ikono tv and kodi


  • Excellent wine with Raspberry Pi 2 and Kodi  

    Transcend 8GB microSDHC Memory Card Class 10 UHS-I with adapter TS8GUSDHC10U1 (Accessory)
    Excellent wine with Raspberry Pi 2 and Kodi. The system will start in 10 seconds, there is no latency when viewing pockets. The navigation is very fluid and the loads are instantaneous.
  • Irreplaceable for Prime members. With Kodi / XBMC and Sky Go the almost perfect Streaming Stick  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    PURCHASE INTENTION: Thanks to the great offer of Amazon, I have the FireTV stick can be ordered for 19 in advance. With such a good price, I did not have to think twice if I stick this now for my second TV use (Have the normal Fire TV box already in
  • Bring to the home screen with Ikono TV Kodi  

    ikono TV (App)
    The main benefit of this app is to Kodi (formerly XBMC) to get to the home screen of the Fire TV. Since many do not know how to Kodi brings the FireTV here a guide: Installing XBMC / Kodi: 1. ADB debugging activate (Settings-> System-> Develope
  • Thanks to ikono TV! ;-)  

    ikono TV (App)
    Ideally suited as a "victim-app" for XBMC and Kodi. With this app, it is possible to start XBMC / Kodi from the home screen.
  • All fine. kodi / xbmc linux mint  

    Windows 7 Vista XP Media Center MCE PC Remote Control and Infrared Receiver for Home, Premium and Ultimate Edition (Electronics)
    Use to control Kodi / Xbmc linux mint. No parameter setting was done recognized by linux mint and Kodi / Xbmc. Warning disable keyboard sounds raccoursis linux mint. Go to System> Preferences> Keyboard Shortcuts, and disable all shortcuts "soun
  • Also suitable for Raspberry 2 B  

    Rydges® High-Quality PC Power Supply - by OTB 2A - / 2000 mAh Charger 5V 2000 mAh for Raspberry Pi Model A and B & Banana Pi - Pi Model B + (B Plus) (Electronics)
    I had this power supply (2 amps) operated on the old Raspberry B + easily. There XBMC running under Xbian. Now I bought a Raspberry 2 B, and the power supply continue to be used. Running smoothly, this time under OpenELEC and Kodi. Also the extra pow
  • Replacement for Devolo 200 AV  

    Devolo dLAN Starter Kit 650+ (600 Mbit / s, socket, data filters, 1 LAN port, patent, Powerline) white (accessory)
    Application: Bedroom TV to movies u. Show series via streaming. Stream Source: Amazon Prime Video and KODI / Raspberry Distance: Several rooms or floor Compare old gg new.: With the old "AV 200 plus" there were in 80% of the videos signific
  • Surprisingly good! 20  

    (Update - 2015 with backlight) Rii i8 + 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse, LED backlight, built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery and comfort cap for Smart TV, Raspberry Pi, Mini PC, HTPC, computer and console games MacOS, Linux , Android, XBMC, Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8 (Black 92 Keys QWERTY Layout German)
    I was very surprised by the quality, feels sturdy and the key feedback is excellent for the price range. Even German umlauts are available, as well as practical Fn functions eg: Fn + Enter = Ctrl + Alt + Del. I use it on a Windows Media Center and Ko
  • Good approach, but still immature ..  

    Orbsmart® S82 Android 4.4 quad-core mini PC (16GB) / TV box / 4K (UHD) Media Player / Smart TV Box (Octa Core GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB int. Memory, HDMI 1.4, LAN, WLAN n 2.4 / 5GHz, Bluetooth 4.0, XBMC & Miracast Support) (Electronics)
    Well, here I have to join a previous speaker. All this works, - but with errors and bugs and small acts immature and unfinished. The biggest problem is the hardware acceleration - the AMCODEC -. He makes many formats even disturbing errors. Frame dro
  • Awesome! 116  

    Sony 7019476 - Remote Control Black PS3 blu-ray - new edition (Accessory)
    With RPi2 and Kodi (via OpenELEC), this remote control is just great. No need to aim the receiver through bluetooth (I use a Bluetooth microphone key 1 purchased on a known auction site). The remote control has done its job.
  • On Raspberry Pi B + only with tricks, but then ...  

    Edimax EW-7612UAn wireless LAN USB adapter (300Mbit / s) with an antenna (optional)
    Warning: there are the EW-7612 UAn and EW-7612 UAn V2. I got the V2. The stick was right on Pi + B does not function. It came I / O error after tuck always a Network. The under OpenELEC Gotham and Kodi (4.x and 5.0). However dmesg shows the detected
  • Brilliant little box  

    HooToo® trip Matenano portable WLAN Repeater Router with USB flash memory device reader for smartphones, tablets and PCs (Personal Computers)
    The HooToo trip Matenano is barely larger than a matchbox, yet so incredibly strong in his abilities that it is an indispensable part of my everyday life. Its main application is the NAS function in my case. Attached is a 1TB hard drive full of music
  • perfect for XBMC, or Kodi and Home Streaming  

    PCTV Systems DVB-T / -C / ana Quatro Stick nano 522e (Personal Computers)
    I use the 522e on an Intel NUC with XBMC Gotham. With Kodi went not because there were not yet adjusted the packages for the PVR-ons and thus dependencies are not met. So it was back to the version 13.x! The Quatro Stick runs with me not with the sup
  • Problem with Kodi update and the solution for it  

    Kodi (App)
    Have just upgraded from v14.1 to v14.2 Kodi. After that Kodi icon was unfortunately disappeared under "News" in the menu FireTV! Since Amazon should still make improvements. Until that happens here, the problem-solving: Update 1) Kodi per s
  • Goes well with DVBViewer and XBMC / Kodi under Windows 7  

    August DVB-T210 - DVB-T / DVB-T2 (H.264 codec) USB TV Stick - PC TV tuner and digital video recorder - Windows PC TV Dongle with antenna and remote control - Compatible with Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP ( Electronics)
    Had no problems with installing Windows 7 and all popular media center run well with it. Clear picture under Freeview and good for the future with DVB-T2 equipped. 5 stars from me
  • Who Fire TV advantages a detailed overview and comparison with FireTV Stick  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    [Last updated on 05/05/2015] Here, first, an overview of the scope of services as well as my personal assessment of Amazon's new streaming box Fire TV, which has been available since September 2014 now also in Germany. My starting point: - I am Amazo
  • Small, compact and flexible  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    This small hardware proposes not only priced anything currently available on the market. It is not entirely suitable to play as the big brother of the FireTV, but you quickly and easily find his series and movies. The X-Ray function and easy uncredit
  • Very good box with preventable hardware and software weaknesses  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    As one of the prime users Erstbesteller and I was very happy that I for around 50 euros allowed this great TV Box get Erstlieferdatum in Germany on time! After I have made myself smart on the Internet, whether you can run on XBMC, I have to say: XBMC