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  • A safe, stood solid trampoline for the garden  

    Ultra Sport Garden trampoline Jumper 180 cm incl. Safety net (equipment)
    The Ultra Sport Garden trampoline Jumper 180 cm incl. Safety net is being dismantled supplied for self-assembly. The package was in the delivery kloeiner than I thought but it was all contained what was needed for assembly. Was delivered by a parcel
  • This makes gardening fun !!!  

    Fiskars Weed Puller, multicolored, length 100cm (garden products)
    This brand product is working in the garden an absolute hit! After "unpacking" has initially my wife away for about 1 hour iW lion numbers, get a usually just noise and again about 1-1.5 hrs. On this unit after that I "raged" in t
  • This bank is a real eye-catcher in the garden  

    Garden bench "Hohegeiß" Solid oak (garden products)
    Having invested heavily in new plant our garden last year, we have been looking for a beautiful garden bench. Since we live right next to the wood, it should be a massive bank of oak. The offered Hohegeiß Bank had both my wife and I liked immediately
  • Super garden bench  

    Bank Rivo 3 seater expanded metal, iron-gray
    We bought the bank as this best Kettler our Wave Garden furniture fits. Within 2 days, the bank was there. There is nothing to complain about. Looks good and fits very well with the Kettler garden furniture. If the armrests assemble not be interchang
  • Super garden chair  

    Kettler multi position armchair, silver / anthracite (garden products)
    As always, fast delivery. Garden chair looks good and he is also wide enough. You sit very well on it. Editions of Kettler complete the picture. It is stable and should also hold for a while. So super goods at a fair price.
  • Focal point in any garden  

    Leco screen flower, berry (garden products)
    The Leco screen was delivered in a large, heavy cardboard. When unpacking the screen was divided into 2 parts. Both parts are simply plugged together, nothing more. An image as help was there. The crank is quietly turning and very smoothly. Yes, the
  • Top Christmas Lights - Thanks IP44 suitable for the garden  

    KooPower 100 LED String Lights Christmas Party Christmas Lights Outside Inside Chain Lamp White
    I have gained this Lichterkette of Koopower in eager anticipation of the holiday season and this already tested extensively. The fairy lights has the following features: 100 white LEDs (There is also a version with warm white LEDs) 10 meters in lengt
  • Across the colorful garden  

    The 30 best hymns for children - with the complete lyrics to sing along (Audio CD)
    Super! Finally, a CD with Christian children's songs that have really proven themselves in community child labor, in kindergarten and school! Completely un-dusty and (what I personally very, very remarkable find) in disregard of confessional "fl
  • A musical magic garden  

    Songs from a Secret Garden (Audio CD)
    That the era wonderful instrumental music has not ended with the onset of modernity, proves "Songs from a Secret Garden" in an impressive manner. I have rarely listened to an album that offers such a variety of emotional melodies. Predomina
  • Secret Garden  

    Secret Garden (Paperback)
    The book Secret Garden is a beautiful book. It's really fun to work in it and if only just to look at it's beautiful. Shipping as always top.
  • The true "Secret Garden"  

    Secret Garden (Paperback)
    The whole book is beautifully illustrated, many little details and surprises. What else should one say: Just as one imagines the true "secret garden" in front of ... I find it really great for adults, or for older children, as the details r
  • Gardena  

    Gardena 08193-20 2-way distributor (tool)
    I bought this device three years ago and can recommend it to anyone. It meets good services and keeps its promises. Since I use this product almost every day, I can not understand some of the negative reviews. Since I did not have a negative experien
  • Has the "Gardena's disease" ...  

    Gardena 08193-20 2-way distributor (tool)
    ... How far all Gardena accessories that I have ever purchased - so far with the exception of the Wall Mounted Hose in which you have to see. Gardena's disease is, the idea is terrific, the design appealing ... and the durability absolutely insuffici
  • Great in the garden house and sandbox  

    Quiko Ardap Ungezieferspray 750 ml (Misc.)
    We had rumkrabbeln in games tower with a sandpit and hundreds in the garden shed ugly bugs. Already during the first Einrprühens the interior walls and ceiling of the garden house, it rained downright bugs from the walls and the ceiling. For the mome
  • The garden is saved  

    Trip Trap - The friendly Mausefalle (Misc.)
    After us the nasty little rodent had eroded a portion of the newly created little garden in one night, it was clear that a case must be found. Percussion or electric traps were out of the question for me. First, the mouse can not help it that I set i
  • Fun in the garden  

    Bosch Isio grass and shrub shears Battery Set + grass shear blade razor + shrub + charger (3.6V, 8 cm blade width) (tool)
    If one has a garden with a lawn and a boxwood hedge, there is no better instrument. cuts thicker branches bush by problems. years ago I bought the me a very cheap device. I've given away and bought the more expensive Bosch appliance. That was a very
  • Garden hose 10 meters  

    Gardena Comfort Flex hose 9 x 9, 13 mm, 1/2 inch, 10 m without system parts, 18030-20 (garden products)
    The Gardena Comfort Flex hose is a super good quality, had a very fast delivery and the whole has a very good price - performance ratio compared to the local hardware stores.
  • Gardena Gardena is  

    Gardena 3110-20 cs-fruit picker (garden products)
    So a fruit picker I had borrowed from my neighbor to pick apples in the fall of 2009. The part has given me so much that I bought it myself. Especially handy I find the possibility to adjust the tilt angle as needed. Together with a telescopic handle
  • Class for children and garden  

    DBPOWER® E27 3W RGB LED Crystal Stage Rotating Color Light Bulb Lamp For Party Disco, 20000 hours life, rotation Automatic, 30 to 50 square meters irradiation area
    The lamp provides as in the pictures for a great light that lends itself to any party as a gag. The lamp is not fitted with old sockets, but in all recent I had no problems. A CE certification is not available as in almost all products of such brands
  • Ideal for leaves, chopped and light garden waste  

    3x garden waste sack 270 l (garden products)
    The Garden bags are very well suited for the removal of light garden waste and sufficient tensile strength. After unpacking only the stabilizing ring is to be inserted, with the bags "by itself" are each. The filling is a breeze, because th