icfc1pj power source


  • Image and sound errors - the flat cable has enormous problems with other power sources!  

    HQ HDMI flat cable with Ethernet Channel 7.5 m (personal computer)
    So this cable really knows to entertain. But not because the picture and sound is top notch, no, the exact opposite is the case. Unfortunately, this cable occurred constant image and sound and even ... if you have the light in the apartment on and of
  • Probably just a power source and no charger  

    Travel Charger mini USB jack with black 100-240 volt / 1000mA for mobile phone, MP3 player, MP4 players, navigation systems, iPhone 2G 3G, iPod uvw .. 1 amp USB Plug Adapter Power Supply Travel Charger (Electronics)
    As you can see from the picture set of me, it seems to have probably been a design change for the same item number and description. I invite the thing my navigator, and works beautifully (and silent). However, the Navi has its own charge controller a
  • Light performance: outstanding power source unfortunately totally useless  

    PLESONTECH 5000lm super bright CREE XM-L LED L2 Fahrradlampenset incl. Battery pack and charger (equipment)
    Light output of the lamp processing everything io and according to the description / imaging fully ok. the only true complaint is the advertised power source that should not in the least that is what are, according to the product description here. Fo
  • Very good welding power source for TIG  

    Berlan WIG / TIG inverter welder 180A - BWIG180 (Misc.)
    The power source is what the ignition and Lichtbogestabilität As absolutely equivalent to about five times as expensive "brand appliances" .Insbesondere the lower power range the arc is extremely stable. For MMA welding the machine is almost too
  • August MR220 unusable with an external power source ...  

    August MR220 - Bluetooth Audio Adapter / music receiver for audio devices - Plug & Play Receiver wireless music streaming from any Bluetooth device to your radio, speaker or car radio (White) (Electronics)
    I wanted to use the device in the car, to carry to the car radio. In battery mode that works very well and without any problems. The quality of transmission is more than adequate in the car. The connection to the cell phone works tadelos. The picture
  • Worked for me without an external power source  

    . Full HD HDMI to VGA adapter included audio transmission (line out) | converter cable | up to 1080p / HDTV support | Digital to Analog | in white (Personal Computers)
    I bought this adapter to be able to play on my computer monitor PS3 and be able to connect my computer screen via HDMI to your PC. On top of this adapter only worked on the PS. The picture on the PS was not good. One saw streaks, slight flickering, s
  • Finally, the adapter is detected as a power source  

    Wicked Chili 2100mA / 10.5 W Dual USB fast port Car Adapter optimized for Samsung Galaxy, Note PRO / Edge / Tab PRO, Xcover 2, Nexus (Samsung / Nexus specifically, V3.0, 12V / 24V, 2x USB) ( Accessories)
    Since by now many cheap China products are for 2-6 in the market you have to watch what you caught on equipment. It can be a real stroke of luck. Not all adapters are recognized by Android smartphones as AC (power outlet), but only as USB power from
  • small power source with light (blue) LED  

    Hama Piccolino USB car charger for cigarette lighter, 650 mA, ideal for Apple, Samsung, Philips, Black (Electronics)
    In my view, positive: -It actually come 5.0V (digital measured it) from the USB jack - The charger terminates almost flush with the cigarette lighter / power outlet and the so is not far beyond For me the irritating but very bright blue LED display.
  • good power source for Power Flashlights  

    NiteCore Battery 3400 Mah NL 189, NC-18650/34 (Accessories)
    Among the 3400 mA / h batteries in 18650 format of this battery is not at the forefront of capacity and measurable under the manufacturer's instructions. Here I would want from NiteCore the same honesty as with their flashlights very positive is the
  • Beautiful USB power source on the go. (Update: very good long-term experience)  

    Lumsing 10400mAh Harmonica Style USB Port External Battery Battery Power Bank Charger for Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, iPhone, cell phone, PSP, GoPro, GPS - White (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Update April 2015: At 1 year use --- no complaints. Low self-discharge, as far as I can judge this, a good reliable helper on the go. - End Update I chose this Power Bank (= external USB battery) in white paint to test and am quite surprised by the e
  • 100% compatible with my Raspberry Pi - Strong power source  

