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  • Motorcycle Navi Garmin Zumo 660  

    Garmin zumo 660LM Europe waterproof motorcycle navigation system with lane guidance, 3D junction view and Bluetooth (Electronics)
    The Navi was delivered on time, the package was very good. After unpacking the initial charge was performed without complications. Based on my experience with the Garmin Zumo 550, I was curious. The initial installation of navigation software was ava
  • Garmin zumo 660 lm  

    Garmin Zumo 660LM - Motorcycle GPS Screen 4.3 Inches - 45 Country Maps with Free Update for Life (Electronics)
    Hello I buy garmin zumo 660 lm for my bike bm 1200 gs pouqu'oi my problem I can not seem to have visualization of buildings in 3 etc etc the better it is to watch the video on Amazon offers garmin gps zumo 660 lm merçi explanation for a + guy (I want
  • Prima Case for Garmin Zumo 340  

    GPS Navi Hard Case Bag for Garmin zümo 390lm nüvi 3490LMT Montana 600 nüvi 2495LMT zumo 660 zumo 340LM Montana nüvi 650T nüvi 2497LMT nüvi 140LMT Zumo 350LM zumo 660LM Monterra nüvi 2445LMT 2447 LMT CE Montana 650 zumo 660 nüvi 140T nüvi 2455LMT nüvi 3490LT 2360LT nüvi 2455LT
    The bag is perfect for the Garmin Zumo 340. Innendrin is an elastic band to store the device wobble-free. There are three external metal eyelets, where you could attach the bag. The strap is in my opinion quite sufficient, because you hold this littl
  • Unfortunately does not fit for Garmin Zumo 210CE in Motorradhalterung  

    DELOCK Kabel USB 2.0 A> USBmini 5pin weight. 0.5m (accessory)
    I bought a charger cable for a Garmin Zumo 210CE in the motorcycle mount my cable. Unfortunately, the cable from the right angle plug goes out in the wrong direction, it would go in the other direction, it might work. But that's not the problem of th
  • Perfect for my Garmin Zumo 590 LM  

    AmazonBasics Hard Case for 5-Inch GPS Devices (Electronics)
    On Monday I bought a Garmin Zumo 590 LM for my big scooter. Despite the proud prices but no bag or sleeve was unfortunately here. But which is important because I the precious device every time I Descending, remove the scooter must, even if I only ju
  • Genial for bikers and the Garmin Zumo 660  

    Jabra BT3030 Stereo Bluetooth headset (optional)
    Whoever the genius Garmin Zumo 660 as used as a biker Biker Navi should use the possible Bluetooth transmission option. But for this you need a Bluetooth headset! Most offered devices are designed more for use in connection with a mobile phone and th
  • First assessment mumbi pocket for Navi Garmin Zumo 350  

    mumbi shock proof case for Falk / Navigon / Medion / TomTom / Garmin / Becker Navis 10.9 cm (4.3 inch) display (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I was looking for a bag for my Garmin Zumo 350, the not great plotting and also must take no accessories. I could find my way to the item description well with the technical data. It was certainly risky to order the bag, as the Zumo than outdoor Navi
  • Garmin Zumo 660 motorcycle mount for cover  

    Garmin zumo 660 motorcycle mount for cover (accessory)
    Original cover for the motorcycle mount, since these is outdoors and the contacts are open when the Navi is not docked always, an absolute must for the acquisition of the cover to protect the contacts - actually Garmin could indeed also the same with
  • Garmin Zumo 660  

    Garmin zumo 660 Europe waterproof motorcycle navigation system with lane guidance, 3D junction view and Bluetooth (Electronics)
    Have the unit since about 2 years. am absolutely heartbroken. Software absolutely immature despite the latest updates. permanently hangs on something. maximum permitted speed that has shown time has gone completely lost in the myriad of updates. Map
  • Zumo 220  

    Garmin zumo 220 Europe Motorcycle GPS (8.9 cm (3.5 inch) display, the whole of Europe, IPX-7 waterproof, Bluetooth, Text-to-Speech) (Electronics)
    Have now down several thousand kilometers by Garmin Zumo 220. What I like: 1. The price is "OK". 2. removable battery 3. Relatively long battery life 4. Handy device 5. Operation is "OK" 6. Good and secure retention What I do not like:
  • Bin after Zumo 550 very satisfied with the 590.  

