h koenig waffle makers


  • The Rolls Waffle Makers  

    Lagrange 019622 Waffle Premium Wafers Waffles + + Silver Croque monsieur (Kitchen)
    Incomparable, very well thought out, super easy ofusing with its beep. The waffles are good and well cooked. Too bad Lagrange did not think to make bigger molds for Liège waffle or Brussels, but hey!
  • Double Waffle Makers  

    Bomann WA 525 CB Herzchenwaffelautomat (household goods)
    For a family of nine idial right now where it is warmer, the family can sometimes outside waffles.
  • Great Waffle Makers  

    Cloer 1621 waffle maker (household goods)
    I had not have a waffle maker and I have decided because of the reviews for this model. As described in the manual, I have the first wafers disposed of (in the production was not excessive stench) and then it went off. The use is very simple and I ha
  • Very good and cheap Waffle Makers  

    Cloer 1620 waffle maker / identical to Cloer 1621 (household goods)
    After we had finally decided to throw away our old waffle iron, we wanted to have a good and at the same time favorable waffle iron. In our old waffle iron, there was more than just problems, the waffles were not good "resolve", it could be bad,
  • Practical Waffle Makers  

    Cloer 1621 waffle maker (household goods)
    The waffle iron corresponds to the description and the expectations. It is handy, easy to clean and the waffles are good. Connecting and off you go. We are satisfied.
  • Beautiful Waffle Makers  

    Cloer 1629 waffle maker stainless steel matt / identical to Cloer 1621 (household goods)
    This is my first waffle iron and bake should give me so beautiful waffles as the heavy, 20-year-old my mother. And that does it! (Even better) Positives: It bakes lovely waffles in standard size. Plugging, wait for about 40sec and it's hot. I stand t
  • Good Waffle Makers  

    BEEM Germany D2000.715 Waffle flip, ceramic coated waffle maker (household goods)
    There are nice thick waffles Belgischerart in around whether it is taste great on the housewife our goods in any case well.
  • Good Duo Waffle Makers  

    Cloer 1329 double waffle maker, Stainless steel case (household goods)
    Because there is such good baking results with me, my son has wanted it for Christmas. Recommended waffle iron. Even tan.
  • Prima Waffle Makers  

    Krups F DK2 41 waffle irons (Grcic) (household goods)
    Helpful when buying deieses waffle iron included the reviews on Amazon and some reviews. The waffle maker bought I can recommend with a clear conscience. It does exactly what it is, namely excellent waffles. The waffles are crispy. Operation is simpl
  • Class Waffle Makers  

    Krups F DK2 41 waffle irons (Grcic) (household goods)
    Such a waffle iron we were looking for all the time. TOP: - Processing - Class-coated plates - Browning of waffle is evenly - Nice big waffles -, Garzeit` - Super easy cleaning, there really is nothing sticking firmly - Device is at the bottom not pa
  • Double waffle maker Cloer 1329  

    Cloer 1329 double waffle maker, Stainless steel case (household goods)
    Taking into account the views submitted, I had chosen with the double waffle makers Cloer 1329 and I have to say for multiple use, that the decision was 100% -ig properly. Ordering through Amazon was as usual carried out quickly and korekt. Sunday or
  • The waffles taste even better!  

    Gastroback 42405 Design Waffle Maker Pro (household goods)
    Have the waffle iron my sister bought later because, although we use the same waffle recipe, but Their waffles (baked in Gastroback - Waffle Makers) to taste and shoulders. The iron she bakes so that they are slightly crispy on the outside and inside
  • Class waffle maker !!! Nothing hangs on ....  

    Tefal WM 310D heart waffle maker, 1000 watt, 20 cm diameter, brushed stainless steel (houseware)
    Hello dear readers, First, I must mention that the topic Waffle Makers with us are more than 4J. is talking. My husband wanted to always have waffles, but I had an older model somewhere in the kitchen, with no single waffle let cook. It was needed ga
  • So making waffles fun!  

    Graef waffle maker WA 80, satin stainless steel (houseware)
    Construction and finish The waffle maker Graef WA80EU looks classy, ​​makes both the material as well as in the processing at first an excellent impression and herein differs very clearly from my two predecessors from the cheap discounters. He is cer
  • perfect 1 6912  

    Lagrange 019622 Waffle Premium Wafers Waffles + + Silver Croque monsieur (Kitchen)
    We bought two waffle irons for our Sports Club. Both waffle makers have turned all afternoon and we are really very satisfied: no problem, no product that attaches, no sagging. the material is very durable and is professional mi. the waffles are grea
  • Sandwich makers and waffle irons - TOP, contact grill needs other tasks  

    Moulinex SW6125 3-in-1 Snack combi boiler Red Ruby (household goods)
    As a sandwich maker and waffle iron absolutely ok. Unfortunately I could not obtain a really positive result even with the contact grill. But hope dies last and always I, I can imagine that you can wonderfully warm so pre-cooked / pre-fried. And thus
  • Waffle iron  

    H.Koenig GFX180 waffle irons with 180 degree rotating mechanism, 1000W, Belgian waffles, stainless steel (houseware)
    Habs now tried, delicious and airy waffles, all were enthusiastic. The cleaning was quick and easy. Is a very good waffle iron.
  • Power divine waffles  

    Domo DO 9047W Waffelautomat for extra-thick square Belgian / Brussels waffles (household goods)
    If you like Belgian waffles should set this unit thanks to the good coating sticking in the waffles and clean a breeze strong buy recommendation is worth every euro
  • It bake waffles, but it takes ....  

    Rosenstein & Söhne waffle irons for heart-shaped waffles
    So the quality is now not a deal breaker. The build quality is ok, but great is also different. Baking takes an extremely long bus to 4 times longer than with our Unold Waffle Iron. The waffles are delicious itself, and moving moderately stained, but
  • Cooked waffles jiffy  

    Rommelsbacher WA 750 - Waffelautomat, 750W, silver (household goods)
    The waffle iron was packed well with us and we could hardly wait to try out the equipment. So all the ingredients for the dough is mixed and connected the waffle iron. Before use you should grease the two provided with a non-stick coating interior su