iGadgitz IGX-450S measurements


  • Price Pops - not a sound sensation, but for everyday use in-ear headphones  

    igadgitz IGX-450S Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Lightweight Stereo Sport in-ear In-Ear Earphone Headphone (music streaming and microphone with noise reduction for hands-free calling) with Case - Black / Neon Grünn (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    What makes a good or practicable headphones? The comfort, the sound? And how important is the price? The course also depends on what you know or are accustomed. But it is important of course, the environment in which you can hear on a regular basis,
  • Minimalist headphones, ideal for sports  

    igadgitz IGX-450S Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Lightweight Stereo Sport in-ear In-Ear Earphone Headphone (music streaming and microphone with noise reduction for hands-free calling) with Case - Black / Neon Grünn (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I listen while jogging to music or audio books, and also use a running app. The whole is of course only with headphones, and almost all have cable with jack whose reciprocating Herschlackern annoying when running. I have already tested some Bluetooth
  • For 450 euros, there are no comparable Blurayplayer better, unfortunately with You Tube weakness!  

    Panasonic DMP-BDT700EG 3D Blu-ray player (Miracast, 2x HDMI, wireless LAN, SD card slot, DLNA, USB) (Electronics)
    More information at mryamaha home cinema freak dot de Processing and general information: Panasonic is now venturing to the top model BDT 700 to jump to the elite players and offers a lot of current technology. The available only in black device acts
  • Measures relative ...  

    DODOCOOL Touchless IR Thermometer -50 ℃ to + 900 ℃ w / alarm MAX / MIN / AVG / DIF (Misc.)
    ... Reliable. Measurements soft with increasing temperature up to 20% compared to a calibrated measuring device industry (borrowed from a laboratory) from. Measured up to 450 degrees. For home use, but still sufficiently accurate. The 9V is within a
  • Infrared heating Infrared 450 Watt Metal Premium White  

    Infrared heating Infrared 450 Watt Metal Premium Weisglass Warms heating
    We have angeschaft 2x 450 watt heaters for a 20sqm room (with 2 slopes). The plates are well vererbeitet and even have a solid mounting frame with a "fuse" which ensures a secure mounting on the ceiling or inclines possible. Cable has a proper l
  • Brightness with extremely measured 4250 lumens White average. Lens very good but unfortunately very small zoom range.  

    Acer H6520BD 3D Full HD DLP projector (3D Capable directly via HDMI 1.4a, 144Hz Triple Flash 3D, Contrast 10,000: 1, 3500 ANSI lumens, Full HD 1920 x1080 Pixe, MHL) White (Electronics)
    I've tried the device at home and will keep it definitively. The differences between P1510 and H6520BD lie in the terminals and in some menu items and in the warranty. The P1510 has additional connections on the side (audio-out, RS232) and 3 years wa
  • Measures quickly and accurately  

    TFA Dostmann 31.1132 Beam Infrared Thermometer (tool)
    Did this make chosen because it is operated as a single with normal batteries and do not use a 9V block. The only downside: to get no house numbers, the device must have the temperature of the surrounding space, which means you can not spontaneously
  • Iphone5s only + 75% rechargeable (measurements)  

    Sony CP-ELS USB portable power supply for smartphone (Accessories)
    I use the part primarily as a "reserve" for iPad Air's home (since it is but quite warm, even hot). That works strangely only with the original charger. That replica cable works on iphone5s - both devices have the same ios7.x plan. Strange
  • Between the fast measurement  

    MeasuPro BPM-50W Digital wrist blood pressure device with heart rate detection, hypertension color alarm display, color-coded display, two-user modes, an indicator of irregular heartbeat (IHB) and memory recall
    To measure my blood pressure fast times in between, I have the MeasuPro BPM 50W wrist gained me sphygmomanometer. It is delivered in a small box. The package still belongs next to the sphygmomanometer suitable batteries and an instruction manual in G
  • Protects my Garmin Oregon 450 well  

