Herbert Richter screw


  • Herbert Richter joint foot  

    Herbert Richter HR Swivel Mount 2 HR-Art.Nr .: 1536 Adhesive Holder with Tilt Swivel Size 30mm x 50mm x 40mm (optional)
    Hello, I use these swivel end in the car combined with a universal holder of Herbert Richter for large smartphones. Although I have the part glued only with a strong double-sided tape, it reliably holds my Gelaxy S5. If you do not often move the phon
  • It's perfect. Herbert Richter is. - La qualité Herbert Richter.  

    HR 4-hole car mount system Car Mount Holder for Becker Traffic Assist Z099 Navman Traffic Assist Z101 Traffic Assist Z102 (Electronics)
    It's perfect. Herbert Richter is. It fits perfectly, it is solid, the finish is perfect. I am French and it is German quality is simple, sober, efficient, durable. I like German quality, and Japanese quality .This impressed me always. c'est parfait.
  • Holder of Herbert Richter  

    Herbert Richter HR Holder Smartphone MINI PDA Gripper 1 HR-Art.Nr .: 25310 Universal Cell Phone Stand for devices with a width of 59mm to 89mm (Automotive)
    This bracket shell has a very good quality and workmanship. O.ä.m. The adjustability for different sizes of mobile phone are optimal and easy to use. My phone now holds securely and firmly in the car.
  • HR universal holder aka mumbi  

    mumbi Auto Car Holder Google Nexus 5 Car holder (accessory)
    The imaged and delivered holder corresponds to a Herbert Richter (HR Design) Universal Smartphone Car Holder. The suction cup is stuck to the disc. The holder is padded and grips firmly - so the smartphone (eg Nexus 5) is tight. The stops below are a
  • Good fit - keeps and does ...  

    Brodit ProClip 653 440 bracket for Vauxhall Astra 41373 (Accessories)
    In contrast to the image of a perforated adapter plate on the bracket already glued. The assembly was erldigt in five minutes. I have exposed the adhesive surfaces after adjustment. Everything sticks like theorems. I have a ball joint and a universal
  • Correct holder  

    Wicked Chili Car Holder with Tilt Swivel for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) / 5S / 5C / 5/4 / iPod Touch Car holder (Made in Germany, for Car & Case) (optional)
    For me a iphone 5 jammed in a Speck CandyShell off holding the bomb. The whole is shaky on cobblestones some rum, but noisy not there. Something must swing, the windscreen does nothing else, yet nothing falls off or loosens yes. The tripod itself mak
  • Review for Car Holder Galaxy S2 i9100 on the grating.  

    mumbi Car Mount holder Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 and Galaxy S II Plus i9105P Ventilation ball joint car holder (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Hello, the Herbert Richter Car Holder for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 for attachment to the ventilation grill with a 4 ball joint, is a good and especially cheap way to place his smartphone in the vehicle in optimum visibility, without the need to lock o
  • ingenious automotive mount with multiple user options  

    mumbi Car Holder for iPhone 5 5S 5C 4 4S 3 3G 3Gs - car holder - fits well with Bumper / Bag / Case / Case (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The Universal Car Holder of "Herbert Richter" is well made and has the great advantage that you can also insert phones including mobile phone pocket or Bumper. The advantage is obvious, no städiges install and remove the phone from the mobile ph
  • For devices with widths from 60mm to 85mm  

    yayago Universal Design car holder -vibrationsfrei- Car Mount 360 degrees rotatable and pivotable for Samsung Galaxy Core (i8260 / i8262) (Electronics)
    The holder set consists of four parts, which are manufactured in Germany by Herbert Richter GmbH & Co. KG [igrip.eu]. Since the delivery came with no description, I'll explain here use with portrait orientation: 1 arm with suction cup and 2 joints. A
  • Overpriced and too inflexible  

    xMount @ Bike iPhone 6 Plus Bike Mount (Electronics)
    The article is completely overpriced, the handle is a standard holder as of H. Richter used (value approx 6.-) without ball joint. The holder for iPhone 6 plus is tightly and holds up well, but is no better than get shut by other manufacturers for ar
  • Do what it should and is favorable  

    Auto car charger charger car for Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-i9001 incl. Mobile phone point Display cleaning cloth (Electronics)
    The charging cable has been ordered by me along with the Herbert Richter Car Mount Holder Car holder + mumbi anti-slip mat. The charger cable does what it should, it invites my Smartphone.Obs with active navigation creates further boost the cell phon
  • Adapter Holder for Cell Phone / Navi o.ä.m.  

