fuxtec leaf blower review


  • Additionally ordered battery for Leaf Blower  

    Bosch 2.0 Ah 18 V Li-Ion battery (tool)
    Delivery was quick. This battery for Leaf Vacuum holds about three-quarters-until 1h. If you have ordered the somewhat earlier "Leistungsschwacheren battery", this still fits into the same charger. I like it.
  • prima Leaf Blower  

    Güde 94,056 Laubsauger GLS 2500VA 3-in-1 variable speed setting (tool)
    The price / performance ratio is super. Laugsaugen and straw works well, it is not a top model but with a little practice it works well. The noise is very limited, even without earplugs bearable. What I noticed is when too much foliage is sucked at a
  • Leaf Blower  

    Leaf Blower Leaf Blower chopper 3000W POW XG4035 (Misc.)
    Fast Delivery. Quite a basement with a huge collection bag. Filled to him completely, the weight is already fierce, and plans quickly a rapid emptying. The engine is powerful suction, regulated and started immediately. What I do not like the switch o
  • Atika LSH 2500 Leaf Blower with strap  

    Atika LSH 2500 Leaf Blower with shoulder strap (tool)
    Reasonable value for money. The unit keeps its promises. Simple unlearn the leaves bag. Smaller branches are no obstacle. Also, as a pure fan just top.
  • Very good leaf blowers / leaf vacuum  

    Black & Decker GW2200-QS Laubsauger 2200Watt, Leaf Blower / VAC / shredder in one unit with 35L collection bag volume (tool)
    I have the leaf vacuum delivered super quickly get - thanks to Amazon! After delivery I have the leaf blower assembled in 5 minutes - The instructions I found this very good. Then it went off ... the foliage was wet: - Terrace, trampoline, lawn, flow
  • For small amounts of leaves a good helper!  

    Atika LSH2600 leaf blower / leaf blower 2600 Watt 45 liters (tool)
    Have the leaf vacuum used only 1 time extensively, but I think I may well judge the device nevertheless already. The device comes in a relatively small carton back home. After unpacking you have essentially to assemble the following: 1) The suction p
  • ... And with the star product is even better rated than the seller !!!  

    FUXTEC petrol leaf blower leaf blower chopper blowers Test superclass grade of 1.4 (tool)
    Have acquired last fall based on the reviews my "Leaf Blower". If only I had stayed true to my principle only from Amazon directly to buy .... ... The leaf vacuum clogged on the first attempt of leaves sucking after a few minutes. I have it at t
  • Einhell makes again a top price / performance ratio  

    Einhell BG-PB 33 petrol leaf blower back, 0.9 kW 250 km / h of air speed, carrying strap, operating the handle (tool)
    After I've really had good experiences with the demolition hammer by Einhell, I have trusted also in the back leaf blowers and have not been disappointed. The best from the beginning. The installation is very easy by hand, although needs time 5 min b
  • Good extension cord for outdoor use  

    AS - Schwabe rubber extension, 20m H05RR-F 3G1.5, red, IP44 outdoor area, 60262 (tool)
    I bought the cable as an extension of my leaf blower. I was initially suspicious because at outer hoses again the reference to "biting" plastic odor was noted. This was by this product however is not the case, I could not detect any negativ
  • Simply the best strain relief which give it!  

    Brennenstuhl 1160400 Safe box (tool)
    As often described here, this protection is not suitable to bury him in the ground or put it in a puddle or in pressing water. This is a splash protection. Eigendlich the best and easiest method a cable with gardening tools firmly connect without bei
  • Very good cooler with some complicated installation  

    BeQuiet! SHADOW ROCK SLIM BK010 CPU Cooler (Personal Computers)
    I have for a possible silent and space saving cooler wanted, which was to replace the boxed fan of my Core i5 3570K and have superior decided after much for this here. I want Vorrausschicken that my CPU is currently (despite K variant) not overclocke
  • Beautiful compact vacuum cleaner  

    Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor Handstaubsauger (with 2 suction levels, 200W electric brush with carbon fibers, 22,2V) metallic (household goods)
    The Dyson DC35 surprised even unpack his eye-catching design. For a full-blown vacuum cleaner that big chunky case with the bag and the obligatory cable drum missing. For a hand-held vacuum, however, a fall, the long aluminum tube on the brushing foo
  • Unfortunately, this is so unworthy of Kärcher  

    Kärcher 6.414-552.0 filter cartridge (garden products)
    I myself own a vacuum cleaner of the type 2101 for about 2000.Und who had already schlucken.Ertragen something he had a house construction or my horticultural operations example. as leaf blower or when I live out cut pieces in boxwood my passion that
  • Inaudible good!  

    Silent Wings 2 fans, 140 mm (accessory)
    I had already bought me now one of those fans and have the second. The Silent Wings 2 of beQuiet is really a great fan! It offers two mounting options, a decoupled rubber mount and once a normal gland, as it has every fan. The additional decoupling o
  • The Super Device for fall  

    Atika LSH2600 leaf blower / leaf blower 2600 Watt 45 liters (tool)
    Am thrilled the foliage sweeping is over .... The assembly took about 5 minutes and then immediately out and tried. The fan mode can be continuously adjusted as the suction mode, but I had all the time are him "fully" on. Leaves and smaller bran
  • The WD3500 P as a workshop vacuum cleaners  

    Kärcher 1629-681 wet and dry vacuum WD 3.500 P (tool)
    The WD 3500 P came as a replacement device into the house after the old A was torched in 2504 because of a mishap from me. I use the vacuum cleaner in my amateur carpenter's workshop and am using the device completely zufrieden.Im compared to the old
  • Unfortunately still unrivaled  

    AS - Schwabe ATS Safety equipment lawnmower drum drum, 25 m cable H05RR-F 3G1.5, red, IP44 outdoor area, 12536 (tool)
    I have the cable drum are a summer in use, particularly for lawn mowing and Use for the leaf blower. Here is my conclusion: Positives: - Rationale of the drum by interchanged plug. Thus, the drum remains in the socket, and only the cable is pulled -
  • Very good! A real recommendation!  

    Bosch ALS 25 leaf vacuum collection bag + + blowing and suction tube (2,500 W, 150-300 km / h) (tool)
    This leaf blower is worth the money. I have tried many leaf vacuum from the lower price segment, but no one has so good works like this. The arrangement of the handles, cables, switches, etc Belt is thought through. The nipple fits comfortably in you
  • Cheap Cleanliness  

    Atika LSH 2500 Leaf Blower with shoulder strap (tool)
    For the small garden a cheaper and more powerful leaf blower. Assemble quickly and without problems. As a recommendation, and the strength of the proposal leaves the bag should be improved. The reduction goes smoothly, but the leaves should not be to
  • The favorite device of my wife  

    Bosch ALB 18 LI cordless leaf blower without battery (18V, 1.8kg, 210 km / h airspeed) (tool)
    This grid leaf blower is for example (no outlet) ideal for the cemetery. Also for the clean flagstone at home without disturbing cable this device is very popular and much used. The use of a 2nd battery is advantageous, so that you can finish the wor