lagostina ice cream scoop reviews


  • Ice cream scoop "high end"  

    Lagostina 335000304 Ice cream scoop Automatic (Kitchen)
    This spoon Lagostina ice is very convenient, excellent finish. From an unusual design. Much better than ice cream spoons found in a hypermarket.
  • Super ice cream scoop  

    WMF 1881746040 Eisportionierer 5.5 cm (household goods)
    I think about this product everything has already been said. The ice scoop is just great, he makes very beautiful balls which also very easily get loose again. It is very stable and provides yet good. For ice cream cones this size is optimal for side
  • Ice cream scoop 1  

    Lagostina 335000304 Ice cream scoop Automatic (Kitchen)
    Fine, beautiful and good ice cream spoon. Nice finish. The spoon seems to me strong. I managed all my ice balls. Really intéresssant Price at Amazon. I recommend.
  • The rol s of ice cream scoop  

    ZYL44021 Zyliss Spoon Ice White (Kitchen)
    This spoon is very good. Good grip and easy to use. I already had one so this purchase was a gift for my mom.
  • ice cream maker Krups 241 - good product  

    Ice cream maker Krups GVS241 1.6L White / Metal (Kitchen)
    I hesitated before I got into buying an ice cream machine on the Internet; certainly, I saved 15 euros, which is not negligible on a small amount (80 euros at Boulanger). Amazon is not the cheapest in all products, but in this one; he was. Reactivity
  • Solid, robust and quality crafted ice cream spoon  

    Jamie Oliver JB6600 Ice spoon, black (household goods)
    Dear reader, due to the generally poor reviews of Eislöffel with lever function, I have finally decided on this and am very satisfied. Delivery: The spoon was straightforward and very fast as usual, Amazon, shipped in a carton and in its original pac
  • good ice cream maker  

    Ice cream maker Krups GVS241 1.6L White / Metal (Kitchen)
    sorbetière practical and effective by its rapidité.Je put the ice cream maker at the beginning of the meal and the ice is ready for dessert! You have to be quite careful with the elements of the ice cream maker, and organized to prepare the mixture t
  • Easily Successful ice creams and sorbets  

    Ice cream maker Krups GVS241 1.6L White / Metal (Kitchen)
    I hesitated between several types of ice cream makers. This is the most compact, it can be dismantled completely and tray easily into the drawer of my freezer. I also consulted the opinion of users, all satisfied. I am myself. Easy to use (read the l
  • recipe book 500 ice creams and sorbets  

    500 ice creams & sorbets (Hardcover)
    This book was recommended to me by a friend. The recipes are simple varied which allows me to get ideas to use my ice cream maker. To the delight of the whole family.
  • The famous ice cream B & J!  

    Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book (Paperback)
    I ordered this Ben & Jerry Ice recipe booklet and I do not regret! First, given the price (6 -of including shipping), there's nothing without depriving. Be careful, because the book is completely in English. Now no need to have a great level in the l
  • Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker  

    5KICAOWH Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker 1.9 L Bowl (Kitchen)
    Kitchenaid with no surprises. Quality, reliable and predictable. The mirrors are made with perfect, delicious homemade. Very simple to use, placing the bowl in the freezer for 15 hours and go for delicious ice cream. I recommend the ice cream maker t
  • Already a fan of KitchenAid, but delighted by this ice cream maker  

    5KICAOWH Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker 1.9 L Bowl (Kitchen)
    I am a customer of this type of product. It's heavy, strong, beautiful and effective. I will not talk about the price, because it is the price of a standalone ice cream maker. By cons, quality is by appointment, I have just this week, 1 bowl of raspb
  • very good ice cream maker  

    5KICAOWH Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker 1.9 L Bowl (Kitchen)
    Seeking a good ice cream maker, I had already used the electric ice cream maker magimix home, but I find it too expensive for use that can make an ice cream maker. I fall on the ice cream maker KitchenAid and it is a very good surprise. Ice takes ten
  • Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker 2  

    5KICAOWH Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker 1.9 L Bowl (Kitchen)
    Awesome! Very easy to use for sorbets, ice cream Nutella (yum, yum) and all windows that you want ... Would recommend
  • super ice cream maker  

    5KICAOWH Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker 1.9 L Bowl (Kitchen)
    full well the robot kitchen aid and turns it into an ice cream maker giving very good results. Only the filling is inadequate given the limited space available. Having used other individual ice cream makers, this accessory replaces advantageously and
  • My ice cream is really delicious with this ice cream maker!  

    Philips HR2305 / 55 Ice Cream Maker Duo-White / Orange (Kitchen)
    This ice cream maker quite answer my needs, the ice is creamy finish glitter because it does not spend his time in front of the freezer to stir the preparation to avoid the paillettes.Trés easy to use, no wash même.Je regret my purchase.
  • very good ice cream maker 1  

    Philips HR2304 / 70 Ice Cream Maker 1 Speed ​​1 L White (Kitchen)
    a very simple to use ice cream maker, ice cream is excellent it is a treat. if you like ice cream you buy here will not be disappointed!
  • good ice cream spoon  

    Jamie Oliver JB6600 Ice spoon, black (household goods)
    Very stable Eislöffel. Also Desgin I find quite appealing and fits comfortably in your hand. In addition, the spoon has a very high weight, so that has to be applied by virtue of the "Eisschaben" little. Especially with ice cream slides the spoo
  • Ingenious Tools for ice cream lovers  

    Jamie Oliver JB6600 Ice spoon, black (household goods)
    Our old ice bucket had gradually become obsolete, since dissolved the coating and that can not be healthy safe. He was also not optimal from the handling, should something "clever" ago. Definitely not Eislöffel with lifting function, as these ar
  • good ice cream, but sometimes cumbersome  

    Bosch MUZ4EB1 Ice-cream (optional)
    I made the ice now for 3 months and have often ice it. The ice works well - especially the fruit ice (for the recipe for strawberry ice cream in the manual). For chocolate ice cream I have another recipe on the internet picked out, because that's a c