jbl whoppers


  • JBL Cristal Profi i100  

    JBL Cristal 6090300 i100 (Misc.)
    The JBL Cristal Profi i100 seems at first glance a little, well, weighty, .. aaaaaaaber first time used, I find this works less disruptive than other corner filter. The 3 filter "blocks" (i100) are great, it does not accumulate, as my old f
  • GO with Harman / Kardon + Play and JBL On Stage III compliant! Super  

    Original Rydges® Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Apple Dock Connector (compatibility issue see description) (Electronics)
    Hello, wanted to find out more about the people with the Harman / Kardon Go + Play and JBL On Stage III system that this module so that is compatible and easy to use. Attention in the first version of Harman / Kardon Go + Play with a USB socket at th
  • . Thank you (-: Top quality ..Funktioniert 1A ... from iohone 4s Jbl Dock a Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth sound box made (((-;  

    Original Rydges® Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Apple Dock Connector (compatibility issue see description) (Electronics)
    Plugging Connect music etc transmitted top quality when transfer ... just something I needed. ..klasse now I can use my beloved JBL docking station from your iPhone 4 wirelessly for my Samsung Tablet ... Class Class Class and in top sound quality tha
  • JBL spare parts policy = poor  

    JBL J 55 On-Ear DJ Headphones black (Accessories)
    First I must say that I prop. Was satisfied with the headset (KH). Have made no special claims. He looked good, was cheap and had a detachable cable. The great advantage of J55 is, in certain cases, for the most disadvantage and nuisance - namely the
  • Eheim 100 vs JBL vs Silent Pro 100 Sera Air 110 Plus  

    Eheim 3701010 Pump air pump 100 controlled (Misc.)
    My experience with the three diaphragm pumps within 10 days: JBL Silent Pro 100: Processing of the diaphragm pump well, the included accessories like air stone and back flow valve were broken in the first dismantling. The Air hose is fixed anywhere w
  • JBL Floaty Blade - L  

    JBL 6135200 Floating glass cleaning magnet with blade for thick aquarium glass, Floaty Blade, L (Misc.)
    The disc magnet JBL Floaty Blade L is a very light magnet with high magnetic and cleaning power. Even stubborn coralline algae can be removed very well with the help of the blade. The Floaty Blade is sweet and sea water suitable. With the inside-cell
  • Perfectly fit for my JBL  

    Portable slim flip Travel Zipper Sleeve Protective Pocket Pouch Box Case for JBL Flip Pulse 1 CHARGE2 Ultimate Ears BOOM Bluetooth speakers (Electronics)
    Perfectly fit for my JBL The inside of the bag is made of comfortable, soft felt. I am very pleased with the product and believe that it will exist in everyday use all hardships with flying colors! Strong buy recommendation!
  • JBL Flip II portable powered stereo speakers (Bluetooth, NFC, ...  

    JBL Flip II portable powered stereo speakers (Bluetooth, NFC, Bass Reflex) (Electronics)
    I wear hearing aids and have been looking for a solution for television and listening to music on headphones smartphone gesucht.Etliche tried all press too much on the Ohren.Nun I've bought above speakers and am fully happy again. Excellent sound, no
  • JBL Flip 2 in white - small loudspeaker giant !!!  

    JBL Flip II portable powered stereo speakers (Bluetooth, NFC, Bass Reflex) (Electronics)
    I can not understand the negative customer reviews. If one considers that the JBL Flip is not greater than an aluminum box 2 stereo speakers with bass reflex system, stereo speakers, bass reflex, battery pack and Bluetooth and a good soft touch opera
  • Not suitable for JBL 1.  

    Bracket for satellite speakers / speaker wall ceiling black - Set of 5 (Electronics)
    This bracket is not suitable for JBL Control 1, unless you want to drill holes in his boxing. The withdrawal went smoothly.
  • Protection JBL Load 2  

    Travel Carry Protective Flip Cover Case Portable Zipper Box Case for JBL CHARGE2 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    Cover protection and transport nikel JBL load 2. Very satisfied with the product. Shell made of foam 3-4mm external épaisseur.Matière pleasant to the touch. Ease of use
  • Well suited for pulse jbl  

    Travel Box Portable Slim Zipper protective pouch bag case cover for JBL Flip Pulse 1 Load 2 Ultimate Ears BOOM Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    Pouch purchased to house a jbl pulse. Size is very appropriate: we must apply to enter the enclosure or remove, but without making head either. Once inside, she seems very well protected due to the congruence, and the matter a little thick and "soft&
  • The JBL Creature 3 detail  

    JBL Creature III 2.1 Stereo Speaker Black (Personal Computers)
    I would like to give my opinion because I just buy them there for about a week on amazon. I hesitated a moment before buying as some reviews "pro" on the internet and individuals have said that the speaker had made comprehensive enough "dis
  • Evaluation speakers JBL ES20  

    JBL ES20 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) 60 W continuous power (240W peak) Cerise (Electronics)
    Speakers JBL ES20 were easily installed on shelves facing the listening area. Upon connection to my amp HIFI 40W X 2, I found that their sound was very good and their power was more than sufficient for home use. These speakers give me satisfaction.
  • JBL Micro Wireless  

    JBL Micro Wireless ultra-portable mini bluetooth speaker (80dB, 3.5mm jack) green (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    This loudspeaker I've been waiting for - and all Brüllwürfel previously purchased equal scrapped! The sound makes me happy and immediately joins in the other portable products JBL a. I already have the JBL On Tour Urmodell and am amazed that the smal
  • Philips SBT30 / 00 Sound Shooter vs. JBL On Tour Micro Wireless  

    JBL On Tour Micro Wireless mini active speaker with rechargeable battery / Bluetooth / bass reflex / cable black (Accessories)
    I have a Bluetooth speaker wanted, which I can use on the bike when I drive by's Green. Although I have still a MobiWave Master (with cable), the first, but has no loop for attachment and secondly, you have to connect it to a cumbersome extension cor
  • JBL clip  

    JBL clip ultra-portable mini bluetooth speaker with rechargeable Li-Ion battery and integrated carabiner (Electronics)
    The sound from the JBL clip is really overwhelming. Even the bass is good. Battery performance exceeds 5 hours. I've been looking a long time for a small Bluetooth speaker. I am very satisfied with the device. Absolute buy recommendation. Even wen ba
  • Compared with Heco JBL Canton and Linux  

    Nubert Nupro A-200 - Full Active HiFi / studio / Multimedia Speaker (piece) (Electronics)
    I have the boxing now for half a year. only the plastikfüschen break easily. However, I did get to a mail by simply Nubert new feet sent. As a comparison I have 1. Heco Victa 701 2. Heco Victa 301 + Canton AS 85.2 SC 3. JBL 90 can hear with my roomma
  • JBL on top  

    JBL LOFT 20 Central speaker 150 W (Electronics)
    It is perhaps not at the high end speaker level, but for a controlled budget and not bother the neighbors is ideal. JBL quality with high-quality filters. Good sound but remember to make general quality cable 2.5mm² OFC.
  • Bose mini, JBL Flip2, Sony SRS-X3, Jabra SoleMate ... and in the fifth attempt now a winner!  

    Denon DSB100BKEM Envaya Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker (NFC, AUX input, microphone for hands-free calling, battery) black (accessories)
    As can be seen in the title, I had a whole bunch of mini-Bluetooth speakers upscale "by". Everyone had so their hooks and eyes. When the Bose then too bass heavy sound, the JBL, the noise, the Sony (of the Denon sound still comes closest to) the