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  • inateck USB3.0 & e-SATA HDD (and SSD) docking station for 2.5 "and 3.5" drives  

    [ESATA & USB 3.0] Inateck USB 3.0 Docking Station for 2.5 '' and 3.5 '' SATA E-SATA I / II / III HDD external hard drives with EU Plug (Electronics)
    Foreword In this review I would like to address the FD1004E HDD dockingstation Inateck. The review is aimed at tech-savvy people, who appreciate the technical details, but also to all other, that I will endeavor to express myself understandable to th
  • Experiences to the model "Inateck HB5001" (4 * USB3.0 + 1 * 5V 2.1A charging port)  

    Inateck 5-Port USB3.0 Hub (4-port, 1-port for charging Samsung tablet computers, Apple iPad and smartphone with adapter) and USB 3.0 cable black (accessory) (accessory)
    Here I report on the Model HB5001. Currently several different USB Hubs are offered under this product, which should be noted. Under the item description you can select a desired model and then receives the appropriate description to it. The Model HB
  • Good Inateck Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Super Service  

    Inateck Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2014 2013 2012 Case Hard Case Cover | controlling the sleep mode | Magnetic Button | with Auto Sleep / Wake up function | Simple & Easy | Ultra-Slim | Green (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have now but also write a reviews, because I have never experienced such a good service. We now get our third shell, since the first two (the first after 14 days in the hot summer and the second are crumbled after 4 months) at the corners. Actually
  • Inateck FE2005: ease of installation  

    [Optimized for SSD] Inateck USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Case for 9.5mm 7mm 2.5 inch SATA I, SATA II, SATA III, SATA SSD and HDD with USB3.0 cable, no additional drivers needed, without tools - Black (Personal Computers )
    Since I had lying around an SSD here I looked for a suitable housing and have decided on the Inateck FE2005. The Easy and tool-free installation is quick of hand. Since UASP is only supported from Windows 8 and higher and I just use Win 7, I can not
  • Inateck FE2003 ext. USB 3.0 2.5 "HDD / SSD enclosure  

    [Optimized for SSD, aluminum housing] Inateck USB 3.0 2.5 inch External Hard Drive Enclosure for SATA SSD HDD 7mm 9.5mm USB 3.0 cable | Full aluminum housing | Installation by screws | support PC / Notebook / Mac (SATA3 support UASP) (Accessories)
    Video at See chic black glossy aluminum enclosure, with easy assembly and good accessories. To transport a Flannelbeutel. In the test with a SATA3 WD10JPVX 1TB hard drive. Values ​​below CrystalDiskMark (64bit): SEQ Read: 103.8 MB / s SEQ
  • Review for Inateck UC4002 (30W 5V 1.5A 4-Port USB Charger)  

    Inateck® 30W 5V 1.5A 4-Port USB Travel Charger Adapter with USB charger plug (Electronics)
    Video at View 4-Port USB Charger from Inateck is supplied in a sturdy carton with a thin plastic shell inside for added protection. The processing is visually and haptically very stable. The design I would describe as a success. In practic
  • Inateck UC4001 creates order!  

    Inateck 30W 4-Port USB Charger / Power Supply Charging Adapter with USB charger plug intelligent charging circuit for Apple & Android smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices loaded EU plug [5V 1A / 2.4A; Color: white] (Electronics)
    I am very pleased with the Inateck UC4001. How long I have something gewünsch to finally avoid a full many outlets. Thanks Inateck UC4001 this wish has finally been met. Very high quality, which even notice directly from the packaging. What else can
  • Inateck BP2001 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Stand 10 Watt  

    Inateck® Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mini Wireless Speaker Galaxy for Apple iPad iPhone, smartphones, Samsung Tab, Google Nexus, Lenovo Tab, wireless Bluetooth speakers + Stand Holder for Tablets, Integrated Microphone, Black (Electronics)
    Video at View Very clear sound! and the Bluetooth connection is very fast! I do the design and it is perfect for the iPad mini or Xiaomi MiPad. The speaker has 10W total and that's plenty! The Inateck BP2001 was seen with a tablet really c
  • does not work with Linux and the support of zero Inateck  

    [Dock 4TB external hard drive / 6TB] Inateck Dock Hard Drive hard drive enclosure external SSD 3.5 SATA USB 3.0 supports UASP (Electronics)
    This dock does not work with Linux. I tested with 2 machines and 3 different types of USB (USB 2.0 and 3.0). I also tested with Linux 3.16.0, 3.19.1 and 4.0.0-r5. To read all my testes looking "FD1006C not working on Linux 3.19.1 site
  • A good wireless speaker home Inateck  

