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  • Reinventing the food processor? As Philips has come up properly with something new!  

    Philips HR7762 / 90 Food processor (28 functions, Blenders, 750W) black (household goods)
    As a classic food processor I would not call this device, because the use of batter I find rather sub-optimal --- due to the low volume and slightly unusual way of kneading / Mix-hook and Quirrlplatte. Nevertheless, after two weeks of use is clear: T
  • Perfect accessory for food processor  

    Bosch MUZ4ZP1 juicer (Accessories)
    What can I say: This juicer is the ideal accessory for my Bosch food processor MUM4405! It is easy to handle, really pressed the last drop from the pulp and is easy to clean. An on-reviewer wrote that it was not easy, the press to get clean. I can no
  • Accessories for the recently acquired food processor  

    Bosch MUZ4KR3 bowl white (household goods)
    I have recently purchased from Amazon a Bosch kitchen appliance with the same mixing bowl with Set and was looking for the second mixing bowl, on the one hand as a spare part, because without this bowl the food processor is not working, but in any ca
  • Bosch MUM 4405 Food Processor ProfiMixx 44  

    Bosch food processor MUM4405 MUM4 (500 watts, 3.9 liter) white (household goods)
    Bosch MUM 4405 Food Processor ProfiMixx 44 Benefits: - Bread of 1 kg flour can knead excellent - Is very stable on good ground - Cream, egg whites, etc. are just fine - Rührkuchenteig super easy (for larger quantities) Disadvantages: - Smaller quanti
  • Good food processor with slight weaknesses  

    Braun K 700 Vital Multiquick 5 kitchen machine / 600 Watt / 2 liters / Entsafter- / juicer attachment / black (household goods)
    The food processor has a firm Plazt with us in the kitchen. Overall, the food processor is good, especially the small container with rotating blades is very convenient to happen in order for example. Tomatoes to make pesto and puree other things. Her
  • Mixing Bowl for food processor  

    Kenwood 19659 round bowl (4 liters) work bowl Kenlyte (Accessories)
    Meets all my requirements. Can also versatile without food processor used werden.Lieferung carried superschnell.Die goods was very good verpackt.Ich like to buy them again at Amazon
  • Matching spare parts for old food processor  

    Bosch Rührschüsselabdeckung splash CLEAR for small kitchen appliance
    I looked for a matching cover for my 28 years old Bosch food processor, because the old cover was now yet dawned. After some searching I found this, which was not as big as that of the new Bosch kitchen appliances and products. Now the machine is rea
  • Bosch food processor. Replacement blades  

    The food processor blades, orig. Bosch 091 027 for MUZ4DS2
    The ordered products reached me before the estimated date in an appropriate packaging and perfect condition. After insertion into my food processor for MUM 4701 these works again wonderfully.
  • brilliant - a true complement to the food processor  

    Bosch MUZ45XTM1 TastyMoments 5-in-1 Food Processor Set (mixing, grinding, chopping, storage, Togo) solution for food processors MUMX, MUM5, MUM4 (household goods)
    Despite the previous reviews I have ventured these parts to try it because I saw it as a practical addition to the food processor. Now I have a week in use and do not want to miss it. But shortly a report what happened to me: Have all parts equal unp
  • Good food processor with lots of accessories at a fair price  

    Bosch food processor MUM54251 Styline MUM5 (900 watts, stainless steel mixing bowl included integrated accessory) (household goods)
    Admittedly, I have not bought the machine from Amazon, but I have it for a week and now I am - except for small flaws - very satisfied. The machine itself is great - 900 Watt shows. We have the same ultimate test subject: Stollenteig knead. All the i
  • Super food processor  

    Bosch food processor MUM4405 MUM4 (500 watts, 3.9 liter) white (household goods)
    Is my first food processor. It can be used practically and for all. It is also not sooo huge and therefore well stowed. The bowl and the scrambled sentences are easy to wash. Great kitchen helpers!
  • Great complement to food processor  

    Bosch MUZ4MX2 mixer attachment plastic (accessories)
    I gave my son and his girlfriend, the food processor MUM. With this the two were indeed satisfied when it came to the stirring of dough. But you missed a mixer that rubs as cheese or shredded onions. So I got even the blender, the two are very satisf
  • Beautiful to look at, easy to use food processor  

    Moulinex food processor QA404G15 Masterchef Gourmet (900 watts, 4 L volume, 6 speed steps) red / white (household goods)
    The Moulinex QA404G15 food processor Masterchef Gourmet DESIGN / APPLICATION First, the design of the kitchen machine like it very much. The Red Metallic with chrome-like controls and a few cream-colored parts looks very nice, even the bowl of brushe
  • Great food processor  

    Bosch food processor MUM54920 Styline MUM5 (900Watt, 3.9 liters) Smooth vanilla / silver (household goods)
    My girlfriend has me recommended this food processor because it has are the same model at home. I'm really thrilled. She is easy to operate and has plus lots of accessories such as Mix attachment and run Schnitzer. After I kneaded dough for the first
  • Food processor for small money with shortcomings in the handling  

    Bosch food processor MUM48R1 MUM4 (600 watts, 3.9 liter, stainless steel mixing bowl, food processor, recipes DVD) red (household goods)
    Finally ..... my first food processor. Once this had been reduced to 100, I finally took the plunge and bought me. Design: very nice red, has such a small tendency towards burgundy and with the stainless steel it makes a real eye-catcher Processing /
  • Good food processor - great value for money!  

    Klarstein Lucia Argentea food processor mixer dough mixer with meat grinder (5L stainless steel, 1200 watts, blender, incl. Accessories) silver
    1. Verspackung and shipping ***** 5 stars The food processor was packaged very well with us. The delivery arrived quickly. 2. appearance and smell ***** 5 stars The Lucia Argentea is a visual highlight in every kitchen. After unpacking, we were pleas
  • useful food processor  

    JOLTA ® SCHAEFER MixMaster luxurious kitchen machine with mincer (Cream)
    Because I have small children, I pay attention to healthy and therefore try to make as many Prdoukte itself. So I came bake to bake bread and cakes. First I kneaded it with his hand, but this was very cumbersome and also nervenaufrauben when the hand
  • Bosch MUZ4DS3 the food processor  

    Bosch MUZ4DS3 the food processor / for Bosch food processors MUM4 ... (housewares)
    The food processor MUZ4DS3 I had borrowed from a friend of my mum ProfiMixx 44 food processor to try once whether and how it works. The first application was the Grates raw potatoes for potato pancakes (potato pancakes), which we like to eat and thei
  • Beautiful food processor  

    Kenwood KMX 50 W Food Processor kMix "All White", 500 watts (household goods)
    functional and beautiful! Kneads even heavy doughs, whipping cream, stirring cake mixture, in short: food processor at a lower price compared to Kichten-Aid
  • Good alternative! Kenwood KMX 50 W Food Processor kMix "All White", 500 Watt  

    Kenwood KMX 50 W Food Processor kMix "All White", 500 watts (household goods)
    The "Kenwood KMX 50 W Food Processor kMix" All White ", 500 Watt" is a very good alternative to KichenAid "ARTISAN stand mixer Stand Mixer 5KSM150PS / 5KSM156"! I have tried both devices and tested through its paces. The Kenw