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  • Perfect for non-Audio Junkies  

    Pepper decks DJOCLATE Pocketsize mixer (2 channels Bass Kill, bag, 2x cable) (Electronics)
    Now the little box performs the task to mix two 2.0 signals very well. Of course, this does not apply to Audio Junkies, which at least 8 wheel and 4 Slider need to be happy ... but these are not the target audience. I used to mix with my notebook the
  • This defective Blu-ray Disc simply worthless!  

    Wish You Were Here Immersion Box (2 CDs, 2 DVDs, 1 Blu-ray) (Audio CD)
    Even on my copy of the Blu-ray Disc are the 5.1 surround mix at the end of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Part 9", more precisely at minute 43:55 and 44:10 clearly two clicks on the left front channel hear , At first I thought yes, just my Blu-ray
  • At this price, there is nothing to complain about ...  

    B & W P5 HiFi headphones (MFi connection cable for iPod and iPhone) Metal / Leather black (Electronics)
    Almost by chance, I came across this headset and the discrepancies between good and evil, you read in the reviews here have made me so curious that I simply wanted to make their own judgments. Equal first, some 5 star reviews seemed too exaggerated,
  • Handy 144 1  

    Adam Hall Cables KCREF713150 ProCab REF 713 Series Audio Cable 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2 x 6.35 mm Mono 1.5 m (Electronics)
    This is a perfect cable to connect a PC to a mixer and audio without losing quality
  • Terrible audio mix !!!!  

    Dr. House - Season 3 (Amazon Instant Video)
    The series itself is very entertaining and overall great. Unfortunately, unfortunately the sound is absolutely bad. The noise and music are extremely loud, so that calls are sometimes very difficult or impossible to understand. That makes it extremel
  • only partially suitable for audio books  

    Intenso Music Walker MP3 player 4GB (USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    My main goal is to listen to long walks audiobooks. Advantages and disadvantages: (+) AAA battery. In many cabins namely is no outlet. (+) Resume works well, even in the middle of piece. Actually, of course, but I once had a GoGear as the bitrate VBR
  • Poor audio quality 1  

    Jabra Sport Plus Stereo Headphone Wireless Bluetooth - Black / Yellow (Accessory)
    Happy user of a Motorola S9 (but lost) for 7 years (2-3 week), I opted for this model despite the very mixed reviews. Compared S9, it is far behind + Wireless for 2 reasons: - The audio is objectively bad: "powerful bass" is written on the packa
  • Excellent helmet, attention to your audio source!  

    Sennheiser HD25-1 II Basic Edition Professional Headphones Cable Right 1.5 m (Electronics)
    A great helmet for the price, a pretty crazy audio quality without having to spend money monsters. Very good sound insulation, perfect to be quiet and not géner around. Some important points: - Can be awkward for eyeglass wearers, the strong greenhou
  • Long audio cable 10 meters quality  

    10m Jack audio cable (3.5mm) - Premium Quality (100% copper son) 24k Gold Plated ~ ~ Stereo Audio Male to Male ~ 10 meters (Electronics)
    This stereo audio cable with a length of 10 meters at 3.5 mm male connectors (jack standard sockets) allows to broadcast audio from one device (TV, computer, mp3 player, smartphone, game consoles, etc.) using a jack Audio output (out) to another devi
  • Good but mixed feelings ...  

    Dane Elec - Meizu Music Card - Digital player - 4GB - White (Accessory)
    Tough to find a player who reads the Ogg Vorbis format at reasonable prices. This is the only one I've found, so I bought it, but my opinion is mixed. Compared with the other comments, I confirm the poverty of the documentation: 1 A5 page! On which t
  • CD badly mixed buy rather live BR at Albert Hall  

    21 (CD)
    CD MP3 level very poorly mixed with no dynamic and serious too present especially Rolling in the Deep At first I thought it was a gag on this CD because his voice is not development at all, and took this to a new artist pipo marketing! So Ruez you on
  • Super Audio Bluray  

    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Damn The Torpedoes [Blu-ray] [UK Import] (Blu-ray Audio)
    "Damn the torpedoes" - 1979 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers published this grandiose piece of music history and in the new edition as 2010'er Audio Bluray to hear anything from the titles of frumpy. On the contrary, the sound in the DTS HD track
  • Worse 5.1 mix, otherwise top notch  

    Legend (30th Anniversary Limited Edition) (CD + Blu-Ray Audio) (Audio CD)
    At the stereo mix of the new Blue-Ray audio can not be faulted. The 5.1 mix, however, is an impertinence. The heights are not to listen and quite strong in the stereo mix bass has almost disappeared or blended into the background. Compared to the ste
  • The entry-level mixer for amateur sound engineer  

    Behringer XENYX 302USB 5-Input Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamp and built-in USB audio interface (electronic)
    I bought the Behringer XENYX 302USB to operate my Røde NT-1A thus can. The connection here is very simple, since there is only one XLR connector. The operation you have understood quickly. It has, after all, the possibility to adjust the bass and tre
  • of mixed because poor  

    All the People 03/07/2009 (Audio CD)
    The DVD (No Distance ...) is great, and the concert film contained shows a compilation of the two nights 2nd & 3rd The concert bought on CD - July 09 I know that you do not need both, me nostalgic reasons - to have and to complete the collection. In
  • As DVD-Audio is a pleasure!  

    Sailing to Philadelphia (Audio CD)
    I love this record for many years, but only now have the opportunity to hear the special edition with DVD-Audio from the US. With the appropriate audio equipment recording still sounds so much better than the already good CD. A space-filling warm mix
  • Westlife's great album in perfect audio quality!  

    Mad [DVD-AUDIO] (DVD-Audio)
    At the time I first bought the new album by Westlife on CD. I was very excited because songs like "It's time", "a leaf in the wind," or "If you believe" I find really great! Well, since I could not get enough of the album, I
  • A mix of dubstep and Dirty Dutch. Partially really awesome :)  

    The Big Mash Up (Limited Deluxe Fan Box incl. Chain, Posters + autographs) (Audio CD)
    I write this now out my review of the new album of Scooter. I have heard the album through completely. So I know now what I write and not write a preliminary review! At first you have to get to the negatives: The Fanlager split now partially. Some ar
  • I would like to Rate here the newly released Blu-ray Audio 2014er this classic .....  

    Nightclubbing (Blu-ray Audio)
    ..... From the 80s. Musical content I have nothing more to write: "nightclubbing" is certainly one of the most important albums in music history for the genre "Dance" and a milestone. On the new Blu-ray audio to the purchaser of the al