grisport sanndal clipper


  • Sturdy clipper with slight deficits  

    Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer Nomad / battery-mains operation / stainless steel knife (Personal Care)
    The Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer is comfortable to hold, even though the surface has no ribbing. The accessories such as a small cleaning brush and a small vial of oil can be accommodated in the bottom of the charging station. The clipper comes with t
  • Definitely more of a trimmer as a real hair clipper. Very quiet in operation.  

    Multifunction Care ALL IN ONE Battery hair trimmer beard / hair trimmer trimmer trimmer hair clipper
    I've been using this multifunction trimmer mainly for contour cutting at the temples / ears and neck area and the trimming of my short hair. Supplied located next 4 essays for the shaving head (3, 6, 9 and 12mm) nor a precision trimmer, a nose / ear
  • Cheap, easy and relatively silent hair clipper. Mains and battery operation possible.  

    Battery Professional hair clipper Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper Trimmer Hair Trimmer Beard Trimmer trimmer with thinning function (1mm-30mm)
    After I was disappointed for the second time from a Remington Hair Trimmer (Battery, cutting power, volume), I was curious whether this device meets my not too high claims. Supplied located next to the hair trimmer two essays (3-13mm and 18-30mm), a
  • hair clipper  

    Philips HC5450 / 16 Hair clipper Rechargeable Sector Function Turbo Blades Titanium Black / Chrome (Health and Beauty)
    It is very difficult to find a good hair clipper and the best thing about it is probably its price. Nevertheless I have not been convinced by its speed and cutting efficiency. If you take your time especially no problem activating the turbo, the cut
  • Proper hair clipper  

    Philips HC5440 / 80 Hair and Beard Trimmer Rechargeable Sect Malette with Black / Silver (Health and Beauty)
    Supplied in quite a plastic housing, which serves as packaging, this rather large mower promises a mix use hair like beard. The box in question is a good idea on paper, but poorly made here. Too large to be practical on the move, it has, inside extra
  • Is not better than my old hair clipper!  

    Philips - QS6160 / 32 - StyleShaver - Beard Trimmer 3 1-100% Water Proof, Quick charge, brushed metal finish (Health and Beauty)
    I wanted to invest in a real beard trimmer to stop galérer me with a hair clipper and save time ... Evil took me, my weekly shave became a nightmare with this Philips mower! There are engineers who deserve their title ... No, but frankly what is this
  • A clipper and a razor, a good idea on paper.  

    Philips QS6161 / 32 Wet & Dry Shaver Style Beard Trimmer 3 in 1 Finish Brushed Metal and Black (Health and Beauty)
    Wanting to marry clippers and an electric razor for Philips journey shows us that it is not always easy to get two tools in one product. If the mower section is rather powerful and well done I rather regret the handling of the mower too massive for m
  • A real hair clipper!  

    Panasonic ER-gp80 professional hair clipper (Personal Care)
    The hair clipper of Panasonic's after a few disappointing purchases finally the right choice. The device and the corresponding accessory is an excellent workmanship. Nothing wobbles or seems somehow cheap. From the cutting head to the charging cable,
  • Panasonic ER 1611 professional hair clipper  

    Panasonic ER-1611 professional hair clipper (Personal Care)
    After a long search, I finally decided on this but quite expensive device. After the first few weeks and several haircuts but I am sure it is worth every penny. It feels great in the hand and cuts without tangles absolutely clean. The three comb atta
  • A nail clipper for life  

    Victorinox Nail Clippers with nail file, stainless in Blister (41816) (Equipment)
    Actually, I'm so far not assumed that one has to write reviews for a nail clipper. But of this I am thrilled. He is very flat from the design and has a mechanism for power transmission that makes a significantly longer-lasting impression than "cheap&
  • Philips Hair Clipper 9000 series ... the future is now ...  

    Philips Series 9000 HC9450 / 20 hair trimmer (motorized combs) (Health and Beauty)
    After I have tried quite a few hair clippers in the past and partly good, partly not so good experiences did so I dedicate myself now times the futuristic and innovative thus coming Philips HC9450 / 20 Hair Clipper. Included Supply: Haircutter Hard C
  • Very good hair clipper with small weaknesses  

    Philips QC5380 / 80 PowerPro hair trimmer, Turbo Button, 12 lengths, silver-black (Personal Care)
    Unfortunately, my previous hair trimmer have survived no longer than 1 year, as in most cases the battery after a short time gives up the ghost. Even so renowned manufacturers such as Panasonic have still enormous potential for improvement. The now a
  • Great hair clipper!  

    Panasonic ER-1611 professional hair clipper (Personal Care)
    The hair clipper works in my opinion better than other devices. The unit is very quiet. Can be used with or without the cable. Very fast loading time. I am thrilled with the unit! 5 Stars!
  • Not recommended as a professional dog clipper.  

    Trixie 2383 Clipper Moser Type 1400, 10 W (Misc.)
    This machine was as a professional dog clipper angeboten.Ich've done about every 20 to 25 minutes a break, the shaving head geölt.Die machine became hot quickly. after about 2 hours, she cut garnichtmehr, my dog ​​did not even cut a cocker spaniel ha
  • Clipper wella  

    Wella XPERT HS71 Professional hair clipper NEW (Personal Care)
    The hair clipper of Wella's the Ferrari among the clippers! Feels great in the hand, cuts to the charging station and super easy to handle! Would she at any time buy, no comparison with cheaper hair cutters.
  • Aesculap exacta clipper wirelessly  

    AESCULAP ​​clipper Exacta (wireless) (Misc.)
    We have this clipper ordered so we can shave face and paws Popo. It cuts to be very good, quiet and low-vibration, but the battery lasts only 10-15 minutes, then give up. Servicing the battery (integrated) costs about 65 (half the purchase price!). T
  • Mates with the "Relax Lounger Futura Clippe Air Comfort"  

    Lafuma protective / carrying case for relaxation chairs and Siesta L, anthracite, LFM2420-1229 (garden products)
    I have parallel the (highly recommended) "Lafuma LFM2413-6135 Relaxliege Futura Clippe Air Comfort" and ordered from the description was not exactly clear whether this protective bag would fit it. Although it is short, but it will fit without mu
  • Rotschopf24 Edition! Moser Professional Clipper  

    Rotschopf24 Edition! Moser professional clipper REX "1230" + 8 metal fixture plug combs (Misc.)
    Rotschopf24 Edition! Moser professional clipper I bought because ego was always sorry for 2 dogs Maltesermix and Westy 50 - 60 spend at Hundefrisör. Purchase has been proven since it has also metal shaving heads, 2x shorn and has then already paid!
  • For 1406 Moser hair clipper not suitable at all!  

    Aufsteckkammset Ermila and Moser clippers. 3-25mm (Personal Care)
    The combs can be used without problems. That the ridges nevertheless not be using, you realize only after switching on the device. The usually calm and quiet-running Moser hair clipper is the comb an extremely wibrierendem and very noisy behemoth. Yo
  • Accessories for hair clipper  

    Aufsteckkammset Ermila and Moser clippers. 3-25mm (Personal Care)
    Matching accessories for Moser 1406.0458 hair trimmer Edition 1400 was specified when selecting the clipper as an accessory and fits. Can you recommend.