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  • Protects the iPhone of a shock but ..  

    Griffin - Elan Form - Cover for iPhone 4 4S - Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I waited for my first real shock to post a comment. The hull gets into two parts, one that is located on the back of the phone, and the balance which allows clip protection. Easy to take the Iphone (4) in hand, no genes. The time has come for his fir
  • Cheap furniture  

    Trend team BM87245 sideboard cupboard Oak rough sawn bright, WxHxD 176x79x40 cm (household goods)
    A sideboard in oak-sawn ... and looks good ... wow. I thought so ... After unpacking the parts then the disappointment: It is lowest priced, thin-walled timber with cheap chipboard-veneer. Apart from the unclean particleboard edges is nothing "rough
  • All-rounder in kitchen, bathroom and garden furniture, even against nicotine effectively  

    MELLERUD Kitchen Degreaser 1.0 L, 2001002169 (tool)
    After a move I've spent a lot of time at the hardware store, and found the degreaser (in fact, I was just too tired to drive to another business and there a cleaner to buy) and not just found the low. Meanwhile, I find him even extremely cheap, becau
  • Canina Petival Insect Shocker  

    Canina 74132 8 Petvital Bio-Insect-Shocker (Misc.)
    I used the Insect Shocker first time after a flea invasion in a hand taken over House for Poster furniture, crevices, carpets and everything can not be washed (but of course not for my cat because I take a product from the vet) very pleased and am: A
  • very slim, well-fitting, stylish protective case for the iPad Air, with still passable protection against shocks  

    iProtect TPU Gel Cover Apple iPad Air Cover X-Line Black (Electronics)
    Foreword :-) Attention! It looks very different reviews here. One can well imagine that it is because here different models and versions are reviewed. I have bought myself the TPU Gel X Line Case in black for the iPad Air, and this I find very good,
  • Fits great for rattan furniture  

    Trash bin pedal bin Rattan 18 liters, beige - brown (household goods)
    The bucket is well made and fits the description. The cover is held in rattan look, the bucket and the frame in wood look. It fits very well to the balcony furniture. Since it has no metal parts, he must also be weatherproof.
  • shockingly bad processed  

    Logitech K480 wireless Bluetooth keyboard for computer, tablet and smartphone (QWERTY) Black (Personal Computers)
    As is so often: the idea is not bad! The product images for it is quite well understood to combine Tablet Stand and BT keyboard. So far so good. Or to come back to reality: so bad. The first shock I got when I read the keyboard still packed in his ha
  • Allergic shock  

    Scalibor Protector Band S / M 1St. 48cm (action) (Misc.)
    Just had my dog ​​for veterinary clinic. Diagnosis: Allergic shock triggered by this band. My other two dogs have the band been very well tolerated and there has to be action promise fully respected. However, I find that the possibility of such a ser
  • Casio Men's Watch G-Shock GW-2500B-5AER  

    CASIO Men's Watch G-SHOCK GW-2500B-5AER (clock)
    The G-Shock is very appealing design, which pleases the recipient and me very well. The solar function is convenient and environmentally friendly. The lighting is great, especially the hands can be seen very well in the dark. The clock is great. The
  • Robust and stable, but the adhesion to the furniture not up to scratch ...  

    Chicco 00060806000000 corner protection, large, 4 pieces (Baby Product)
    For the price offered, the relationship between quality and performance is really still quite acceptable. The corner caps are made robust and stable and can not cause damage so quickly. However, the removal of the adhesive film for affixing to caps a
  • positive überrascht..dennoch he could "eat" furniture ..  

    Grundig 55 VLE 923 BL 140cm (55 inches) 3D LED backlight TVs (WLAN, Subwoofer, Full HD, 400Hz PPR, DVB-T / C / S2, 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Wifi integrated) (Electronics)
    After I ordered it, I got a doubt because of the size and the specified recessions of the "skew-standing". Also surprised at the huge package when it was delivered. But after I got it, quickly dissipated my concerns .. When mounting the mou
  • DREHFLEX® - Miele - Shock 8mm 120 N hole - Set of 2 - Suspa - for 4500826  

    DREHFLEX® - Miele - Shock 8mm 120 N hole - Set of 2 - Suspa - for 4,500,826 - from the house DREHFLEX®
    Already sufficiently described in the other reviews: very good !! I have the shock absorbers in a Miele W 830 Novotronic gewechselt.Die dampers (tipping machine) only from below or from the front (front panel open) changed werden.Eine very good descr
  • Miele - shock absorbers  

    DREHFLEX® - Miele - Shock 8mm 120 N hole - Set of 2 - Suspa - for 4,500,826 - from the house DREHFLEX®
    Miele - Shock 8mm 120 N hole - Set of 2 - Suspa. Purchase and delivery without problem and quickly. Installation einfach.Kein imbalance more. Buy washing machine in May 1996. j. Auser Stoßdämpern all parts ok
  • Good Shock Absorber  

    OEHLBACH Shock Absorber (8), elastic black (55038) (Electronics)
    Use the stick absorber for 2 ADAM A7X boxes that are on a home-made wooden table. As the table itself is built, the wooden panel has without the Shock Absorber always greatly vibrates. Since then I have are the absorber among boxing, vibrating nothin
  • As a cushion for garden furniture  

    PUR foam panel RG 22 - various sizes -. (200 x 100 x 8 cm)
    The delivery came quickly and well packed. The foam is for our garden furniture and perfect because we can so trim and him as we need him-you can edit it easily. And it shows his quality is very good because you sit and we are located on clouds.
  • Mattress buying only in furniture store ???  

    Badenia 03889640159 cold foam mattress Irisette Vitaflex FlexTube H4 90 x 200 cm, white (household goods)
    A new mattress was needed, the "Old" was worn out and ready for the final transition. And as it is then always, you must seek advice, so off to the furniture store. There was just for 250, - an offer, visually knew the mattress to please, c
  • Beautiful G Shock with weak display  

    Casio Men's Watch G-Shock XL Digital Quartz Resin GW 7900NV-2ER (clock)
    My first G Shock I bought in 1999. The quality was excellent. Bracelet, glass and wearing comfort. Now it should be a new one. The color blue, it should be again. And otherwise they should resemble the first strong. The GW-7900NV 2er I finally found
  • Shutter Shock to G6  

    Panasonic H-FS14140E-K Super Lumix G Vario zoom lens 3.5-5.6 / 14-140mm ASPH. / Power OIS (Accessories)
    Actually, this objective would be a fantastic journey lens: It covers a very large focal length range and is incredibly small and light, even for a Micro Four Thirds lens. If it were not a major problem: In certain shutter speeds (1/125 and 1/160 par
  • No "Shutter-Shock" - sophisticated camera with a retro look for individualists  

    Olympus E-System camera P5 (16 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, HDMI, WiFi) including 17mm 1:. 1.8 lens kit and high-resolution electronic viewfinder VF-4 Silver (Electronics)
    The alleged "Shutter-Shock" -Schock Whoever reads this, please go to Google and even give "Shutter Shock" a. We see the "problem" arise in the current cream-de-la-creme of the MFT cameras: the Sony flagship A7 and A7R in
  • For me, the most beautiful so far G- Shock  

    Casio G-Shock Mens Watch Radio Solar Collection Quartz Analogue GW-3000BD-1AER (clock)
    The design of the GW-3000BD with its Black / Turquoise combination is part of the best of what is currently in the field of quartz-powered multifunction watches erhätlich isnt just in terms of the CASIO G-Shock models. The first time discovered in th