God always travel incognito


  • Worse than the previous 1  

    The day I learned to live (Paperback)
    After enjoying "the man who wanted to be happy" and (slightly less) "the gods always travel incognito," I was eager to read his latest novel. And I must say I'm disappointed. The abstract yet inviting but, from the beginning, we feel t
  • Disappointing 1506  

    The philosopher who was not wise (Paperback)
    To illustrate my bill and my title, I have not even finished the book. It's corny, syrupy, Laurent took Gounelle staff development ideas in E. Tolle (in the moment) P. Rabhi (symbiosis with nature and the denunciation of consumption) Marcus Aurelius
  • The same common sense  

    7 good reasons to believe in the hereafter: The book to offer skeptics and detractors (Paperback)
    Personally I do not see how even someone atheistic and materialistic at the highest point could remain insensitive to the facts presented here as the conclusions to be drawn are almost obvious. Here it really would be a lack of lucidity, almost a for
  • Nullissime  

    The philosopher who was not wise (Paperback)
    His first two novels "The man who wanted to be happy" and "Gods traveling incognito" were SUPER, Unfortunately, this third book is crap and not worth wasting time or losing money or much less take up space in the library. I hope the ne
  • Satisfied vollstens  

    Sony DSC-WX220 digital camera (18 megapixel, 10x opt. Zoom, 6.8 cm (2.7 inch) LCD screen, NFC, WiFi) pink (electronics)
    Since I have this camera only after repeated scour the Internet close test reports have gained me, I must say that you properly fulfilled its task. Good battery hääte calm can last a little longer, because it after about 430 images (mixed, ie partly
  • Works so far, rattles  

    SKS minipump TWINJEX (equipment)
    The pump is in use for a few months and always travels in a backpack with - as always with such accessory items need some hakelige suspension and I therefore do not use - luck has been but rarely used to. The robust plastic material seems very stable
  • Everything is possible UPDATE 15/04/2015  

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone (14.4 cm (5.7 inches) WQHD display, 2.7GHz, quad-core processor, 16 megapixel camera, Android 4.4) Black (Wireless Phone)
    Finally I have the score of 4 in his hand. I have waited a long time and was glad the Amazon the score 4 now but manages to send "early". I have the score 4 but bought in white, so here is missing the marking as "Verified". First
  • Great part for the bathroom  

    Beurer GS 39 Speaking glass scale (Personal Care)
    Our age-old talk scales had acknowledged the service, so had a new forth, speaking because my friend schwertut to congenital amblyopia with reading. I find the design clear, simple and easy on the eyes, the turquoise digits are easy to read. The anno
  • High-quality music for jazz as well as Electro lovers  

    Shine (Audio CD)
    Is not the first panel of the Parov I have acquired. In restaurant bar café in Luxembourg I let go and run almost all albums by Parov again. Guests are always surprised and come and stay with us constantly ask the interpreter. The music is very well
  • the only not where I wanted to go long drives irgerndwo  

    CoPilot GPS - Plan & explore! (App)
    Somehow it has a problem if I want to the neighboring town, he always travels on the highway, despite setting shortest route, somehow, the card also Überaltet. I prefer used maps that always works, then stop using the internet. Or I take Navigation S
  • Hard Case for Canon PowerShot SX 240 HS  

    Bundle Star * Hard Case PUREBLACK M camera bag black (with shoulder strap and belt loop) Canon PowerShot SX280 SX270 SX260 SX240 SX230 S110 S120 - Nikon Coolpix AW120 P330 P340 L27 L29 - Olympus VR-310 - Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ56 TZ41 TZ36 TZ31 - Casio Exilim EX ZR300 ZR10 H30 ZS150 - Sony Cybershot DSC HX9V HX10V and many more .. (Electronics)
    Have let me send this Case, since it should be small, stable, smart and fit. All these points it fulfilled at a really good price. The outer material is extremely robust, distributed selective pressure on the entire area. My camera VERY fit in exactl
  • Slatted Rhodes EL - My recommendation for excellent sleeping comfort  

    FMP mattress factory 23-0002 7 zone slatted Rhodes EL - head and foot electrically adjustable bed bases 44 slats middle chord 90x200 cm (household goods)
    ... Electric slatted frame or engine lath frames are currently gaining in popularity. Here our experience with the electric bed frames 7 zone slatted frame Rhodes EL "the company FMP Mattress Factory" Rösrath 7 zone slatted Rhodes EL - head
  • Multifunctional universal power supply with info display, adapter plugs and USB charge port. Very compact and economical.  

    LEICKE Universal power supply for notebooks and tablets with display for current, voltage and temperature (electronics)
    I have this power supply for an Acer notebook in use. Since this laptop is used much mobile to buy a second power supply was needed. This Leicke power supply we use at home, the original is now always travel with. It comes with the power supply with
  • The beautiful à ¢ ge Florent Pagny.  

    Aging with You (CD)
    I did not always like Florent Pagny, at least in his early years. He was (for me) as its different hairstyles a bit "messy", fluctuating, he always sought ... my point of view ... One felt his talent, but he lacked the patina of experience. I be
  • A promising first volume!  

    The Seven Sisters: Volume 1, Maia (Paperback)
    On Tuesday, I will talk about the last jewel of Charleston editions. Publishing house that I adore as you know for the beauty of his novels that make me always travel but also the quality of their works be it aesthetically (beautiful covers, a bit th
  • Accurate, practical and indispensable  

    The Backpacker Brazil 2014 (Paperback)
    Always travel in Brazil by the hour or I write these lines, I carefully kept this guide at your fingertips. From history to geography, through tips and practical information, this book is an essential complement when traveling in this vast country, b
  • A safe valeure  

    Backpacker Malta Guide 2012/2013 (Paperback)
    Well, I always travel with Backpacker (+ another in addition), it lacks a few pictures for fun but it's always interesting, well documented, regularly updated (much less surprises on erroneous addresses with other guides), there is always a certain o
  • P510 broke down after 8 months  

    Nikon Coolpix P510 Compact Digital Camera 16.1 Mpix Screen 3 "Optical Zoom 42x Red (Electronics)
    failure definitive zoom while in recent months it was a noise. otherwise good device by cons I contacted Amazon; for the address of a repairer Nikon made the minimum service asking me to contact Nikon - without giving me the address. In short Amazon
  • Top but too expensive  

    The Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar Double Edge Razor (Health and Beauty)
    The plane is absolutely top, for beginners and also for experienced Hobler. He is quite gentle and thereby super rinse, 2 passages rich in order to allow a smooth and close shave. Weight and size is perfect for me, he is one of the smaller planing, c
  • Sophisticated Chromebook / + partial settlement with the C720P  

    Acer Aspire CB3-111-C61U 29.5 cm (11.6 inches) Chromebook (Intel Celeron dual-core N2830, 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, Intel HD Graphics, Chrome) white (Personal Computers)
    This review is still ongoing expanded uses any questions please just the comments This review is divided into chapters so you can skip topics if necessary. Foreword (Why Chrome?) I was for some time in search of a second device for use away from the