    Power Supply Micro USB 5V 1000 mAh for Raspberry Pi Model B and A (Electronics)
    The Lights and Energy power cord supplies my Raspberry Pi sufficient power. The plug seated firmly and the cable length is generous long. I run with the Lights and Energy a Raspberry Pi Model B. Even in continuous operation for a long time, this powe
  • Good power source  

    Original Samsung car charger 12 / 24V to microUSB ACADU10CBECSTD in black (Accessories)
    That the device can provide a Galaxy Ace with power, was to be expected. However, * * it invites the smartphone even then, when all power-hungry (GPS, mobile network, Bluetooth, navigation and unnecessarily even WLAN) are activated. Many other 'Lade'
  • Excellent power source for digital Kamaras, fit into the CR-V3 batteries  

    AccuPower Li-ion PowerSet CR-V3 CRV3 Charger included Li-ion Battery (Electronics)
    With this battery, I finally found a reliable power supply for my Kodak Z885 digital camera. Compared to the two nickel-metal hydride AA batteries previously used the camera is fully operational with this battery even after several weeks of non-use a
  • Super product - always a power source to recharge my mobile device here  

    EasyAcc metal Mini 3000mAh Power Bank Portable External Battery Portable Battery Charger for Samsung Smartphones iPhone - Black (Accessories)
    A practical device. It is small, handy and easy to carry. It is fast loading and can be used anywhere where there is no electrical outlet is available to charge my mobile devices. It's easy to use: - A button to turn on / off and operate the charging
  • bright night light, regardless of power source but without EMpflindlichkeitsregler  

    TaoTronics LED sensor lamp night light with motion wall lamp wirelessly 1 Piece White
    The nightlight of TaoTronics I like actually quite good. On the one hand, the device is mobile, so that you can really use it since, where it is needed and on the other hand, it is also quite slim and often integrates unobtrusively at the respective
  • Stepless from very dark to very bright dimmable, versatile power sources, good workmanship  

    NiteCore Flashlight LED - Smart Ring Tactical series, NC SRT3B 550 lumens (equipment)
    I am satisfied with the NiteCore SRT3 very. The purchase price of EUR 81.- seems high to me, but adequate. The NiteCore tolerate the battery formats CR123 and AA, the requisite extension is included. They can be precisely screwed between end piece an
  • Risk without external power supply ... No guaranteed function.  

    . 5 Port 3D Ready / Full HD 1080p HDMI Switch including remote | with amplifier | HQ 5 Port Switch | 5 x IN / OUT 1 x | Dolby True HD | intelligent switch - automatic and manual switch (electronics)
    Basically, this HDMI switch is a very useful part, for all those whose older TV brings too few HDMI outputs with it. However, only in conjunction with an external power source, which is not included ... The HDMI bus is not like the USB bus designed t
  • Power Bank ("emergency" battery pack) for USB-powered devices  

    Decrescent 5000mAh Universal External Battery Bank with two USB ports for smart phones and tablets including Apple iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 & Mini, iPhone 4, 4S & 5, iPod Touch 3G, 4G, and 5G, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note, Note II, Google Nexus 7 & 10 and many more - White (Electronics)
    If a company itself, translated into German, the name "Descending" is and then is not even capable of this without error to assume in the product description ("Decresent"), then they are attacking an ever slight doubts whether the
  • 3.1 Ampere output power and 2 USB outputs ...  

    Wicked Chili 4000mA / 20W Dual USB Car Adapter Universal for Sony, Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorola, Wiko, Huawei, BlackBerry, Samsung, TomTom, mobile phone, tablet, smartphone and Navi (V3.0, 12V / 24V, 2x USB ) (Accessories)
    ... Were the decisive purchasing criterion for me. The charger can look very sophisticated and sits exactly as tight as it should be in the 12-volt power outlet, as well as 24 V are not a problem. The reversible electrical safety is not at Car Charge
  • Real Power  

    RAVPower® 3rd Gen Deluxe 13000mAh 4.5A output External battery pack spare battery Power Bank USB Charger for Smartphones and Tablets, black (Electronics)
    I have now been a number of Power Banks in action and submit that the RAV Power Bank is a luxury model that can store a huge charge of energy and emit with 13000mAh. The first totally positive feature is the great packaging and the many accessories t