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    Hurricane (Paperback)
    I am a fan of Laurent Gaude ... so and of course, it will not only praise. Even if "Hurricane" is not the book that I preferred Laurent Gaude, it remains that there is poetry in her writing and one can not help but fall in love with this writer.
  • The Orpheus myth revisited by Laurent Gaudé  

    The door of Hell (Paperback)
    Two stories are intertwined in "the doors of hell." In the 80s, a 6 year old, was killed by a stray bullet in a street of Naples. The child's mother asks her husband, Matteo, to avenge the death of his son. It promises to take steps, found the a
  • time a hurricane  

    Hurricane (Paperback)
    Laurent Gaude made by a true a magnificent novel which we live the duration of the hurricane history of ten persons to whom this terrible storm will be fatal or not. Josephine, black woman for nearly a hundred years opened his window and sniffed the
  • Stéphane Wull, is one of the great writers whose works have enriched the French science fiction many classics.  

    Niourk (Paperback)
    This is among the French authors, GENEFORT Laurent, one of the great champions of dunivers creation. Niourk no exception to this rule of absolute change of scenery, a very melancholy scenery here in terms of human adventure on earth. Our species now
  • Xavier Vallat: a "serious anti-Semitic" in the service of the French State  

    Xavier Vallat (1891-1972). Christian nationalism at the State Semitism (Paperback)
    Laurent Joly offers us an excellent biography of a man finally little known to the public, Xavier Vallat who was the first Chief Commissioner for Jewish Affairs in the Vichy government. At least for him things were clear and up to the day before his
  • Omale: description of a cycle and SF universe totally original and a very good level by a French writer: a Volume 2 A +  

    Omale (Volume 2): Human Aire (Paperback)
    GENEFORT Laurent, French writer, has created over the years a series of novels and short stories describing the universe Omale, a Dyson sphere located about 150 million kilometers from the sun, consisting of habitable zones containing hundreds of tim
  • Classic French Pop  

    Double Best Of: Seasons (CD)
    With his friend Alain Souchon for text, Laurent Voulzy is a pair of singers / authors / composers in the French incredible pop and scored a tube almost every quarter since the mitan 1970 until at least the end of 1990. Under his name, has long Lauren
  • Emotional hurricane  

    Hurricane (Paperback)
    I hardly go out of the story and am still filled with emotion. What pen! She refined over the works to go to the essentials. The portrait gallery is very rich, especially the old woman who opens and closes the work. The view changes with each paragra
  • Eccentric French Pop  

    Around the World (Audio CD)
    It's always impressive, what was over spills regularly of creative and often somewhat eccentric electronics from our French neighboring country to Germany. After synth Altrecke Jean Michel Jarre had already leveled off Endsiebzigern the way for new s
  • Queries French figures  

    Language Coach (App)
    Leo and I used actually he prefers as this language trainer / Language Coach. But to query the French figures with speech is the Language Coach pointed and necessary.
  • French succeeds, what Rowling is trying to "the casual vacancy"  

    Faithful Place (Paperback)
    The third book of Tana French is less a thriller than a bitter milieu study that is so close to the people that you do not have the feeling that the characters are too rough sketches that are only limited to their bad qualities and behaviors. Frank M
  • How do you turn a French small car a dream car?  

    HSV Hamburger SV license plate holder number plate holder (Misc.)
    How do you turn a French small car a dream car? Very easily! A license plate frame from HSV off tinker! Power what it should do: license plates in matching frame
  • Excellent French Schneider  

    K├╝chenprofi 1310572800 French fries cutter (household goods)
    As I go my K├╝chenprofi already 4-5 years, sometimes using about 2 a month, and the same opinion, I must give my experience for the good times !! It all started with a Actifry Tefal. This is well suited for fries without oil. For this I needed a Frenc
  • French Time Machine Mucke with Yawn factor  

    Just a Little More Love (Audio CD)
    This CD I have therefore ordered because the good Lord Guetta has been celebrated already properly in some magazines. According to reviews it mixes all sorts Dance Styles in good French-style house with one another, cited Chic and other acts from the
  • Good, but not for French Press  

    Hario MSS-1B Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder (Kitchen)
    Grinding adjustment quasi continuously, very fine possible. Perfect for Espresso. Design ergonomic and functional well. French Press: non-homogeneous with coarse grinding adjustment grinding result. Much coffee dust which settles during brewing right
  • Great French Schneider  

    Westmark 11802260 French Schneider (Home)
    A great French Schneider. Have directly or bought one for my mother in law. Simple to assemble. Handling is also easy to clean and it can also be good. Stow he goes fine - is not so expansive and does not take up so much space. So, I am completely sa
  • Great, as usual everything from Tana French!  

    BROKEN HARBOUR (Paperback)
    Investigators Mick Kennedy is called to a multiple murder in a bleak housing estate. Only one person survived. Told in first-person form, the reader looks henceforth in Kennedy's thoughts. Together with him, the reader learns the whole story, from th
  • "Embellished" with Tana's French's first book.  

    The Likeness: A Novel (Hardcover)
    I rolled my way through the English version and after one has read once pure it was even more exciting all the time. The characters are well arranged and easy to understand, the plot makes a curious, however, there have been sites that were profoundl
  • Kerstin Gier charm in French  

    Rouge Rubis (Paperback)
    For my preparation for a high school in French I opted primarily to read French novels - best what I already knew. When I came across "Rouge Rubis", which was a real find! Finally, the trilogy is one of my favorite works and I felt Giers writing
  • Perfect improve the French!  

    The Hunger Games 1 (Paperback)
    Within my Abivorbereitung specialist French I decided some readings that I already knew, in French to read it again! My first handle was Panem-Tilogie because I find quite simple language in the book, and that was a good decision! I am in 7.Lernjahr