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  • Epil spring  

    Epil'Spring Eco - Spring Epilator Manual - Only 1 Spring (Health and Beauty)
    very very good product very easy to use but after a year of purchase of the spring no longer works impossible to use it more plucks there is the handle which is a break inside the then very disappointed spring for the price it had to pay was last yea
  • Indispensable 25 October 1105  

    Epil'Spring Pro - Spring Epilator Manual - 1 Spring and Cover (Personal Care)
    Epil'Spring Pro + is effective as tweezers or wax specifically for the face. I find indispensable. Highly recommend
  • Epilation, peeling, shaving - all rolled into one. Experiences & Reviews.  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 epilator SkinSpa 7951 (with 4 towers & scrub brush) (Health and Beauty)
    Comprehensive "insights & tips" about epilation I add the rating to below. This device I use now for several months ... The conclusion quite succinctly: I am completely satisfied with it, even though I still find the brush rather reliab
  • The review for the man  

    Braun 7681 WD Silk-epil Wet and Dry Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    Preview It's common knowledge that men usually are equipped with a luxuriant body hair than women. While in earlier times the men still wore chest hair toupees in the movies, hair is taboo for men nowadays. Thus, this change affects the society on on
  • Relatively cheaper epilator for beginners / interior. (Little accessories or additional essays.)  

    Braun Silk-épil 5 Young Beauty epilator 5329 (incl. Facial cleansing brush) (Health and Beauty)
    First of all I have to mention: My legs are depilated since time immemorial. I find this kind of annoying hair going to be most effective, but this is pure picture and habituation thing, because "pain" I take into account, and I have now ju
  • APP with BT4.0 (the smartphone) available. (Hints & Tips App usage with any rotating OralB see review !!!)  

    Braun Oral-B electric TriZone 7000 premium toothbrush with Bluetooth, white (Personal Care)
    (Note to the current price in the spring of 2015: This model (7000) is in the "Blitz offers" for a reduced price (under 120 euros) offered almost every day for several weeks waiting might be worth ;-)!. This toothbrush because of APP to rec
  • 90% 1-star reviews I can not confirm !!!  

    Becker Professional 50 LMU navigation device (12.7 cm (5 '') screen, 44 countries pre-installed, HQ TMC, Becker SituationScan, Lifetime Map Updates, OneShot voice control) Black / Silver (Electronics)
    Everyone wants to know what is good and what is not good on this unit, so I'm going to save details in detail and try to all relevant characteristics to respond, as I've been looking for with all other reviews searched by me in advance. The following
  • Correction of some incorrect reviews. Compared with BenQ G2420HDBL.  

    LG D2342P 58.4 cm (23 inches) 3D LED Monitor (Full-HD, 5ms response time) black (accessories)
    By the negative reviews I was only a little skeptical, but then yet decided to purchase. Monitor ------- The monitor comes with the standard delivery. Monitor, stand, driver, power cord, VGA cable and DVI cable. The cables are 1.5m long but very shor
  • An epilator must-have in his bathroom !!  

    Braun Silk-épil 5 5580. 3 Accessories + cooling glove (Health and Beauty)
    Firstly this appliance a nice design and provides a good grip. The electrical outlet is flat, straight and fine, not a big transformer L as on my old epilator, which can connect most easily on narrow taken (type of SDB taken around sinks) or not very
  • Epilation does not hurt  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 Legs, Body & Face + Face Cleaning Brush 7-569 Wet & Dry Promotion Pack (Health and Beauty)
    I have my legs would prefer shaved lately because my old epilator has pretty geziept. And quite honestly, in the winter I just let grow the hair on the legs. But now we have spring and the hair on the legs had from! Since the hair was too long for th
  • New edition of a classic epilator. Without innovation, it just proven quality.  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 Legs, Body & Face + Face Cleaning Brush 7-569 Wet & Dry Promotion Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Since 2010, I have the opportunity on the Vine tester program to test devices as just this. Who wonders why I * need the umpteenth epilator * does not need to read further. It's like this: I have fun doing, like to compare the performance (so far hav
  • First Time epilation!  

    Philips HP6565 / 00 Satin Intimate Präzisionsepilierer, white-violet (Personal Care)
    One in advance, I have never epilated, and once let the legs grow, otherwise only every now and then tried with cold wax itself, depilatory or shaved mainly wet. But especially in the summer log after a morning shave already evening again the stubble
  • Unfortunately leaves springs ....  

    Eight2Nine ladies down winter coat, gray (Textiles)
    I bought the jacket for approximately 5 months ago and already worn it a few times. At first I was really excited, super seat, large, warm hood, the material properly. I read in some customer reviews that sometimes come out springs, but hoped that it
  • This device does not deserve the name epilator !!!  

    Braun SE 7175 Silk-épil 7 Legs - Wireless Wet & Dry epilator (Personal Care)
    Device getting today, unpacked, charged and tried! After two minutes, I realized that this thing not depilated, but pinch off the hair! Advantage for all pain-sensitive: it does not hurt! I epiliere for over ten years, I know that you can feel that!
  • Satinelle Epilator in Turquoise  

    Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6401 / 06 with shaving head (Personal Care)
    Have the epilator at the weekend though with another provider acquired, but it is and will remain the same device. The delivery includes the epilator with his usual essay, to the rather long cable including adapter and an extra "Shaver" * essay,
  • Top unit (with lots of accessories!) For multi-epilator, but also for beginners!  

    Braun Silk-épil 5 5780 epilator with dual comfort system (with 5 papers) (Health and Beauty)
    Top Pre-Tune My conclusion: I find this Silk Epil epilator from Braun TOP. The epilation is clean vonstatten - the thing with the pain is highly subjective. I put it on the legs and under the armpits (no longer) hurt, but the bikini area ... ouch! Fo
  • If strong conversion and application was used to epilation not easy  

    Veet Infini'Silk Pro IPL hair removal device incl. Precision attachment (Personal Care)
    Today I want to introduce the hair removal device "Infini Pro IPL Silk" from the home Veet. The hair removal with this Home Pulsed Light technology is not suitable for Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI, or even for people with light hair and / or
  • Top unit with attachment for epilating & Shaving --- perhaps a recommendation for epilator beginners?  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry epilator 7-751 (5 articles) (Health and Beauty)
    First of all I have to mention: My legs are depilated since time immemorial. I find this kind of annoying hair going to be most effective. "Pain" I take into account, or I have now just become friends with it and may even say: It itches at best
  • Purist design, great sword, good grip but defective spring  

    Cryo II Assisted 3-1 / 4 "Plain Blade, (equipment)
    DESIGN & FUNCTION --------------------------- Since designmäßig the Cryo I and II to the larger blade length are identical, I quote my review of CRYO I excerpts: "The knife is at the price a great processed folding knife. The design is very minim