good oven


  • Very good oven  

    Moulinex Uno OX177230 Four Xl Heat Tournante (Kitchen)
    Good oven heats, really fast. I thought he had dropped me, but ultimately not. The convection is really useful to evenly cook the dishes or cook two at once. rotisserie mode is ideal for cooking a whole chicken quickly. And the walls are really non-s
  • Pretty good oven  

    Severin TO 2034 Toast Oven / 1500 Watt / 20 liter capacity / black-silver (Misc.)
    The furnace is good pretty good. I think the only thing you can expose him, is that the heat is distributed unevenly something in the oven, ie the back of the oven, it is a bit warmer. For example, when a frozen pizza is the one half of which is in t
  • very good oven 2  

    Seb OF275800 Delight Turbo Oven 30 L Black (Kitchen)
    Very good compact oven. Cooked quickly compared to my old oven (same type but not of the same brand) Exact cooking time compared to what is given in recipe books or other as usual on this kind of oven should be added additional time to obtain the cor
  • Good oven and good price  

    Rowenta OC373830 28 L Oven Gourmet Rotisserie (Kitchen)
    If you do not look for a convection oven but an "old" conventional oven, capable of making good rotisserie go. Bought to replace the old one that was 12, we see that Rowenta has brainstormed a bit on it. So some points of detail review: Solid bu
  • A good oven. 1  

    Moulinex Uno L OX150230 Four Silver (Kitchen)
    I do not think it fonctionnerais oven as well. Pizza, cake, poultry, casseroles, everything goes. The pie plates pass without worries, loaf tins too, pizza dough sold commercially are too great about 2 cm but I do not mind, what happiness to make you
  • Very good oven thermometer  

    Xavax 2-in-1 meat thermometer made of stainless steel (simultaneous measurement of cooking and oven temperature, dishwasher safe) Silver (household goods)
    At this price, the thermometer is highly recommended. The meat and Ofenthemperatur is easy to read and agrees with the display of the oven agreement. I use the thermometer mainly to make roast beef. This works consistently good. Fogging the display I
  • Good oven for small cabin  

    Harvia Vega Compact sauna stove BC35 with integrated controller (timer and thermostat), furnace power 3.5 kW, sauna cabin size 2-4.5 m³ (Misc.)
    This oven I bought from Amazon via the dealer time4wellness for 260 euros. He came quickly, 20kg furnace bricks came simultaneously in a second package, which is enough for a good 2 fillings. Assembly instructions in many languages ​​is the oven, it
  • Very good oven at a reasonable price  

    Bosch HBG78B750 oven electric / A / 65 liters / telescope-abstract, retrofittable / self-cleaning technique (pyrolysis) / stainless steel (Misc.)
    On-time delivery by forwarding agent. Even the packaging has been taken without hesitation. The stove looks very good and the various programs are very helpful and can lead to very good results. Read the instruction manual is to however strongly reco
  • A good oven  

    Siemens HB63AB521 built-in oven / A / 3D hot air plus / activeClean / stainless steel (Misc.)
    I bought this oven 3 months ago and am broadly satisfied with the oven. It's ok for the price. I did not like my previous reviewers also a German manual in the tables exist even how to cook what is best. The only thing I bemängel to the oven that's w
  • Good oven, price / performance perfectly OK  

    Mini-oven for Pizza 26cm incl. Pizza plate 12L 1000W pizza oven Mini oven
    Have gained me the oven for a small kitchen, it works flawlessly. Whether baguette, cakes, frozen pizzas or other dishes for the oven, it can handle everything with a very satisfactory result. The case is in fact very warm / hot but that is now times
  • Very good oven but with small defects ergonomics  

    Jump SFP930X Electric Oven Freestanding 54 L Multi Functions Pyrolysis class: A Inox (Miscellaneous)
    Nothing to say for cooking, and it's the main course. But day by day there are two things that annoys me (some): - Beeps are very strong and the volume is not adjustable. In the evening, in a quiet apartment that is slightly annoying to be bothered b
  • Good oven  

    Severin TO 2053 Table Oven / 28 L / 1500 W / black and silver / 61 minutes timer / tone (Misc.)
    The Severin TO 2053 Table oven I bought for my younger sister, who uses it for their student flat. She is very happy where she likes the design less well.
  • Good oven light  

    Oven light bulb 40 Watt E14 P45X78 clear - Philips (household goods)
    The baking oven lamp from Philips is doing exactly what it should. The last one was exactly 7 years of service before they broke down and that's why we bought exactly the same model again.

    Tefal TL6008 Toast 'n Grill New (household goods)
    NOTE: This toast grill oven does not replace but is ideal for fast browning for a maximum of 2 persons. This saves a lot of electricity. A normal oven has a very long heating time and attracts many times more current than this toaster. Since I did no
  • good oven at a low price  

    Mini-oven for Pizza 26cm incl. Pizza plate 12L 1000W pizza oven Mini oven
    I first bought the oven Bomann CB 2246 MPO. This was a big disappointment and was accordingly sent back again. The Aufbackbrötchen are burned, although they were not yet inside. A particle that I wanted to warm me, burned me up and was inside still l
  • Good oven but failed ...  

    Jump SFP930X Electric Oven Freestanding 54 L Multi Functions Pyrolysis class: A Inox (Miscellaneous)
    ideal for cooking pizza, pies, lasagna, bread, ... worked fine but just fell down one year and one month after the purchase ... shame about the 1 year warranty !!! it stops by itself during cooking and the displayed temperature changes of 50 ° C upwa
  • very good oven 3  

    Rowenta OC373830 28 L Oven Gourmet Rotisserie (Kitchen)
    Nothing wrong with this furnace, in addition to cooking qualities, it is very nice and well finished. Apparently this model does not come with a pin, shame ... we should be able to buy this accessory apart?
  • Really good! 20 1  

    Oven gloves - 2er, silicone, 37.5 x 18.5 cm, black / white (household goods)
    Pros and cons at a glance: Prevent + non-slip rubber studs that what gets dropped + The great insulation ensures that the glove is very slow hot even after prolonged holding of hot + The design is simple but appealing + Less than 20 for good oven glo
  • Oven SEB OF244800  

    SEB OF244800 Compact Convection Oven Delice 18 L Black (Kitchen)
    very good oven, practical and functional. Corresponds to the expectations and á the description given on the internet. Recommebde for those looking for a mini oven with self-cleaning function.