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  • Super result - Big effort  

    Wall Decal Motif No. 6005 Tiger, 60 x 100 cm, color: light gray
    First: That part looks great on my bed! But calm nerves are essential. It is recommended, really deduct in an angle of 180 °, otherwise we could tear off parts. In addition, it took me over 90 minutes to go to the part. But I guess that's the price y
  • Provides under Windwos 7 super results  

    Citronic USB Phono Line RCA Adapter Analog Digital (Accessories)
    A high-quality, older turntables Pioneer provides the signal, the adapter is connected to a Windows 7 computer via USB2 port. For recording I use Magix Music Editor 3, of this part of the video editing package. Here already is a very good usable sign
  • Super result -makellos!  

    Simplicol 1502 textile-true color, liquid, yellow, 150 ml (Personal Care)
    The color is SOO fantastic !!! The coloring is flawless. We have colored cotton and the result is great! The coloring is super easy with the Waschmschine. Only recommendable!
  • Super result, but you need Bluetooth?  

    Braun Oral-B PRO 6000 electric toothbrush premium (with Bluetooth) (Health and Beauty)
    As part of a test I was able to test the Oral-B PRO 6000 as a product tester for me. The test package includes: the electric toothbrush Oral-B 6000, 4 brush (1 x Cross Action, 1 x deep cleaning, 1 x 3D White, 1 x Sensitive), Oral-B SmartGuide, a matc
  • Super result! Super sugar paste!  

    Sweet Sugaring Wax necessary sugar paste for hair removal with hand, no mat - 475g (Personal Care)
    I bought this paste because my Sugaring in the studio on time is too expensive (about 30 for the genital area). I have to say I am thrilled by the paste. I had tried many times to make the paste itself, is to me so far not been properly managed, so t
  • Super result, but requires some practice  

    Vorwerk Kobold VG100 window cleaners, window sucker
    Once you've figure out how and where to best attaches the cleaner and the speed at which you pull him over window, then you get out a super cleaning result! The Kobold is purified in minutes without leaving streaks the windows. However, it works in m
  • Easy to use - Super results  

    MAGIX Fastcut [PC] (DVD-ROM)
    I bought earlier this week the Fastcut software, I'm quite satisfied with my software of GoPro and have not yet found a really good video editing software for my clips. Interested in Fastcut had me especially the movie Wizard automatic video editing
  • Super results in hair washing and skincare  

    Bio Aleppo soap 75% olive oil 25% laurel oil (Personal Care)
    In this soap I've finally found what I was looking for - body care without chemicals with a very good result. Shampooing: after about 1 -2 weeks just super start (beginning with soap with 15% laurel share then switched to 25%). Previously washed hair
  • Super result  

    StilGut® bulletproof glass screen protector for Sony Xperia Z3 - front and back (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    With the supplied towels I have cleaned the smartphone and I have then gone in a dust-free environment to be able to bring about the stage (which in my garage, often the bathroom is after a shower is recommended) to the whole without inclusions which
  • Super result 1  

    169 / the player's track (audio CD)
    I can only agree with the other. "The player's track" is a really successful new episode with lots of exciting, both funny and above all worth listening moments. With little start-up phase, the radio play takes directly to drive and manages
  • Simple, with super result  

    Bieco 641,728 triple frame for footprints (Baby Product)
    Really enjoy the simple processing of the clay material and also the outcome. Had with my older daughter another product that was wesenlich depress harder and worse (for the microwave). This mass was almost immediately to use. Just knead slightly, pr
  • Super result 1 1  

    Remington S6500 straightener sleek and curl (Personal Care)
    The flat iron is ready for use in a few seconds. The handling is easy. One can very well flatten both make curls or waves. Obtained very quickly a very good result! It is missing in my opinion a "proper" in the pocket you can store quickly
  • Super result 3  

    L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Xtreme cleansing with coal, 150 ml (Personal Care)
    After a few days a good result (used in my teenage son). Unfortunately here a bit expensive but available in any drugstore at the normal price. Very satisfied!
  • Good to work with super result  

    Swissvax 1115561 Discovery Kit with Mirage wax (Automotive)
    I used to buy cheap paint polish. Were not bad. But that is just so much better Miragewachs and genial. After an initial basic cleaning, just grow into smaller sections with the wax the car and shortly thereafter wipe with microfibre cloth. The resul
  • Mildew - super result  

    AGO Mildew & Mold-Stop Set 3Pcs. (Misc.)
    Just a thought I had the next day (I can act the mold remover overnight): WHY DO I HAVE FINISHED NOT PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED ?! Mold Remover: + Acts (faster than on the wall in the bathroom) already during the paint + After exposure very good result (cl
  • I'm excited ... super result!  

    Remington Ci76 narrow curling iron (for defined ringlets) (Health and Beauty)
    After my dearly beloved Remington curling iron after a long application gave up the ghost, I have annoyed me around in the absence of any alternative, only with 2 other brand curling irons. Until I discovered this wonderful device. For my thick, back
  • easy handling, super result  

    Philips HP8619 / 00 ProCare curling iron (protective coating, Curl Ready indicator), purple (Personal Care)
    The curling iron is supplied in a sturdy box. With includes a user guide, which consists of a large, unwieldy folder on which you have to look for his language once ... The curler looks very stylish and modern. The handle is held in aubergine, the re
  • Easy handling, super result - perfect!  

    Tefal FV3920 steam iron Easygliss, 2300 W, 120 g of steam (household goods)
    The Tefal steam iron makes at first glance a very good impression, the proven itself in the course of use. Below my assessment: LOB - Lightweight - Heated to super fast - XL water tank can be filled easily - Water level is clearly visible - Very good
  • Price-performance is simply unbeatable - and super results  

    PETRA - ELECTRIC Petra-Electric KM 42.17 - coffee machine with cappuccinatore - 2 bar, KM 42.17 (household goods)
    So, I want a few words about our relatively new "treasures" write today. We were now sworn to Senseo few years - we tasted the coffee and really good for our purposes, the machine was sufficient, since we are not a lot of coffee drinkers. Howeve
  • With a lot of patience for super result  

    Fangs 'Bloodsucker' reusable with impression material (thermoplastic) - perfect comfort customization (Toys)
    Is really easy! But you should take some time for this. "Just quickly" does not work because, unfortunately. Everything you need for this is a Mirror a cup of cold water a cup of boiling water a spoon a cup where about 1 tablespoon of olive oil