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  • Sitting pretty tight with Kindle Fire HD7.  

    AmazonBasics Protective Case for Nexus 7 / Kindle Fire / Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 17.8 cm (7 inches) (Personal Computers)
    Looking for a suitable protective cover for my Kindle Fire HD7 my AmazonBasics Protective Cover for 7 "devices was proposed by Amazon. After the shell comes from the Amazon program, I thought that it would fit perfectly. In addition, the low pri
  • The KOTOR app is finally available for the Kindle Fire! Awesome!  

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (app)
    I was already last year look pleased when I found out by accident from the port of Aspyr, and was also very disappointed that I can not play on the Kindle (Kindle Fire HDX 7 a "3rd Gen). For the Most games apps for small Android (like) little de
  • The bombast core titles for the Kindle Fire HD  

    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour (App)
    Modern Combat 4 promises consoles Feeling on the tablet and provides this as well. Technically part of the game in the top league of Games Apps in Amazon Marketplace. The environments are worked out and convincing with sharp and detailed for Tablet r
  • Does the Kindle Fire. Image quality rather modest.  

    ZDFmediathek (App)
    === !!! Addendum on "Wi-Fi does not work": I can not confirm definitively. On the Kindle Fire HD does the wireless connection and I can select all programs and run the video ... May be, of course, that this does not work on some devices. Th
  • not for Kindle Fire HD  

    Crossy Road (app)
    After 3maligem Download and install funktionniert's still not :-( Thus saving you the trouble for the Kindle Fire HD.
  • Works perfectly with the Kindle Fire HD  

    Calibre Companion (App)
    Thanks to the review of Bookworm Teublitz I became aware that the Calibre Companion can be installed now on the Kindle Fire HD. For a long time this was not possible. The installation of the app on the Kindle Fire HD was smooth and within seconds syn
  • All the best with Kindle Fire HDX7 ... Everythings fine with Kindle HDX7  

    Camera Suite for GoPro Hero cameras (App)
    All the best with Kindle Fire HDX7 3rd generation. First select in Wlaneinstellung the HDX and Gopro Hero3 + Black Edition. Back to App. Connect. And all functions fully functional. Delay the real image transfer 1 to 2 seconds. Menu navigation intuit
  • Super App, baby station but does not go to Kindle Fire DX (has no microphone)  

    Baby Monitor 3G (app)
    I use this app already on two iPhones and now wanted my Insert DX Kindle Fire (3rd generation) as baby station, that's why I bought the app here in the Amazon store again. The iPhones were found immediately and the impression of the app is exactly li
  • Google Drive for Amazon's Kindle Fire HD - does not reach the range of functions of the original Google  

    Files for Google Drive (App)
    For my Kindle Fire HD, I have an app wanted to get also access to my Google Drive. This was the App Store the only available in Amazon's. The original is available for free in the Google Play Store with full functionality, but this store supports Ama
  • works fine on Kindle Fire HD  

    OpenVPN for Android (App)
    Finally I can connect to my home network's OpenVPN server with my Kindle Fire HD, thanks for this great little application!
  • On Kindle Fire HD slideshow  

    eBooks Free (App)
    The application is secure well-intentioned, but does not work on the Kindle Fire HD. Once you scroll, works to select (click on) no longer. You can not select the lying below subfolder or the links to the books lying below.
  • Lvl 36 on Kindle Fire HDX 7 solve impossible  

    Zengrams (App)
    The game itself I find very good and sophisticated. I would love to try myself at all levels, but unfortunately for me at Lvl 36 forced closing. When Kindle Fire HDX 7 unfortunately is not enough "space" to solve it to this level. Very sad,
  • nothing for Kindle Fire HD ...... shame.  

    School of Dragons: Train Your Dragon (App)
    Unfortunately not suitable for Kindle Fire HD ........ shame. Runs on top Smartphone, only because the screen is too small, ie: Lupe use could decipher the text / duties.
  • Extra great game, a little trouble on the Kindle Fire HD.  

    Might and Magic Clash of Heroes (App)
    First of leading the way: the game had been on the XBOX 360 and was / am thrilled. Great !!! The price: The 3.99 are more than fair, you get a full game (unfortunately without multiplayer), which has previously tasted on the XBOX 3 times. The problem
  • However useful with slight defects in the processing // Kindle Fire HD  

    mobilitii Neoprene Case Cover with zipper in black for Google Nexus 7 / Kindle Fire / Kindle Fire HD + stylus touch pen
    As mentioned in the title, I use the cover for my Kindle Fire HD. Basically, to say that it fits well in terms of size in the shell and that it is stuck by the four designated rubber bands in the shell. The shell has a neutral appearance, as it can a
  • Kindle Fire HD not first generation  

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (App)
    Had discovered this app and have it installed from pure scientific curiosity without any expectations to the ability to run on an old Kindle Fire. The application also warns the same, that the minimum requirements are not met. Amazingly, running the
  • Inferior and does not fit! Kindle Fire HD.  

    NEW! KOLAY® Kindle Fire HD Leather Case Protective Case Cover in black with Stand Function + Stylus (stylus) & screen protector with manual (Only for Kindle Fire HD)
    The Kindle Fire HD will not fit properly in the sleeve in, the seams are processed wrong and bad. The Kindle does not sit grade, with me was the difference 2cm seen from left to right !. The film is not particularly good, and after 6 attempts "b
  • Works fine for Kindle Fire HD  

    3m (meters) - CSL - Micro HDMI (Type D) to HDMI (Type A) | gilded (high-speed) HQ Micro HDMI cable 1.4 with a REAL 3D & Ethernet support | Full HD / HD Ready / 3D | 1080p / 2160p / 4K (Ultra HD) (Electronics)
    I bought this cable to my Kindle Fire HD to connect to my TV and it works flawlessly. Just plug and the image is immediately transmitted to the TV and runs smoothly. 3 meters are easily to be considered a good length to LOVEFiLM videos on the sofa. T
  • Recommendation for Kindle Fire HD  

    1.5m (meters) - CSL - Micro HDMI (Type D) to HDMI (Type A) | gilded (high-speed) HQ Micro HDMI cable 1.4 with a REAL 3D & Ethernet support | Full HD / HD Ready / 3D | 1080p / 2160p / 4K (Ultra HD) (Electronics)
    The cable arrived quickly and is well made. I have bought for my Kindle Fire HD to connect it to the TV.
  • makes the Kindle Fire HD in all circumstances usable!  

    3 x mumbi screen protector Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7 inch) protective film anti-reflective anti-reflective (Model 2012)
    Before I bought my Kindle Fire HD, I read everywhere, a --if not even DER-- serious disadvantage of the device is the indeed very good, but highly reflective touch screen, the reading of books in the sun even under the parasol virtually impossible do