invalid imei smart watch


  • Warning invalid IMEI France  

    Develop? Aplus Bluetooth Smart Watch with 1.3M Camera 1.5 "TFT LCD Display MTK6260A CPU NFC Support Function, Micro SIM card Bluetooth Wristwatch Smartwatch for Apple iOS and Android Phone Black Color (Electronics)
    Nice watch that could be pretty but has a crippling defect if one wants to use it by putting a sim card. Indeed, the IMEI code starts with 8680 and therefore not compatible with our codes in Europe. Other default screen that has no good contrast and
  • INDEPENDENT smart watch with Android operating system  

    iconBIT Callisto 100 SmartWatch (3.9 cm (1.54 inch) IPS display, 3 megapixel camera, 3G, GPS, Android 4.2.2) (Accessories)
    I've already had two phone watches before this clock, which had only the functions of an old phone. However, this SmartWatch has the same functions as a smartphone and can be operated without such. Big advantage over Apple and Samsung watch watch. Br
  • Smart watch: NO  

    Sony SmartWatch 2 Watch Bluetooth / NFC Android 4.0 Smartphone Metallic Silver (Accessory)
    Disappointing, it is a watch BOUNDED if you receive a call there are two cases: You have a non-Sony device so that you can reject the call by the watch: BOUNDED You have a Sony-compatible device then you have the option of taking the call through the
  • An almost smart watch  

    Sony SmartWatch 3 Watch connected with bracelet Silver Metal Android Smartphone (Accessory)
    My comment concerns the model "Sony SmartWatch 3 with bracelet Metal Silver." This shows connected 3rd generation joins quickly and easily with a smartphone that has been previously installed the application "android wear" available on
  • Electronic Game V-Tech / Electronic Game Kidizoom Smart Watch Purple  

    Vtech - 155755 - Electronic Game - Kidizoom - Smart Watch - Purple (Toy)
    gave my little girl 7 years old, never leaves this very educational game, speaks only of this game, wear this watch night and day !!!! All games bought from you were selected by my grandchildren at their request and I welcome their NIOHC since there
  • Super Smart Watch  

    iconBIT Callisto 100 SmartWatch (3.9 cm (1.54 inch) IPS display, 3 megapixel camera, 3G, GPS, Android 4.2.2) (Accessories)
    Shortly beforehand: The iconBIT Callisto is fully my needs. Enclosed is a brief outline of my first impressions ... The number of preinstalled watches leaves is limited to 6 pieces. It can, however, additional very good watch leaves on the Google Pla
  • LG's G Watch R's fun - for everyday use, fascinating SmartWatch with only minor weaknesses  

    LG G Watch R SmartWatch - Black (Accessories)
    After a week of using the LG G Watch R I draw a first balance. Previously, I had not really interested in Smart Watches, because I do not pledged all existing watches: For technical and angular design (exception: Moto 360, but also do not really like
  • Android Wear deployed in the LG G Watch  

    LG WEARABLES W100 G Watch black [Hide] (Electronics)
    I have long since become an eye on Android Wear and the related Smart Watches. I found this interesting operating system and found that it has a lot of potential. In the following I will explain how to find the operating system and the clock and how
  • The Sony SmartWatch 3 compared to G Watch and Moto 360  

    Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 (1.6 inch LCD display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, Android Wear) Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Property me long and hard about whether I should order a SmartWatch. I had the G Watch from LG and the Moto 360 and actually thought I've seen everything from Android Wear. But since the Sony SmartWatch does some things differently and even more than
  • Very good smart band.  

    Sony SWR30 Smart Talk band (3.55 cm (1.4 inch) display, microUSB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0) (Electronics)
    Hello, after I have already tried some smart watches and bracelets 2, I ended up at this central thing and am finally satisfied. I had among other things, a Sony SmartWatch 2. Despite the functional scope it was 1 too large for my feelings (she was i
  • SONY SmartWatch 3 as everyday and sports watch  

    Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 (1.6 inch LCD display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, Android Wear) Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I plan to review as a kind of permanent report, since the development of apps available for Smart Watches still in its infancy, so almost every day something new is added or something may change. I am personally most interested in the sports property
  • Not really smart - Update: it is always smarter - View: that's it then probably  

    Sony SmartWatch 2 Handy Clock (4.1 cm (1.6 inch) display, NFC, Bluetooth, Android 4.0) with silicone bracelet (Electronics)
    Smart watches are all the rage and promise some miracles and life to change completely. What can the little Sony and is the clock really smart? Latest updates at the end of the review. Initial start-up ============== Delivered the clock is in a small
  • Very good watch Android Wear  

    LG G R Watch Watch connected Android Wear Black (Electronics)
    Finally a smart-watch that looks like a watch. And it attracts the eye. On the upside: - It is much more beautiful than its competitors rectangular. In that, she already has a stroke ahead of Apple Watch is not yet out. - It is more useful as you thi
  • Smart bracelet to monitor his activity  

    POLAR Loop Bracelet logged activity (Sports)
    This bracelet is not too much to bear (casually, it may influence). It's bad. Then it records everything. The number of steps, calories burned. For me, using smartphone applications (RunKeeper style), I appreciate the autonomy and the fact of not hav
  • Very nice watch 10  

    Sony Xperia SmartWatch Android Watch 1254-6626 1.3 '' Android Smartphone (Electronics)
    One of the best cheap smart watch in the market Some Disadvantages It has purpose. The screen is small and quality is missing a lot. Responding to your touch has-been updated with the last update. Purpose maybe you will face a problem with the update
  • A favorable, good smart band with perhaps a big future  

    Razer Nabu X Social Wearable Smart tape black (Accessories)
    Now that I was able to test extensively about a week the Razer Nabu X Smart belt, I am of the purchase even after initial difficulties convinced. At first I had problems with the tracking data. Eg were the Sleep tracking data for two nights and were
  • The really smart SmartWatch  

    Simvalley Mobile 1.5 "-Smartwatch AW-414.Go with Android4, BT, WiFi, Cam (Electronics)
    Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony SmartWatch or Pebbles this SmartWatch is not just a simple extension for a smartphone, but even an independent, complete, real Android smartphone - for's wrist. The AW-414.Go can do everything that a fully functio
  • Best SmartWatch on the market  

    Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch (bright stainless steel case with gray leather strap) (Accessories)
    The first unpacking: When you open the box for the first time, immediately comes the WOW effect. The clock looks just great and high quality, also the clock is extremely light. Never give the impression that one is actually dealing with a SmartWatch.
  • This clock is finally really a "round" thing!  

    LG G Watch R SmartWatch - Black (Accessories)
    Finally, a clock which maintains what other smartwatches promise. LG has left with his second SmartWatch a little more time and in my eyes from mistakes made the Motorola "Moto360" has learned. Yes I'm a little SmartWatch Junky added. I act
  • extensive useful functions -so must Technology  

    Samsung Gear Fit SmartWatch - Black (Electronics)
    before I had the loop of Polar with which I was not very satisfied - the opposite of Gear Fit like a Swiss Army knife is a kitchen knife. The pedometer really counts the steps and not as in the loop all sorts of things. For the Pulse I do not need an