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  • Hydro Silk vs Venus Olay  

    Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor with 1 blade and holder (Personal Care)
    In recent years, I have used some razors. For instance, with Olay Gillette Venus, Shave Lab or the ProGlide. The shaver has 5 Curve blades that are designed to protect the skin from irritation and provide a close shave. The blade head is oval and wil
  • Set of 4 Fits to other brushes from Braun and Olay  

    Brown SE80m face Face essay mix face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    The cleaning brushes are suitable not only to the Sonic Clean but also to the facial cleansing brush the Epilator Set Silk-épil included 9 9-969 and the Olay cleaning brush my girlfriend. In this set of 4 you will find all currently available brush a
  • Assessment of Olay Facial Brush together equipment  

    Olay Regenerist "3 Zone" Replacement face brush head, 2 pieces (Personal Care)
    I'm very satisfied with the face brush of Olay. Had other brushes of which my skin on the face was totally sore. Really very pleasant on the skin. I also feel that my skin has improved.
  • Hydro 5 vs Quattro Titanium vs Gillette Fusion  

    Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 razor with 2 blades, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    Soo Moin! ;) Anticipation with almost 20 years, my beard is not fully grown, yet already visible and at the latest after one week he has off. I never imagined then gained a Gillette Fusion Fusion and was satisfied until I had to buy the blades themse
  • Wilkinson Hydro 5 vs. Gilette Fusion  

    Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 razor with 2 blades, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    First of all, I make myself always BEFORE buying smart about the product that I buy: - The cooling GelPad must be activated before use in warm water. - The Gelkopf is folded back, so you can precisely shaving. Ideal for contours and comparable to the
  • Good help and affordable alternative to hydro-pads  

    Multi-Mam 60.05.26 - compresses (Baby Product)
    The compresses I recently took time to try, as I had a blister on the nipple. At first I was a bit skeptical, as for now is to work and keep everything, but now I buy only the Multi-Mam. In principle, there is a rectangular piece of fabric or similar
  • From Gillette Fusion for Hydro 5 - Finally, no pulling and plucking more shaving!  

    Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Blade, 8 (Personal Care)
    I have a strong beard growth and relatively thick whiskers. I also let the beard grow over the weekend also like times. Shaving with my Gillette Fusion has just hair pulled downright at slightly longer beard, which has caused real pain. Now I have fi
  • Is power really all ?! Hydro 5 convinced !! "Power Select" is rather unnecessary  

    Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Power Select Razor with 1 Blade (Personal Care)
    After years Gillette took advantage - of having vibration up without extra trim blade etc ... I eventually found the price-performance ratio in question and considered myself why I did not even try out another razor, since I do not always wants to fi
  • Hydro Verarschung  

    Hydro Mousse Sprührasen - As seen on TV - the original of Media Store
    Total confidence trick. It Might As Well Call Hydro garbage. The water in the tank is indeed slightly greenish colored, however, will not invest as promised a green protective film over the seed. Conclusion: the pants and shoes more appropriate than
  • Stupid, stupid, Hydro mousse ...  

    Hydro Mousse Sprührasen - As seen on TV - the original of Media Store
    So after the lawn was mowed and scarify, it was time to this - at least according to advertisement -. Super great and labor-saving "Hydro Mousse" test. Using it is as far as first not too complicated and the instructions actually foolproof. Firs
  • Wilkinson Hydro 5 Power Select Razor Behind For agents Diffuser ...  

    Wilkinson Hydro 5 Power Select Razor Vibrant agents diffuser Moisturizers (Health and Beauty)
    Wilkinson Hydro 5 Power Select Razor Behind For agents Diffuser ... Do not do it, do not pass not everywhere, not curved enough, and too wide
  • after 15 days, works very well, I have doubled for calibration and temp and "hydro appears to be well  

    THERMOMETER HYGROMETER moisture Temperature Bel wine cellar LCD Screen (Electronics)
    after 15 days, works very well, I have doubled for calibration and temp and "hydro appears to be well works in a wine cellar, and for the price: top
  • Olay Cleansing Milk, Ant Aeging Care Regenerist, day cream and night cream  

    Olay Regenerist Regenerating Day Cream with SPF 15, 50ml (Health and Beauty)
    Actually it was a test. All of me so far use care products did not have the effect which I hoped. I experienced with Olay surprise. Already on the 3rd day my skin was visibly better. After 14 days, asked me a Known, You look so different, what have y
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power vs. Wilkinson Hydro 5  

    Gillette Fusion Power razor ProGlide battery powered (Personal Care)
    I have seen the "Wilkinson Hydro 5" in advertising and as my old razor is getting on in years, was over here a new. I have therefore the Wilkinson Hydro 5 bought in the store and to compare the "Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power". Shave:
  • My highlight is the hydro-massage attachment!  

    Rowenta EP9350 epilator Aqua Perfect Soft / wet and dry operation (Personal Care)
    When I EP9350 epilator Aqua Perfect held the Rowenta soft / wet and dry in my hands, I was initially a bit surprised. Already alone by the design that, for example, differs from the Braun epilation, it is quite different in his hand. In no unpleasant
  • "Venus standard" vs. "Venus SPA" ... and now even the blades "Olay Sugar Berry".  

    Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry blade, 3 pieces (Personal Care)
    I shave predominantly wet for 20 years. Earlier there were 2-fold edge razors then the 3-fold and now it comes to the 5-blade model. I can not really say that one of the previous razors, even that should be, really been so much worse with 2 blades pe
  • Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Blade  

    Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Power Select blades, 4 pieces (Personal Care)
    After I bought the Hydro 5 and went out my blade I have ordered this here, because I very pleased with the shaving of the Hydro 5 was / bin. The blades are well made and glide easily over the skin thanks to the gel and the Skin Guards. So far, the mo
  • Ingenious transport aid the Royal Shopper bag with Hydro red (tires)  

    Royal Shopper Hydro bag with red (tires) (household goods)
    The Andersen Royal Shopper Hydro bag with red (tires) is just perfect to recommendatory Trolly for train travel, but especially for shopping or traveling by bicycle. You should also buy the corresponding Kuppling with accessories, then fits awesome.
  • only Olay  

    Olay Complete Touch of BB Cream Foundation SPF 15, lighter skin types, 50ml (Health and Beauty)
    On my skin definitely comes only Olay. I have a very sensitive skin and get quickly pimples. In Olazprodukten me does not happen. Gladly again.