• Helpful  

    Scaler - Scaler - Scalers - double-sided - obliquely - Stainless Steel (Personal Care)
    If you use this tool with caution, it is very helpful. Who is prone to heavy calculus formation, can thus remove between dental visits even the worst of dental plaque. Not substitute for a professional teeth cleaning, but it adds meaningful. The inst
  • Good means of self-help  

    Blackroll Blackroll STANDARD 30cm (equipment)
    Because of my problem in the lumbar / sacral area, it always comes back to blockages of the vertebral joints with compression of nerves and muscle tightness, especially in the area of ​​the erector spinae immediate left and right of the spine. The Bl
  • Gorgeous! Actually helps! Down with it!  

    Golden Peanut Premium Indian Psyllium 99% purity 1000 g bag, certified food quality, extra white - reduced number of germs - Quellzahl 150ml / g certified, residue tested, from freshly harvested and selected growing areas - directly from the manufacturer - a purely natural product (Personal Care)
    If there is something that people who have problems with bowel issues, might help, then you're thankful for. Who has not heard of psyllium husks before, is certainly skeptical about the positive feedback here. But this "Herrlich" I actually
  • Super product - but do not help everywhere  

    JV Cosmetics, AHC forte Antiperspirant Deodorant against sweaty feet / hands sweat (30ml dropper bottle, liquid, ehem. AHC30 forte) (Health and Beauty)
    Since I suffer from hyperhidrosis and "normally" plate-sized sweat stains under the arms have, I then ordered me Odaban and AHC30 forte. Both products are equally good. If like me you often in his job wearing blue shirts and all day over mu
  • Practical household helper for emergencies  

    Scotch 4704 repair tape, self-welding, 25 mm x 3 m, black (Office supplies & stationery)
    Especially if you have a lot of old pipes and pipes in the house, it is good to have such a small "emergency responders" as this repair tape of scotch at home in order just in case, the waiting time until the craftsmen to bridge performs pr
  • Helpful 2  

    Kuhn Rikon 23504 knife fruit knife Pumpkin knife orange / black 35.5 cm m. Blade Protection (housewares)
    The knife has proven to be helpful when working with pumpkins - it was not disassemble or carving for Halloween.
  • Here's help! The stick is still okay!  

    SanDisk Cruzer Micro 16GB USB memory (original commercial packaging) (Accessories)
    HELP! No, this is not a call for help, but an offer of help! Who is happy with the stick, easy to read at the next review. Who, however, to benörgeln something that is here perhaps helped: 1) NTFS The stick can be, other than as described by some rev
  • Helps you fall asleep  

    SwaddleMe - full body Pucksack is ideal for baby's cry. Cotton, various colors and sizes. (Baby Product)
    Toll, helps you fall asleep when babies tend to row with his arms. May look a bit strange, but our 2 months old daughter feels comfortable in it. We use it every night and wrapping belongs quasi to bedtime ritual so.
  • Good help  

    t @ x 2014 (for tax year 2013) [Download] (Software Download)
    A software that makes more bearable the terrible monster "tax return". Good and clearly structured, logically and with a lot of help for the poor taxpayers equipped I-could no longer without ;-)
  • really helpful  

    WISO landlord 2015 plus 1x lease assistant-Special Edition (Frustration Free Packaging) (exclusive to (CD-ROM)
    Who rents or rent privately do not want to know often what is legally everything comes to him and that can sometimes be a lot. To make life easier by landlords, this small software has been developed. It can be applied for up to 5 units. Who has more
  • Very helpful and (almost) foolproof to operate ...  

    Satfinder SF 2400 meter for accurate alignment of your satellite antennas with high input sensitivity (Electronics)
    After a LNB change I wanted to adjust our only roughly aligned satellite antenna detail. Fortunately, the dish is fixed in only 4 meters above sea level on the facade and relatively easily accessible. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive reviews
  • Not a panacea - it helps objectively but actually  

    Zylkene 225mg 30Kapseln (Misc.)
    Who expected here that this is a panacea, the panicked dogs bravely or makes hard shot will be disappointed, I would like to begin by saying clearly so as to prevent excessive expectations. General: After 8 days we noticed to have achieved at daily d
  • Above-average flexibility in lighting and orientation, very helpful in Photography  

    TaoTronics 10W LED desk lamp with touch panel, super large LED array and continuous dimming, USB port for charging of smartphones, White
    For readers with little time: - Very solid workmanship - Flexibly positionable - Significant adjustments for brightness and light temperature - Pleasant light, flat and flicker - Good light source for photography indoors - Practical USB port for char
  • Help, Guest!  

    Kosmos 692 254 - Da Luigi Legespiel (Toys)
    How to play: Each player runs a restaurant where he invites guests and hosts. Unfortunately, (there seem to be no very well-run restaurants ;-)) are not the ingredients in the kitchen available, so that the waiting time of guests has to be used to bu
  • Perfect helper  

    Neem (neem oil) emulsifier ready 1L (garden products)
    After initial skepticism, I have purchased the product. As it turned out, it exceeded all my expectations. Neem oil is a super help in fighting ants and aphids. Even from me Discontinued plants have recovered and evolve again magnificently.
  • helpful 3  

    AVM FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 300E (300 Mbit / s, Gigabit LAN, WPS) (Personal Computers)
    Helpful in assisting my Fritz box. So I have to my desk to get to the Internet throughout the house.
  • Simply Hammer !! Depression? Social Anxiety? This bad feeling? This book could greatly help!  

    A New Earth (Oprah # 61) (Oprah's Book Club) (Paperback)
    I have long read books in the spiritual direction and had always heard the name of Eckhart Tolle and even earlier ever bought me this book. But somehow I could not read it easily. This time I finally read it and now I understand why very many people
  • Incredibly helpful !!!  

    Fripac-Medis Combi-Clips, 10 pieces, Pink (Personal Care)
    The clasps are very helpful to numerous hair to attach so that they do not hang one at the hairstyles in the way. The quality is great and the colors can be seen in the picture. The delivery went very fast.
  • Very good help for problem or sallow skin!  

    Olay Regenerist "3 Zone" face cleaning brush with 2 rotational levels (Personal Care)
    Although I do not often take time for reviews, I had to write a times now. The trend towards electric facial cleansing brush has arrived this year finally also in Germany. At the front is presented the Clarisonic Mia, which is advertised very aggress
  • great help for acne prone skin, but ...  

    Silk'n Sonic Clean SC sound - face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    Update Summer 2013: After 10 months of use I need to change my original review very good unfortunately. Since I had already 4 defective equipment at amazon send back within this short time, I can not assign 4 stars more. So a sound brush itself is st