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  • Review Hama  

    Hama Hardcase camera bag for a small digital camera, Hard Case Plain 60L, gray (Accessories)
    The camera bag from Hama I find very convenient. The camera is very well protected and in addition she also has an attractive design.
  • Review Monocular Hama Optec 10 + 25  

    Hama monocular Optec 10x25 (10x magnification, 25mm objective lens diameter) with bag and strap, ultra-light (80 g), black (Accessories)
    I am very pleased with the monocular, very clear picture and good workmanship is also very light, it can only recommend.
  • Review Hama 8 F  

    Hama 8 F-connector for 6.5 mm cable + 4 insulating caps, SAT connection kit for Quad and Quad Switch LNB (Accessories)
    First of all I did all connections replaced by this and what can I say? .. Very good and just went there. Easy to install for any layman. Quality and delivery on the part of the company's top. Keep it up. Always happy.
  • Review for LTD. Sponge Connection Box  

    Planktonweed Tape (LTD. Sponge Connection Box) (Audio CD)
    One thing in advance ... it is my own opinion to the box and the album itself. No one is saying that my or other opinion is the only right therefore forms you best own opinion about the ham. I will first assess the box with its contents and then eval
  • Where it says Hama, one also buys Hama  

    Hama 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub with no power supply, black (Accessories)
    Normally, I avoid the company "Hama", simply because I have a very bad experience until now. About a year ago I bought this USB hub for my laptop. Of course again attracted only the price. Despite everything, there was a fear that would run
  • Rockingboy.Blogspot.de Review  

    What About Now (Audio CD)
    So I've been thinking long at all to write a review on this disc but maybe that's a kind of therapy to get away from the shock of this ultra lousy concoction. Do not misunderstand - I was once a big Bon Jovi disciples, already one of the times when e
  • Hama 70658 cut filter O-Haze 58 mm  

    Hama 2-in-1 UV filter and lens cover 58 mm, blocks UV radiation up to 390 nm (optional)
    Hi, I have decided, despite the partially negative reviews from reasons of the price of the Hama filter and must say: functionality OK, but quality can be no question. The first screw in my lens was equal to the often mentioned disc wobbling. This is
  • A good battery Hama CP 862 Li-ion Battery for Canon  

    Hama Li-Ion Battery "CP 826" for Canon EOS D-series PowerShot Pro90 IS / Pro1, G1 / G2 / G5 / G6 (identical to Canon BP-511/512/514) (accessory)
    I ordered the Hama battery for my Canon 5D because of the good reviews here on Amazon. Unfortunately, I have no way to test the actual battery performance, but I am satisfied with the charging time and the battery duration. Sorry, no protective cover
  • Power walking, but not the brand HAMA  

    1500 mAh Hama Transformer 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12V Polarity reversible 8 Sheets 00046601 (Accessory)
    As stated in previous reviews, the food is not the HAMA brand. She walks however, but like all products made in china, we can expect the best (big brands are building in China) as the worst (quality control is not the same for a brand to a product un
  • To all the negative reviews ...  

    SanDisk microSDHC 4GB Memory Card GSM (original commercial packaging) (Accessories)
    Most negative reviews do not refer to the map itself (with everything that is fine), but to incompatibilities with older card readers, digital cameras, etc. Who read (or google) can, is difficult to have an advantage. This is a HC card and which is r
  • Hama Funkwecker with good functionality  

    Hama Funkwecker RC 40, with backlight, clock / calendar and alarm function, silver (household goods)
    Appearances: Nice design with this metallic look, the buttons and labels stand out very well on it. Functionality: The buttons have a good tactile feedback. Light: The light switches on just 5 seconds, but can be pressed at any time (even during the
  • HAMA DIR3000 Internet Radio  

    Hama DIR3000 Internet and digital radio (DAB +, DAB, FM, USB port with charging and playback function, alarm and WiFi streaming function, free Smart Radio app) (Electronics)
    Ordered yesterday, delivered today. Thanks to Amazon for Top Service. After I now have had enough of compact CD radio, which to say goodbye the CD drive after a short time, I appreciate the advantages of USB ports and Line-In or Aux ports gelernt.Und
  • Great device for Carpaccio and Serrano ham  

    Knight slicer Serano 7 (household goods)
    I was looking for a machine with which I can cut Carpaccio and Serrano ham. Ritter is a German company and is synonymous with quality. So I put her Ritter Serano 7 machine, and I have to say, the device receives my full review! Why ?! - Good processi
  • Can not understand the extremely negative reviews!  

    Panasonic Viera TX-47ASW654 119 cm (47 inch) TV (Full HD, triple tuners, 3D, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    I now have the Panasonic TX-47ASW654 for two months in operation. I run the TV via the Blu-ray recorder DMR Twinsat-BST740 Panasonic. The connection to the TV, I realized by a high-quality high-speed HDMI cable from Hama. It should be save in any cas
  • "Grundig Cosmopolit 3F WEB" vs "Hama IR 100"  

    Grundig Cosmopolit 3F WEB Internet Radio (LCD, FM tuner, Wi-Fi) (Electronics)
    Originally, I was looking for a small compact system that can deal well with MP3s from USB sticks. Ultimately, I am but then ended up with Internet radio, because I media streaming and Internet radio for promising consider as a CD player and FM radio
  • Additions to the existing reviews  

    Sony DSC-RX100 III digital camera (20 megapixel Exmor R sensor, 3x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD, WiFi / NFC) (Electronics)
    Actually, for years I've been waiting for a camera like this: Small and handy, good appearance, good video function and integrated viewfinder. Since I am highly visually impaired and for years I am angry about the abstinence of electronic viewfinders
  • Usually you have no "review" Write ...  

    Meymoon quality 55mm lens cap with clip closure cap (accessory)
    ... For such a small plastic particles. Since here but 1- and 2-star reviews mention that the cover does not fit or falls almost by itself, I would like to disagree with here: The section is secure and also hooked not! Making a difference to my lost
  • Can the partly unfounded negative reviews here so just do not leave you in the room ...  

    Nikon D750 SLR Digital Camera (24.3 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) display, HDMI, USB 2.0) body only (Electronics)
    I rate rare, but here I just have to correct intervene accordingly ... ;-) I have the D750 since 02.10.2014 and could not be happier. Of course there are some details that Nikon better could have done - for example, AF-On button, 1 / 8000s shutter sp
  • Review from the perspective of a longtime Gamers  

    PlayStation 4 - console (console)
    My way to Playstation 4 was a bit rocky. Starting namely all had a Xbox One. With this review, I would like to PS4 from the perspective of a normal Gamers enter (no fan-boy, not a technology freak). Who wants to read only the conclusions can scroll d
  • Toslink cable review  

    mumbi optical digital cable Toslink cable 2m (accessory)
    What can one review already a cable. I have built it between my PC and a devil-conditioning. It all works flawlessly. The plug is after snapping into the socket bomb-proof - so hard that I think I need to use a pair of pliers, if I want to release th