    Garmin zumo 590LM EU motorcycle navigation device (12.7 cm (5 inches) touch screen, 800 x 480 pixels display resolution, Bluetooth) (Electronics)
    After 6 years Zumo 550 had now over here something new. Since I had been in one way or another tour to do with the models of TomTom I was wanting safe again to buy a Garmin Zumo. The new device was naturally first bit strange to use when coming from
  • Cable USB-compatible Garmin quality  

    Garmin GPSMAP 62st USB Cable - USB Mini (Electronics)
    Good quality, also works with Garmin Zumo 550 also to sync and charge. But this is not an original cable Garmin.
  • Garmin Zumu better than predecessor  

    Garmin zumo 660LM Europe waterproof motorcycle navigation system with lane guidance, 3D junction view and Bluetooth (Electronics)
    The new Garmin Zumo 660 LM is better than its predecessor Zumo 550. Blind Spot in cities very helpful. The additional connections available with little Ohrhöhren of MP3 when battery of Bluetoothkopfhöhren are empty for long Srecken.Akku exchangeable
  • Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.  

    Garmin zumo 390lm EU Plus motorcycle navigation device (10.9 cm (4.3 inch) TFT display, WQVGA, microSD card slot, 1000 waypoints) (Electronics)
    Video at See the Zumo series Garmin is tailored specifically for motorcycle riders hardware serial and met in this regard its application, differs technically or in the software interface but only slightly from the current level comparable
  • Progress? None.  

    TomTom Rider 400 motorcycle navigation device (10.9 cm (4.3 inch) display, Free Lifetime Map, Europe 45, winding route, TomTom Lifetime Traffic) (Electronics)
    The predecessor TomTom Rider was really top. There were several reasons, such as the Klobigkeit and the perceived quality of the slightly disturbed. Wait staff was super intuitive and all functions were achieved within seconds. After a stop out of cu
  • Good, but a bit too big for Garmingeräte in the motorcycle mount  

    Delock Adapter USB-B mini 5pin male / female 90 ° angled - type 65097 (accessory).
    Have bought the adapter for my Garmin Zumo 210CE, so I can charge it sticking in the motorcycle mount. The plug of the original Garminkabels is somewhat smaller and therefore fits better. If the adapter on the back slightly to abrade (1mm goes withou
  • Much Navi for incredibly little money with small defects  

    Navgear SLX-350 EU Navigation System (3.5-inch display, rigid monitor, 4: 3, Continent) (Electronics)
    What I can tell so far, it is quite a good navigation device for an unbeatable price. The announcements are a little tinny but also no worse than the Garmin Zumo 210, which I have ordered for comparison. The Tormate SLX is not yet sometimes just assu
  • Looks at first sight a little shaky, but keeps and works very well  

    HR Auto Comfort Universal sunroof for Garmin Zumo 220, Zumo 660, Nuvi 3790T, 1490, 1490 T Pro, 1690, 1390T, 1350, 1245, 1245, 865T, 775TFM, 765T, 755TFM, GPS Navi Sun Visor Sun Visor (Electronics)
    I use a Garmin Zumo 660 on the bike, with lots of sunshine, unfortunately I could not recognize vierl on the display. So I decided to try this "sun roof". Short and sweet: Great part, may look a little shaky, but holds great on the Navi and
  • USB cable with angled plugs  

    Wentronic 5 pin USB cable (A male to B-mini plug) 1.8 m (accessories)
    Have the cable bought for use with Garmin Zumo because the holder will only fit an angled plug. This angle plug is so clunky and only angled very late, so he builds almost as long as a straight plug. But as I desperately needed the cable, I had the s
  • Very good Navi  

    Garmin zumo 210 CE motorcycle navigation device (8.9 cm (3.5 inch) display, central Europe 22 countries, IPX-7 waterproof, Bluetooth, Text-to-Speech) (Electronics)
    I am very happy with the Garmin zumo 210. Simple operation through the menu. Even with gloves very good to use. It has always taken me until now to aim well. Only the announcement could be more politely as "Please turn right now" But would it st