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  • Robas Lund 64023SN5 Relaxsessel Calgary with stool, cover: black leather, ...  

    Robas Lund 64023SN5 Relaxsessel Calgary with stool, Cover: Leather Black, Frame: Natural, 90 x 91-122 x 89-104 cm (household goods)
    By the negative reviews I was a bit skeptical, but nevertheless ordered the chair, as I have found in the furniture stores locally anything better for the price (518). The identical chair in full leather (same quality), there were 180 more, but I do
  • Good camera with slight defects  

    Canon EOS 1200D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 7.5 cm (3 inch) LCD display, Full HD) Kit incl. 18-55mm Lens (Electronics)
    Previously, I've tried some other. The Canon has many good points, but a great weakness: the autofocus. The autofocus needs -no matter in which SUB MEMORY many photo opportunities a lot of time and several attempts to extent to come to an end, that y
  • Great camera with 30x zoom, and Wi-Fi and ...  

    Sony DSC-HX50 digital camera (20.4 megapixels, 30x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, Full HD video, WiFi) with 24mm Sony G wide angle lens (Electronics)
    Caveat: I have not bought this camera from Amazon, but at a different senders, the incredible way was even slightly cheaper. ;-) I've been many years in the field of compact die-hard Sony fan. In addition to my digital SLR cameras as I "Everywhe
  • Irreplaceable for Prime members. With Kodi / XBMC and Sky Go the almost perfect Streaming Stick  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    PURCHASE INTENTION: Thanks to the great offer of Amazon, I have the FireTV stick can be ordered for 19 in advance. With such a good price, I did not have to think twice if I stick this now for my second TV use (Have the normal Fire TV box already in
  • TV 2.0 with the Fire Stick & TV Amazon Prime - an overview  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    Six months we have been living now with FireTV and it is no exaggeration when I say that this device has really changed a lot in our daily lives, the bottom line is fortunately for the better. In addition to the box I have now also acquired the FireT
  • Who Fire TV advantages a detailed overview and comparison with FireTV Stick  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    [Last updated on 05/05/2015] Here, first, an overview of the scope of services as well as my personal assessment of Amazon's new streaming box Fire TV, which has been available since September 2014 now also in Germany. My starting point: - I am Amazo
  • fun puzzle app with addictive  

    LYNE (App)
    This app is perfect for in-between. But if you're not careful, it can happen fast, that one is so much under the spell that you forget everything around you. So watch out for example on the train, that you get out will not forget. Conceptually, it is
  • Simples but challenging puzzle game with minimalist graphics  

    LYNE (App)
    There are several squares and triangles. The aim is to connect all the triangles with each other and to connect all the squares together in such a way that the paths of the two bodies do not cross. At first this is very simple and easy. But the arran
  • Sound system with weaknesses in sound  

    LG BH7530TWB 3D Blu-ray 5.1 home theater system with wireless speakers (1200 watts, HDMI) black (Electronics)
    I bought this surround sound system in order to clarify whether there is a cheaper alternative to my Heco boxes. First, to build up: The system is very well packed and the structure is very simple. Plug in a few cables, tighten a few screws, done. Th
  • System in order allerdins with substantial defects  

    LG BH7530TWB 3D Blu-ray 5.1 home theater system with wireless speakers (1200 watts, HDMI) black (Electronics)
    Did I ordered for Christmas, the home theater system from LG and want to tell you my experience with it. I've especially for buying this product because of the wireless rear speakers and the Smart Functions Have received the goods quickly, and the co
  • Successful device with slight weaknesses  

    LG BH7530TWB 3D Blu-ray 5.1 home theater system with wireless speakers (1200 watts, HDMI) black (Electronics)
    I was looking for a device that play Blu-ray discs as well as reasonable video can stream from the PC over the network. The LG BH7530TWB I own now for about a month and you would like to share my experiences. The remote control: - A quality image and
  • Heiden fun with the Thrustmaster T300RS  

    Project CARS - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    I'm really excited about what have made since to bounce the guys from Slightly Mad. Anyone looking for authentic racing action will fully get their money here. Recommendation on my part: Plays Project Cars with a steering wheel in order to truly enjo
  • Absolutely top, but unfortunately with disastrous bugs.  

    Project CARS - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    I've been playing since Wednesday and I can most what has been written here only agree. The graphics are sensational, I find, I've seen for Ps4 nothing great better. The sound is to say the Mega bluntly, as I have in other games volume 28 I need only
  • Very good camera with impressive image quality and many individual options  

    Sony DSC-HX400V digital camera (20 megapixel, 50x opt. Zoom, WiFi, NFC) (Electronics)
    I do not want too much to respond to the technical side of the Sony DSC-HX400V because this enough has been written here. It is much more in my review about my personal impression of the camera and also to some criticisms that can be read by other us
  • Great Bridge camera with excellent picture quality  

    Sony DSC-HX400V digital camera (20 megapixel, 50x opt. Zoom, WiFi, NFC) (Electronics)
    Users of a Lumix G6 and G5 with various high-quality Panasonic - lenses I am certainly not undemanding in terms of BQ. I was looking for a quality Bridge - Cam with good resolution, a good lens, simple: a camera that does not fall against the other,
  • Bridge camera with many thoughtful features and Gimmmicks but also a few weaknesses  

    Sony DSC-HX400V digital camera (20 megapixel, 50x opt. Zoom, WiFi, NFC) (Electronics)
    Two things I would like to anticipate my review: First, it concerns with the Sony DSC-HX400V a so-called "Bridge", ie an SUV of the cameras, a cross between Pocket Camera (for snapshots) and SLR (for the ambitious hobby photographer or prof
  • A hitherto unique compact camera (compared with Fuji X10, Canon S95, Sony NEX-5N, Canon 40D)  

    Sony DSC-RX100 Cyber-shot digital camera (20 megapixels, optical zoom 3.6x, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, fast aperture. 28 - 100 mm zoom lens F1.8 - 4.9, Full HD image stabilized) (Electronics)
    Actually, I had the Sony DSC-RX100, perished no longer on the radar after a preview on DPReview contained the odd sample photo on the details such as blades of grass in a quite a Pixelbrei. Then I thought: "Aha, but probably again a camera that
  • Good soundtrack with lot's of Fire & Speed!  

    Furious 7 (Audio CD)
    Hot asphalt, a lot of adrenaline and sixteen new songs: Furious 7 is in the starting blocks and the date for the theatrical release could have chosen no better! Just in time for Good Friday (in the tuning scene also called Car Friday), there are agai
  • Does not work with the S4 LTE  

    Hitman GO (App)
    The app does not work with the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (I9505), but according to my research with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500). This is very annoying, because I do not understand why. LTE should not prevent that you can play a game.
  • Great on the PC, with defects on the tablet,  

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (App)
    at least on my Nexus 7 (2012). The game is lagging very strong, terrible FPS problems. Perhaps improved with this Android 5 when it comes out? For this driver, the app my knowledge was designed. Hopefully Blizzard upgraded for older devices after. My