how qwertyavoid plastic bags


  • Why this plastic bag at all unfortunately has no mobile protection.  

    Yousave Accessories Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Case Crystal Clear Hard Cover (Accessories)
    To buy me the idea has moved that I wanted to ensure the same time optimum protection and has a comfortable opening for the lateral magnetic charging port a visually appealing Handyhülle. Packaging, shipping, delivery was all wonderful. Now the produ
  • Packing in plastic bag + bad quality  

    1-PACK bubble LT bubble wrap 50cm x 100m, 2-ply (Office supplies & stationery)
    The product came in a plastic bag and has already a hole when it arrived ... Many air bumps on the outskirts let (mostly unnoticed) already at low pressure the air out!
  • Very expensive plastic bag  

    Sunny Baby 10600 rainwear for children bicycle seat made of foil (Baby Product)
    This rain cover is nice but it's at the beginning unfortunately brief time torn - I will not buy again. It is about a very expensive plastic bag.
  • Plastic bag!  

    Pandora - 791,112 - Drops Women - Silver 925/1000 - Mom (Jewelry)
    I do not recommend this product! The article was kept in a tiny plastic bag and not in a nice little box like in a store. The packaging is therefore not suitable for a birthday present. The object in itself seems consistent. Now I will buy only in je
  • Battery in a plastic bag  

    Duracell - 10607 - Set of 2 batteries Type MN21 12 volt SECURITY (Health and Beauty)
    The product did not meet my expectations. The batteries were put in a small plastic bag without the original packaging from the manufacturer.
  • A plastic bag for packing  

    Pandora - 790,965 - Drops Women - Silver 925/1000 - Ball Flowers (Jewelry)
    The jewel is compliant. Only small problem: the packaging! A simple plastic bag that almost from the garbage, no box or other object that can show that it is the Pandora brand and not an imitation. Personally I intended to offer and I'm a little disa
  • received very quickly, shipping container: RIDICULOUS AND WITHOUT PROTECTION: VULGAR PLASTIC BAG  

    CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger (Without automatic temperature compensation) (Sold out) (Automotive)
    WELL: shipped from Spain and received very quickly. VERY BAD: shipping container: VULGAR PLASTIC BAG !!!!!!! without any protective bubble, foam, paper, cardboard. it is the same style bag that is given us in clothes or shoe shops !!!!! . 2 chargers
  • Color not consistent with the picture and packaging in plastic bag  

    Samsung EF-CG900BGEGWW faux leather case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Green (Accessory)
    The color in the picture was blue / green when the case was received green bottle. Not packaged in a box but Samsung just a plastic bag so doubt about the authenticity of the product even if it is scratched Samsung. Immediate return to Amazon refunde
  • Saddle was always wet. Product therefore unusable. Plastic bag works better.  

    Robust, reliable and waterproof saddle cover of MadeForRain - Cityhopper Basic - different colors (Misc.)
    I bought the coat 4 months ago and now tried plenty. First, he makes a high impression, the material is well made and can be super drag on the saddle. (Normal tours Men's Saddle). Looks good, even the label with the frog on it's funny and visually ch
  • Large plastic bag  

    Sponeta cover sheet for table tennis with zipper (equipment)
    Good day So delivery Amazon Top, ordered yesterday, received today. Unfortunately, the covering envelope does not promise much, the AH are simply only after a large plastic bag. The seams above are so large that the rain has no problem to pass throug
  • Simple plastic bags  

    Star Wars Party articles birthday bags bags for Encaustic (Toys)
    Simple thin plastic bags with Star Wars imprint, no more no less. Here totally overpriced. I got the same bags in the regional Toys Discount for less than half. The Hänkel keep in overzealous children who understandably looking forward to the Mitgebs
  • Plastic bags all in one place  

    Interdesign 56570EU Axis bag holder for hanging on the cabinet, chrome (household goods)
    I have this bracket also not used as the name for sponges, but like in the picture for plastic bags. I can only recommend, for all the chaos have under your sink cupboard. (Of course, this is also suitable for other cabinets)
  • Kam without special packaging only in plastic bag  

    Andido chunk leather bracelet 17-19 cm dark brown for chunks 18mm pushbutton Click Button (jewelry)
    Since it came out in a thin plastic bag without anything, it is to give away not as good as has her nor a package. But processing seems good so far and the buttons / Chunks hold well.
  • Comes in plastic bags  

    Pandora Women's Charm standard sterling silver 790 458 (jewelry)
    It is the original Pandora goods, therefore the actual product is fine. But I was very disappointed that it does not come in the usual Pandora gift box, but in a little suspicious-looking plastic bags. So: do not buy if you want to give it away!
  • Seller will ship SINGLE unpackaged batteries together in plastic bags!  

    Duracell battery MN21 2er (Personal Care)
    Batteries ordered. According to specification sheet New, factory sealed respectively (lt. Picture) in 2-pack. Have 3x 2 sachets ordered, for a total of 6 batteries. Get 6 separate "loose" batteries in a plastic bag sent (the envelope) !! With an
  • Good pens, plastic bag for free  

    10 colors rollerball uni-Ball® eye fine, mine 0.4 mm, in a practical gift box Feinlinerset indelible, lightfast and smudge-resistant (Office supplies & stationery)
    I write are most comfortable with the pillow ball-pens, especially with the black. They are perhaps a little more expensive, but at a price well worth it. The pins were in a small plastic bag, which I find very convenient. The green pen is unfortunat
  • Normal plastic bag with holes  

    Metaltex haversack 34 x 43 cm, washable for cakes, rolls, baguettes, etc., with cord drawstring
    Caution totally overpriced normal plastic bag with holes that have been sewn into a cloth bag. The bread therefore adheres precisely as short as in any other bag.
  • Unnecessary environmental pollution caused by plastic bags  

    Teapot Quality No.1 Superior Earl Grey, 5-pack (5 x 32,4g) (Food & Beverage)
    === === The tea The tea is hosted by the aromatization ago rather on the eastern Geschmäker. So he tastes more sweet and has little to do with the mixtures that are preferred in Germany according to my tea shop. He erinnter from Aroma strongly on the
  • Plastic bag for emergencies  

    Grand Canyon Sleeping bag Whistler (equipment)
    I was looking for a compact sleeping bag for him to use as a padded sleeping bag. The specified pack size is only achieved just under, the actual size is 30x16 cm but only with extremely tight compression straps. The material is disastrous at first g
  • Feels like a plastic bag inside the shoe  

    Bama Deo Deo Active insole, black (equipment)
    Can the largely euphoric reviews comprehend in any way. Looks like plastic, feels like plastic and is made of plastic. When absolutely necessary Hand wash after about 7 days of operation strong wicking; hopefully charcoal and no azo dyes ?! For the m