged, tilt function, XL-star base
    The foot of the chair was not firmly attached to the shell. After height adjustment on maximum height is a risk of tipping of the upper part.
  • Heights unbearably shrill  

    Sony MDREX50LPW headphones white (Electronics)
    + Processing acts wertig + The first in-ear Höhrer where the (large) earplugs fit well with me + Bass quite OK - In the middle a bit dull --- Heights (va sibilance) sound on the phone (Galaxy S4) very flashy For the price I will not complain now, but
  • perfect ratio of pack size and max. Height with good quality  

    togopod panoramic tripod Luisa (Max per) incl. ball head and quick release plate (pack size 35 cm, working height 160 cm) (Accessories)
    Was important for me the small pack size, yet you can take off the tripod up to head height (although of course there is no longer the greatest stability has). I used it already repeatedly for time-lapse photography of the Milky Way and was very plea
  • Recommendation, very inexpensive, good quality (seat height 72cm)  

    Link 50901400 Bar stool Inet, wei (household goods)
    The chair came serh quickly, packaging, material with screws etc. ales here and not defective, assembly took 3min. Metal Frame top - ideally processed! Wood in the surface very good, nice white, unfortunately the edges of both parts are very sharp -
  • Height exactly right! A perfect working chair!  

    Topstar ST79S10 swivel stool Sitness 27 / upholstery fabric black / footplate wood with stainless steel cover (household goods)
    Topstar ST79S10 swivel stool Sitness 27 / upholstery fabric black / footplate wood with stainless steel cover I ordered the chair a few days ago, because I wanted a higher stool, with whom I can better tap half standing and working at the desk. So I
  • First now defective / HDD height of 9mm to 7mm possible so the SSD is future-proof  

    Crucial CT128M4SSD2 128GB internal SSD hard drive (6.4 cm (2.5 inches), SATA) (Personal Computers)
    Hello, I've already purchased the second plate. The first I run at SATA III (64GB) in a normal PC and the second is in a laptop to SATA II (128GB). I've attached the speeds of the two panels below once, I've never had problems, everything was immedia
  • Super Working height  

    Sangenic Twister Twister Base Base for all diaper Twister MK3, MK4 & MK5 (Baby Product)
    I had initially bought just the diaper pail and thought to myself, because I am small, that's enough. But change after 6 weeks diapers, I have ordered the base and have to say: class working height. No more bending over and everything is always withi
  • Prima! Ideal height and storage space for Ersatzkasetten!  

    Sangenic Twister Twister Base Base for all diaper Twister MK3, MK4 & MK5 (Baby Product)
    We are very pleased with the Base. You can stow the Ersatzkasetten, she immediately accessible for replacement and Plus: The Base of Windelwister The perfect back-friendly height - would not hesitate to order it again!
  • A plant with qualitative heights and some through Hägern  

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Audio CD)
    After I read the reviews and was able to get a first acoustic impression, I find that an average review is appropriate. Dramatic Action rousing pieces are not necessarily Patrick Doyle hobbyhorse; they seem rather conventional. In the film, they migh
  • Attention: serving in 9.5cm height and no "juice tank" in the device  

    Braun Multiquick 5 Citrus Juicer juicer MP22 (household goods)
    After unpacking, we have the same need to find times that our glasses not fit under the spout. The height is 9.5 cm and can sometimes close briefly, but not longer than two oranges. After that, the juice flowing across the device and you can wipe it
  • Solid, very nice garden furniture with a slightly lower seat height  

    Ultra Lounge Bank Natura 2-seater, Canberra series - Noble & High-quality eucalyptus wood FSC certified - 119 cm x 71 cm x 89 cm (garden products)
    The Ultra Lounge Bank Natura 2-seater, Canberra series is a very solid processed bank with a slightly lower seat height. It is not intended for sitting at the table, but the cozy lounging. The structure is simple and quickly done, especially when you
  • Affordable Stand mailbox with over-height  

    High-quality V2A stainless steel stand letterbox with newspaper compartment, 144 cm high, 8 kg (Misc.)
    The mailbox is relatively large, looks good and is very easy to set up. An average gifted craftsman needs for assembly and the base mounting around 1 hour. The mailbox is qualitatively OK. However, the standpipes are as already described really littl
  • Incorrect height  

    Fireplace spark guard size: 98 x 50cm
    Stated dimensions of the grid: 90 x 50 cm. The amount of the article is therefore indicated with 50 cm. The real height of the supplied article is but 54 cm.