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  • Just perfect 15  

    Presonus AudioBox Compact 2x2 USB recording interface (electronic)
    What can one still losing big words. This audio interface works simply outstanding. The sound Quallit├Ąt of linear audio output is so much better than a conventional on-board sound card, although it of course sunsets even better, but in this price ran
  • Yes .. 231  

    Ozone Gaming Headset Attacksnow 40mm 3.5mm jack Black / White (Accessory)
    Level appearance and everything, I really think class, against only downside ... after a few days there has been a false contact in the son, the result must know how to move the cable to the headphone and microphone on. It's probably hard to large ca
  • DX-26 USB DJ Mixer what I can do with it  

    Pronomic DX-26 USB DJ mixer (built-in USB MP3 player, 3 channels, microphone connector, robust, with RCA cable) (Electronics)
    So, I have this panel increased by not large mixing consoles always take and look at the DX-26 has indeed unexpected, very interesting properties that you do not consider him !!! Now we come to times only to a negative point, but may turn out to make
  • Chic, ultrashort mice Hüpfer  

    Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (App)
    Actually, I got the PC version of pure play "Castle of Illusion", between this and the Android but there are practically no difference, so my review is stellverstretend for both versions. After Gameboy- / NES classic "DuckTales" N
  • Arguing at the highest level?  

    Logitech G700s Gaming Laser Mouse wireless (optional)
    This is now my umpteenth Logitech mouse. And according to recent trips to other manufacturers (including anchor) and at least as long search for "(m) an ideal mouse" I am then again landed at Logitech. First of all: The negative reviews hav
  • An excellent mic!  

    Samson Meteor Mic USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone Chrome (Electronics)
    Ordered Friday he arrived six days later, after the scheduled date was 10 days, which is a good thing (I live abroad more ...) At the packaging level, nothing wrong; sober, clean, my only regret is that, for some unknown reason, the box has been modi
  • Very good 25 mice  

    Cooler Master SGM-2001-USB BLON1 Black (Personal Computers)
    I do not will use that to play so I can not judge his performance at this level. As mice 'normal', it does very well the job. A little small for my taste but I wanted a portable mouse, which is case are therefore nothing serious
  • A home kit honest entry level cinema.  

    Pioneer HTP-072 Home Theater Pack Black (Electronics)
    Let's start with the description of the material, the amp is a first class pioneer vsx 324, it has 4 HDMI inputs and one output HDMI ARC compatible with the latest HDTV 1080p / 4K, for cons there is only one exit Optical and no subwoofer output "line
  • Super Mic for YouTuber and other Semi-Professional artists  

    Apogee MIC 96k (Electronics)
    After a long search and a lot of "Preview" of microphones with other YouTubers I opted for this mic. I can thus add them to Final Cut Pro X and GarageBand with up to 96 kHz quality (of course goes on request 48 kHz etc.) The device works thanks
  • Microphone level is insufficient  

    Plantronics .Audio 478 DSP Gaming Headset for PC multimedia USB 2.0 black (Electronics)
    Mir has not been able to adjust the microphone level sufficiently sensitive. In all applications (Win8) recordings are too quiet. Even at 100% it is not enough. Skype goes when selecting the automatic modulation equal to full sensitivity. For loud Ga
  • The Ferrari of laser mice  

    Logitech MX Revolution cordless laser mouse black (original commercial packaging) (Personal Computers)
    In order to take a right away: Yes, the MX Revolution is next to the G7 (by Logitech) is probably just about the most expensive mouse on the market, but luxury has now times its price. Personally, I had before the G7, which I really liked it, only br
  • The new number one among mice  

    Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Scroll Wheel (Accessories)
    As a longtime user of the Logitech MX 518, G5 and G9 refresh I'm already very experienced when it comes to gaming products from Logitech and so I was curious to see what would bring the G500. With my G5, I was actually fully satisfied; I saw it as th
  • Champions League level  

    FIFA 15 - Standard Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    I have a little laugh about the reviews with the 1 star. I read here permanently from 8: 2 or 10: 5 I wonder what you're playing for a Fifa? Preliminary all games in Semi or Manual as a lot more control and realism. I've been playing since Wednesday
  • Three mice at once.  

    Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse Red (Accessories)
    Ordered for us three mice. You are now almost 5 months almost daily use and not have to show deficits.
  • Very large ears cinema on the top level!  

    Sing My Song - The exchange Concert (Deluxe Edition / 2 CDs + DVD) (Audio CD)
    Take seven singers of different musical genres, this sends the order to each other covers their songs to Africa. And now the concept of a TV show is finished and calls it> Sing My Song The exchange concert. " Thus, the private channels> VO
  • Good entry-level model with slight weaknesses  

    Lavazza A Modo Mio / AEG FAVOLA LM 5100 / espresso coffee capsule machine (household goods)
    Video on Amazon.com Watch the video is a visual aid of the review. I got the A Modo Mio Favola very inexpensive offer and would therefore like to submit a review I summarize the pros and cons of the machine here briefly: Benefits + Lavazza A Modo Mio
  • Dying breed of mice  

    HP X7500 Bluetooth mouse H6P45AA black / white (Personal Computers)
    Unfortunately, one gets hardly large (= handy, ergonomic) mice with Bluetooth connection, only those with the small USB receiver. Having previously like mice from Microsoft used to be but no longer produced. When the mouse now and then logs off, or l
  • Hack and slash at the simplest level  

    Dungeon Quest (App)
    I've played the game for an evening. After that I was level 20 and have played three times in succession by the same level scheme: Several very similar level and then a final boss level. After each boss will change the graphics and there is another t
  • Everyday use entry-level camera with small weaknesses ...  

    Sony DSC-W830 Digital Camera (20.1 MP, 8x optical zoom, 6.8 cm (2.7 inch) LCD screen, Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar 25mm wide-angle lens, SteadyShot) (Electronics)
    With the DSC-W830 Digital Camera Sony offers a small camera with a pretty solid parameters in the lower price segment. 20.1 megapixels and 8x optical zoom, and a Zeiss lens sound first of all really good, but what makes the little one of these ingred
  • Good entry level DSLR with small weaknesses  

    Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera (24.2 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) LCD, Full HD, HDMI, WiFi, GPS, AF system with 39 focus points) Kit incl. AF-S DX 18 55 VR Lens (Electronics)
    While manufacturers offer now a large segment of different camera types and the range of mirrorless system cameras is becoming increasingly popular, but recedes not from even the boom with cameras and provides for many in terms of image quality still