    Adapter plate male 4-talon locking system Screw Adapter HR 1642 for Herbert Richter Holder for 4-hole trays (Electronics)
    This adapter bracket fits perfectly to the Holder by Herbert Richter. Well made and fit it helps my smartphone for a good hold in the car.
  • The Car Mount Holder does not fit Samsung Galaxy Note N7000  

    Car Mount Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note N9000 N9005 3 III
    but only for the "Note3" - which is very annoying because when searching for a suitable holder, I have been linked to this product and ordered it by mistake. , The shipment was made from China and took accordingly long - namely 3 weeks. Unfortun
  • The best thing you can get.  

    Smart Planet Automotive mount / car holder with quick connector for mobile phone and smartphone - universal for all devices from 59 to 89mm width and depth up to 25mm - With suction cup for car window (Electronics)
    As might be expected, I got myself with this bracket a fair bit German workmanship in my car. As was the Tablet Holder I angeschaft me for my mobile TFT-TV some time ago. There are not many manufacturers offer such a robust support for such a small p
  • Perfect holder for TomTom navigation devices with easy port mount  

    HR Car Holder Mount for TomTom Vibrationfree mounting system (devices with easy port mount) (Accessories)
    For once, a reasonable bracket for TomTom navigation devices with easy port mount directly to the windshield. The old TomTom mount, it remains only the actual Navi device is withdrawn and placed on the new judge-holder with a lateral rotation. It hol
  • Judge for yourself  

    Design Car Holder - Vibration free - Car Holder 360 degree rotating and swiveling for your Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 / S3 LTE i9305 / Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Car Holder Car Holder + Car Charger 1 Amp Micro USB - Quick Charger - for your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 / Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 / i9305 S3 LTE incl. the original yayago Clean-Pad (electronics)
    The first impression was really good! Functional, solid and executed on the mirror tried a tight fit of the bracket. The charging cable is not interference suppressed. With the result that the speeds Duch beat full and not make a charging during the
  • Ultraslim vs. Ultraslim 2  

    Goodstyle exclusive leather case ultraslim for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 in Black (Electronics)
    Ultraslim (this one) vs. Ultraslim 2 (abbreviation) or (long notation) Goodstyle exclusive leather case ultraslim for Samsung Galaxy Note (this one) vs. Goodstyle Ultraslim Case Version 2 I ordered both of these bags for my Galaxy Note. Why? This unf
  • Good mobile phone holder, charger with weaknesses  

    mumbi SuperSET Samsung i9000 Galaxy S / i9001 Galaxy S PLUS: Cars fan bracket car holder with shell + Car charger retractable telescopic (Electronics)
    I opted for the Herbert Richter SuperSET because I had no desire to rumgefummel with any suckers that partly not properly adhere to the disk, or even worse, the burden of a navigation device can not withstand. It should therefore, be due to the posit
  • Fits in C-MAX  

    Original PPYPLE CD NT universal car mobile phone Tablet PC 5-10 inch bracket with ball joint for CD slot (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The search for a suitable mount for smartphones, phablets, Tablets Navis from 6 inches for the C-MAX from 2011 is quite cumbersome. Ventilation brackets are not suitable for vertical slats. The Brodit ProClip holders in connection with the Navigrippe
  • This is not a Brodit holder !!! Also can not be readily fixed thereto  

    Brodit Smartphone / PDA Holder Universal for Richter plate (Accessories)
    Here money is made with a false name. The same part under the name "Herbert Richter HR Holder" verkaut actually for 8 Euro at Amazon !!!! Goods has nothing to do with dashboard! Customer deception.