escaner reflecta rps 10m


  • High resolution, high density range = good image quality  

    Reflecta RPS 65910 Filmscanner (10000dpi) (Personal Computers)
    I photograph only digitally for 13 years, but still have a lot of old slides, negatives and SW-color negatives from the family, some of which are 60 years old. Since I have found that the old color materials already fade, I move for a few years ago t
  • From the flatbed scanners one of the best, but still with defects  

    Epson Perfection V800 Photo Scan Flatbed Scanner (6400 dpi x 9) black / silver (Personal Computers)
    The V800 I had actually bought especially to digitize old medium format films (have here a lot very old 120 roll film, which is exposed in the format 6 x 9 and 6 x 6). Unfortunately, the medium format holder of this scanner are wrongly dimensioned, i
  • identical to reflecta  

    Cassette Tape to MP3 CD PC converter converter via USB (Electronics)
    funny funny - absolutely identical to the device of reflecta (also available here) - but costs only half :-))))
  • Anti-glare film - non-reflective as the original Paperwhite display  

    2x Dipos antireflective screen protector for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
    Since adhesive films age with time and leave a residue on the glued surface, I asked the manufacturer, which the adhesion of screen protectors from "sticking" is different. The company specifies for their films that they stick free of adhes
  • Reflection protection  

    2 x atFoliX protector Amazon Fire HD 7 (Model 2014) Screen Protector - FX antireflective glare-free (electronic)
    The Displayschutzolie can be, in accordance with the detailed instructions, easy on the Fire HD 7, 4th generation, attach and improves the read function of the Kindle Fire HD 7 immensely, without interfering with other functions. Thus, even with the
  • Easy to apply, LITTLE REFLECTION, suitable for preservation of value CAMERA  

    3 x atFoliX protector Canon PowerShot SX260 HS Screen Protector - FX antireflective glare-free (electronic)
    Upon receipt I have the screen cleaned with a microfiber cloth and foil attached by means of a 2nd person: easy and super easy without bubbles or streaking and accurately. Now the display of my Canon PowerShot SX260 HS is well protected from scratche
  • Reflections  

    MegaGear Multi-Coated UV LENS ARMOR attached FILTER Sony Cyber-shot RX100, RX100m II (Electronics)
    Has caused in the dark for reflections. Did the then in focusing difficulty removed. Do not know if it ahn of the lens was.
  • Flares / light reflections are amplified !!  

    Hama UV Filter for SLR Lens 67 mm (accessories)
    I beschrenke only on reflections in backlight (and single bright light sources); If you close has eg. A bright light source of the lens (and also in the picture), it reflects the objective and there are flares! By using this UV-filter these reflectio
  • 1080p at 10m impossible  

    deleyCON Premium HQ DVI to DVI cable - DVI-D Dual Link - [10m] - 3D Ready - DVI to DVI adapter cable [10 meter] (Electronics)
    Anticipation, I use the 10m version of the cable. The cable is very well made. Unfortunately 1080p was not possible to 720 already. The monitor does not detect the signal, making it unusable for me personally. To be fair, one must keep in mind that i
  • A perfect fit - reflects strong  

    HTC SP P400 Screen Protector for HTC Desire Z (2 pieces) Blister (Accessories)
    Before applying the screen protector you first need to pull themselves a film from the screen protector. This latter is presumably charged considerably static. It runs then virtually self on the display. You have to align the sheet at the bottom of t
  • Anti-reflective only moderately, otherwise good  

    2x Asus VivoTab Note 8 M80TA antireflective PREMIUM screen protector screen protective film of 4ProTec - Low glare antireflection film (Electronics)
    Short in bullet points the advantages and disadvantages, then a few points a bit more detail: Good: - Antireflection in everyday ok - Solves the annoying problem of fingerprint Vivotabs - Does not interfere with multitouch - Image quality remains ver
  • Langer shipping, no reflection, A7s  

    Commlite autofocus EF-NEX Lens Mount EF-EMOUNT FX Adapter for Canon EF EF-S Lens to Sony E mount NEX 3 / 3N / 5N / 5R / 7 / A7 A7R Full Frame, Color Black (Camera)
    I use the adapter with the A7s and have long to investigate, to make an adapter choice. Unfortunately, there are a few reviews and especially in combination with the A7s finds little. Mostly it will expire on the A7R ... I have my first comparisons b
  • Very solid and reflective design  

    License Plate Euro variant 520mm x 110mm for Germany
    To order supplemented the desired characteristics and the next day I had the license plate The execution was better than I had expected it for this price: Reflective and sealed surface => In my view Recommended
  • Finally a cat collar that reflects decent!  

    Cat collar, reflective 83 192 (Misc.)
    The main reason why my cat wearing a collar is so that it is clearly visible to motorists. Other collars simply have not enough for me Reflekroren - this is almost completely made of reflective material. The shutter is very easy on the one hand, what
  • Reflects unfortunately when photographing  

    Cadorabo ®! X TPU silicone sleeve for Sony Xperia Z1 in white (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The white cover is not suitable, the flash when one is so strongly reflected from the white envelope fotografiert.Anscheinend with the smartphone that annoying white streaks can be seen on the photo !! I have the envelope sent back to us very quickly
  • Reflecting shudder  

    4x mumbi screen protector Samsung Galaxy Note screen protector (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    When bring him it started already, needed 3 films (attempts) until I with a befriedigendend result on the screen had. Beautiful would have been here if you could have a tab to the protective film "sticking" to the side to remove cross, so t
  • 2x anti-reflective screen protector screen protector for Tolino  

    2x anti-reflective screen protector screen protective film of 4ProTec for Weltbild Tolino Shine - TEST WINNER in terms of reduction in reflection in the magazine PC Games 11/2012 (Electronics)
    2x anti-reflective screen protector screen protector for Tolino, the film does its purpose is easy to apply and fits well to the screen
  • HDMI 10M  

    LCS - CALLISTO - 10M - Ultra HD 4K - New version HDMI cable 2.0 / 1.4a compatible - Triple shielding - 3D - ARC - CEC - 1080p / 2160p (Electronics)
    Very good cable, 10m no error pixels or similar, the cable is strongly screened and is very valuable, supports all standards
  • Unfortunately reflects very strong :-(  

    Polaroid Optics 58mm multi-coated / Multicoated Glass UV Filter (Camera)
    This filter is externally well finished and well suited as a lens protector. But if you want to make backlit scenes and images in which point sources of light can be seen, will be disappointed by this filter. The reflections are unfortunately extreme