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  • Irreplaceable for Prime members. With Kodi / XBMC and Sky Go the almost perfect Streaming Stick  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    PURCHASE INTENTION: Thanks to the great offer of Amazon, I have the FireTV stick can be ordered for 19 in advance. With such a good price, I did not have to think twice if I stick this now for my second TV use (Have the normal Fire TV box already in
  • Spotify without this bad app on Firestick enjoy - solution  

    Spotify Connect (App)
    Hello, this app is how not to use so well in conjunction with the Fire TV Stick. Something to offer an absolute impudence and thus to make more in connection with the advertising stick. However, I have found a solution with which one then but Spotify
  • Unfortunately does not start on the Firestick.  

    Table Top Racing Free (App)
    The app starts unfortunately on the Firestick not, therefore, only one star. That's all I can nich are saying the reason.
  • On Firestick only half a picture. Update Now's it going  

    Putpat TV (App)
    Unfortunately, the app on the Firestick not working. Upper Bildhälfe white down only a part of the video I'd bet on a scale error. Menu does not exist. Since the drive is available only today I am hoping for a quick troubleshooting. Update: now runni
  • Sony Sound Base + 55 inch Panasonic TV + Sky Sat Receiver + PS3 = works  

    Sony HT-XT1 SoundBase speakers (170 watts, NFC, Bluetooth, built-in subwoofer) (Electronics)
    Vorneweg the hardware: Sony HT-XT1 Soundbase Panasonic Viera TX-P55VT50 Sky satellite Reciever (HUMAX with hard drive) PlayStation 3 AmazonBasics High-Speed ​​HDMI Cable I must confess, I was not really satisfied with the sound of the TV. Is probably
  • No compatibility with SKY  

    LG 47LB650V 119 cm (47 inches) Cinema 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 500Hz MCI, DVB-T / C / S, CI +, wireless LAN, Smart TV) Silver (Electronics)
    The TV made a very good impression, until I came across a huge software bug: When changing from an SD channels on an HD TV channels on our SKY receiver called the HDMI handshake does not work. Specifically, this means that the TV whenever the decrypt
  • Cuddly toy with great starry sky  

    Brigamo games 473 - Penguin Plush "Skipper" cuddly toy night light starry sky (Toys)
    Video at hello, attached my short review about the product. Later I invite another video high. Since the release by Amazon takes a bit longer I link in the comment before my YouTube video. Just copy the link and watch the video. That says
  • Light Anfangskränkeleien, yet a potential new star in the sky Metal  

    Apocalypse (Audio CD)
    When I learned in Macic Circle Music Newsletter of the Single and led me the sound samples on the band's website ([...]) to heart, it was clear to me: Here is a new star in the sky on Metal. Without further ado, I ordered the single. Now it's there,
  • Also works with Sky  

    TechniSat ISIO S1 DigiCorder - HDTV TWIN Satellite Receiver (1000GB hard drive, internet, DVR, CI +, UPnP, Ethernet) (Electronics)
    I am for years a satisfied customer Technisat. My predecessor model was the HD S2, because of the now too small disk I switched Digicorder ISIO S1. An absolute top product, since almost nothing to be desired. Super optics, extremely quiet operation a
  • A Sky Full Of Stars - A sky full of stars  

    A Sky Full of Stars (MP3 Download)
    With this song I can imagine the sky full of stars very well. I find this song so great as it has a perfect balance of soft and faster rhythms. Just great.
  • Sky works.  

    Ligawo 6518868 PRO HDMI Matrix 4x4 4K * 2K + RS232 + EDID control (accessory)
    The most important to first. Sky processed the device without any problems. According to other recessions, the matrix would be very large, which I can not confirm, one should not forget how great 1 HDMI connection times. 8 are available, and the unit
  • Sensible solution for DVB-C and Sky  

    AlphaCrypt Light CI module to receive encrypted cable and satellite programs (accessories)
    Trigger of purchase: I have allowed myself some time ago a new Full HD TV which has a CI module slot. Since I am Sky-customer and previously owned a HDTV receiver, this module was the opportunity for me to give up the receiver, some cable and a remot
  • great starry sky  

    CloudB 7353zz- Red Twilight Ladybug® (Baby Product)
    our little girl did not want to sleep with the door closed and have light in the room. Since then, we have the Twilight Ladybug, she looks every night "their" starry sky and all is well ;-)
  • Cuddly toy with great starry sky 1  

    Brigamo games 474 - Giraffe plush toy "Gloria" cuddly toy night light starry sky (Toys)
    Video at hello, attached my short review about the product. Later I invite another video high. Since the release by Amazon takes a bit longer I link in the comment before my YouTube video. Just copy the link and watch the video. That says
  • For Sky + with single-cable solution highly recommended  

    TechniSat TechniRouter Mini 2 / 1x2 (Accessories)
    About the website of Sky I became aware of the possibility of SatCR solution in an existing satellite system with multi-switch for the first time. After some Internet research, I came across this article. My satellite expert who installed the TechniR
  • Unusable not suitable for V13 Sky card  

    Philips DIS 2221 satellite receiver, NDS for SKY (suitable for V13 map) (Electronics)
    Unfortunately, the receiver is not as described suitable for the V13 Card SKY. Two weeks after receiving work - lower witness also the remote control. The same applied for the replacement of the FB. After three times complain (the first undelivered.
  • the first switch in the Sky + runs  

    KanaaN 4K UltraHD HDMI 4x2 Matrix Switch | Remote Control | Audio output: 5.1 Surround SPDIF optical / stereo 3.5mm jack | ARC | MHL port for streaming from your mobile phone | FullHD, UHD, 4K, 4K * 2K compatible | HDMI 1.4 standard (Electronics)
    Have previously tried 3 other switches, each 4x2, partly indication was Sky suitable here, but it ran only the normal channels on the Skyreciever, the Cinema channels did not run! This product expressly stands that Sky + runs and it runs really! Had
  • Iron Sky on PC  

    Wolfenstein: The New Order - [PC] (computer game)
    In my opinion, the game would "Iron Sky - The New Order" can and should be called. By zocken After a very neutral, without great emotion or memorable highlights (but with a huge number of Quick Loads and massive angry), I can absolutely see no r
  • Master / Slave Distribution Humax iCord HD and Sky HD Receiver  

    Wentronic 51445 SAT-switch distributed / 1 LNB switches to 2 satellite receivers (Accessories)
    First of all I want to say that I am very happy and doing and more than I expected. I have a normal TV connection with a cable and the Humax HD Receiver is iCord connected via Master for record and the Sky HD receiver via slave. The Humax is impressi
  • Hama Fully shielded satellite distributor (2-fold) 44126 - approach for Sky + receiver  

    Hama Fully shielded satellite distributor (2-fold) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (optional)
    Had the problem a SAT receiver (Sky) in a system with a TV, which owns 2 own TV tuners to accommodate. The TV is operated using two SAT-cables of the satellite system. Works very well, the operation is also very good. Sky currently replaces the smart