    Universal bag camera bag for compact camera - eg Canon SX 260 280 - Sony HX50 HX60 - shell in black-green (Electronics)
    I got myself this bag as a protection for my GPSr Garmin Oregon 450 and am satisfied. Now, when I transport my GPSr INM backpack, I must have no more worry that the display is damaged.
  • Accurate and reliable measurement of body weight  

    Soehnle 61350 PWD Silver Sense Digital Bathroom Scale (Personal Care)
    The most important feature of a bathroom scale is accurate and reliable weight measurement. I compared my weights with a professional level in a fitness center. Here, although the deviation is at 100-200g, but this can by various physical criteria, l
  • very good! ~ Measured 0.3 ohms  

    Cable Direct Pro Series jack cable for AUX inputs 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack 0.5m (accessory)
    Looks great Very appropriate processing. There is nothing negative. Measured values: 0.25 Ohm NN, 0:32 to 0:35 Ohm LR LR The easy kabel.ist Hammer for the price That was the 0.5 m 3.5 to 3.5 Then I had 1 m 2 RCA to 3.5 jack He had 0:22 Ohm NN and LR
  • Measurement ok, processing improvement  

    PortaPow USB Power Monitor power meter / power meter digital multimeter ammeter (accessory)
    + Display is easy to read + The switch from volts to amps measurement has a clear shift point + USB Plug and cable processed good + Measurement works well - Housing with USB connector unfortunately poorly processed. Housing had a small gap on the sid
  • To high values ​​in the measurement of cement screed  

    Brennenstuhl 1298680 Moisture Detector MD (tool)
    Bought to measure the moisture of our new screed the device. The values ​​were among the first measurements approximately 14-15% (of the screed is already for 6 weeks and the professional had measured already after 3 weeks 8-9%; Schnellaustrockner in
  • Quick measuring infrared thermometer with practicable for everyday accuracy.  

    Etekcity Laser Grip 1080 Infrared Thermometer Laser pyrometer infrared measuring pistol -50 up to 550 ° C, 2 years warranty, Ergonomic Handle, Blue display illumination, ° C / ° F changeover, Ink. Battery Certificate: FDA / FCC / CE / RoHS (household goods)
    I want you / you describe here my experiences with the Etekcity Laser Grip 1080 Infrared Thermometer. This is delivered in a cardboard box with a 9V battery and a detailed but unfortunately existing only in English Quick Start Guide. With the thermom
  • True measurements every 30 seconds!  

    Sanitas SBG 22 Glass diagnostic scale (Personal Care)
    Many reviewers describe here that the scales at just successive measurements always accurately indicates the same thing. That's right, is with me too. What did but then something surprised me was when I once weighed me with clothing and then without,
  • Review Bosch MFQ3530 Handrührer 450 Watt  

    Bosch MFQ3530 Handrührer (450 watts, 5 speed levels) white / gray (household goods)
    Ordering and delivery of ogHandrühres properly. The article is good and has a good handiness. Furthermore, I have found that the hand mixer not injected at the whipping cream. This has quite astonished me, because all my predecessors did this. This a
  • Accurate measurement of body fat! Exact weight measurement!  

    Omron BF 511 body analyzer, blue (Health and Beauty)
    Have the test done at home with the Omron BF 511 and the Ozeri Touch II and the Physio-therapy center on an InBody device. Here, I first asked myself at home on the Omron and the Ozeri and listed the values ​​and then I went right after that went to
  • Technically a super unit, as measured by the price goes the rest alright  

    Sony BDP-S7200 Blu-ray Player (Entertainment Database Browser HDMI, 3D, SACD, Super WiFi, Internet Radio, USB, 4K upscaling) (Electronics)
    Have these players bought because my 6 year old Sony BDP-S550 increasingly had problems reading with various Blu-Rays. Although was up to date and I have cleaned the lens but he no longer wanted. Have looked at the current range of Sony and there was
  • Measurement OK - Bluetooth cal && e!  

    Medisana BW 300 connect Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (Health and Beauty)
    First, the device is relatively small and very handy, the operation for measuring very easy and the measurement apparently quite accurately - that everything is wonderful! There were 5 star. A selling point for me was the Bluetooth function to synchr