    Inateck Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker bass with Rechargeable 15H BTSP-10More (Electronics)
    I started to like this Inateck brand javais the tiny and discreet BP1001W that jOperation every day to listen to the radio in my bathroom coupled with my hands free kit Sony, its unbeatable value for money with very good autonomy but lack of bass. So
  • 2 docking HS purchased INATECK  

    [Supports UASP / 6TB compliant] Inateck Docking Station USB 3.0 SATA HDD 2.5 3.5 Hard Drive Dock 3.5 (Electronics)
    I bought 2 Dockings Inatech, the first HS diet, then the second ran 3 hours in total and Esata USB 3.0 HS interface. All 2 back to Amazon Mr. INATECK, thank you for a little more serious in the quality of your products. It's a shame because your prod
  • Inateck 7 usb 3.0 hub port for external power Macbook, Hull Aluminium, style hub  

    Inateck 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub for Unibody Macbook Bus powered, hull aluminum hub Apple style (Electronics)
    Inateck 7- USB 3.0 hub port for Macbook External power, aluminum shell, Hub style I received the identical product its material and look very well and good, 7 units USB port with its power cable, USB cable is 150 cm, I was able to connect multiple po
  • [11 inches] Inateck wool felt bag for 11-11.6 mobile / ...  

    [11 inches] Inateck wool felt bag for 11-11.6 laptop / Notebook / Ultrabook / case for Apple MacBook Air 11 inch (Electronics)
    [11 inches] Inateck wool felt bag for 11-11.6 laptops / ... I received the cover 11 inches inateck high quality wool felt on the outside and soft flannel inside with small kit and elastic closure as its wool felt material that is offered by the manuf
  • Inateck 2.5 Protective Case for external hard disk 2.5 inch (Black)  

    Inateck Cover 2.5-inch external hard drive external hard drive enclosure hard drive protection case 2.5 (Black) (Electronics)
    Inateck 2.5 covers for external hard disk 2.5 inch (Black) it is identical to the photo and is ideal for a disc, its protection is adequate, its material is of good quality the closure is flexible to give more space depending on the size of the hard
  • Inateck 7 Ports USB 3.0 PCI-e card  

    Inateck 7 Ports USB 3.0 PCI-e card with 15pin SATA connector, a 4-pin to 2x15pin cable, a SATA power Y-cable SATA socket to 2x SATA plug (Electronics)
    Inateck 7 Ports USB 3.0 PCI-e card installed, connected, drivers are installed, works Loaded latest driver from our homepage and install the previously uninstalled from the CD everything went reibunglos of equip can now plug in and use my entire peri
  • Inateck Bluetooth 4.0  

    Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter with LED | supports Bluetooth Stereo | high signal strength | compatible Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 /8.1 | compatible Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (optional)
    Top product everything is going great Windows 7 has since stick immediately recognized and is also very fast finally I can run my headphones wirelessly. Thanks Thanks to Inateck
  • INATECK KT4004 + MAC PRO 3.1 EARLY 2008 + OS 10.10.2 YOSEMITE  

    Inateck USB [For Mac Pro, UASP unterstürtzt] 3.0 Map 4 Port PCI Express Card for Mac Pro (early 2008 versions by the end of 2012), no more electricity connection required supply via the PCI-E slot (optional)
    According INATECK not officially support OS 10.10.2 Yosemite. On your own risk you can of course install the card and try anyway under YOSEMITE. As far as the card does not work right away, here are some possible solutions: If available, the three fi
  • Inateck or Logitech?  

    Inateck Wireless Presenter Multifunction Presenter for PowerPoint | Cordless Professional Presenter presentation device | Adjustable reminder function with vibration mode | LCD display of battery and operating status | Wireless Multimedia PowerPoint remote control with "Next / Previous slide" buttons Remote Control | Range up to 20M | Black
    The Inateck device is not bad, but leaves some space for improvement. In relation to the price, however, you have to be satisfied. I also have a Logitech Presenter R800 for comparison, which can come up with some plus points over the Inateck model. T
  • Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3.0  

    Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3.0 Express Card 4 Port connections, a 15pin SATA power connector with a 4-pin to SATA power cable and a 2x15pin-Y-cable SATA socket to 2x SATA plug (accessory)
    Inateck KTU3FR-4P USB 3.0 was set by me on an approximately 4-year-old motherboard ASRock M3A770DE. So far, the Express Card (disk scanner printer ext., U.) Is running properly, have, however, at the moment only USB 2.0 devices connected. Apparently,
  • Inateck HB5001 - Good, but not perfect  

    Inateck 5-Port USB3.0 Hub (4-port, 1-port for charging Samsung tablet computers, Apple iPad and smartphone with adapter) and USB 3.0 cable black (accessory) (accessory)
    The USB3 Hub is meticulously crafted, flat and optically very successful. 4Front USB3 ports and a side with charging function are exactly what I need. At the top he has an illuminated on-off switch. The LEDs on the top indicate which ports are in use