Landline phone google contacts


  • Finally! A landline phone with Google Contacts Sync  

    Gigaset SL910 DECT cordless phone, capacitive full touch screen, metal / piano black (Unlocked Phone)
    I have long been looking for a fixed-line part, which is able to synchronize the Address Book with Google Contacts. Since I use an Android phone, the whole of my contacts are stored there always up to date. Also to have the comfort of home, I find si
  • Panasonic landline phone  

    Panasonic KX-TGA641EXS handset for KX-TG641x / 642x incl. Charger (electronic)
    It's good to have a landline phone and simultaneously to have handsets. The nice thing is that with this additional handsets are dazuschaltbar.
  • Finally a useful Android landline phone  

    Panasonic KX-PRX150GB fixed and mobile telephony in a (DECT and 3G function, with touch screen, 3.5 inch TFT color display, Android 4.0, voicemail, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) (Electronics)
    Had held longer landline phone looking for an Android, but the extremely poor reviews on Amazon about other vendors stopped me before. The phone here is super, very intuitive to use, you can handle it without prior studying the manual. I highly recom
  • Finally, a landline phone, that looks really good!  

    Philips M8881WW / 10 M8 Design Phone Premium Special Edition with AB (color display), wood-white (Electronics)
    Great Smartphones there are many, but is happening with the landline telephones little. Somehow all look the same. And boring. My last phone there since 2008 still unchanged to buy. The more I was happy when I got paid the new Philips phone. In the p
  • Beautiful, high-quality landline phone!  

    Gigaset SL910 DECT cordless phone, capacitive full touch screen, metal / piano black (Unlocked Phone)
    Initially put off and confused by the negative reviews of the purchase of mine has been repeatedly postponed. Well, when a handset was broken, I had to act and ordered, for lack of alternatives (... with touchscreen), the SL910. It is my second landl
  • Great landline phone  

    Gigaset A400A Duo DECT cordless telephone with voice mail, incl. 1 additional handset (Electronics)
    Function as mobile phone, the only downside was the Dremel Tel- cable that does not fit in Austria Tel plug. But since I still had the old cable was not really a problem.
  • Beautiful landline phone  

    Gigaset Dune CL540 A cordless phone (4.6 cm (1.8 inch) TFT color display, answering machine) pearl / brown (Electronics)
    Having our old Panasonic sent in "retirement", we were looking for a smart phone, not silver or black, something different ... We found it :-) The Dune has an attractive appearance, both the handset as well as the base station. Who had ever poss
  • Combine Smartphone with landline phone  

    Philips S10A / 38 Digital Premium cordless phone (Mobile Link / HQ Sound / ECO mode) black / silver (Accessories)
    The idea of ​​Philips is well thought out and high quality as always implemented so that only a few left to be desired. In combination with a smartphone a very good choice. Otherwise, a simpler version of Philips as this ranges
  • Cheap alternative to landline - Easy to use mobile phone with no frills  

    Doro PhoneEasy 508 GSM mobile phone with a large color display (incl. Charger) white (Electronics)
    They were looking for a phone only to call that similar large buttons and display was like a landline phone and is as easy to use. This has the Doro has to offer. The device is very light and the buttons are large and fail to operate. Easy phonebook
  • From iPhone 4 with MacBook Air for Android and Google  

    HTC One Smartphone (11.9 cm (4.7 inches) touch screen, ultra-pixel camera, 1.7 GHz, 2 GB RAM, LTE, NFC-capable Blink Feed, Boom Sound, MicroSIM, Android OS) Silver (Electronics)
    I have an iPhone 4 purchased in 2011 with 32G. -It Was a nice unit that had good compatibility at a fair price. But the HTC One 2 years later: WOW! It's just madness every day anew in order to work and to reach the goal: It does not matter what you d
  • Top-phone, but English AB  

    Siemens Gigaset S810A Duo + S810H with voicemail (Electronics)
    The phone fits my expectations: Fits comfortably in your hand and the synchronization of the phone book entries via Bluetooth (with my Google contacts) works fine. Completely incomprehensible to me, though, is why Amazon in Germany a phone from a Ger
  • EXCELLENT phone: fluid and responsive, great autonomy, very good reception  

    Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone Unlocked 4 4G (Screen: 5.7 inch - 32 GB - SIM Single - Android 4.4 KitKat) Black (Electronics)
    I will not rewrite all the technical specifications of this phone, you can find them easily on the internet! I will try to share my ex-user perspective of Galaxy Note 2 in the most objective way possible. Note that I used this phone in both the perso
  • Corded phone DORO MATRA D  

    Doro Phone Wired D912C keys Extra wide Bibloc Redial Titanium (Electronics)
    This camera phone is what I expect from a landline phone, easy to use, without unnecessary complications. That's perfect. But I found out by reading the enclosed leaflet, the guarantee is only ONE YEAR FOR FRANCE, while for other European countries (
  • Lumia 630 Dual SIM: When Business / Private Phone just right. Who wants to play, have to take Andoid or IOS  

    Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Smartphone (11.4 cm (4.5 inch) touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, HD-ready video, Snapdragon 400, 1.2GHz quad-core, Windows Phone 8.1) (Electronics)
    Why the 630 Dual Sim? Primarily it was the dual SIM solution that I find well implemented. In all its activities, I can choose, on which card they are to be handled. Business: Have a company mobile phone and access to Exchange Server (Outlook). Conne
  • My first Android mobile phone, compared to Nokia C5 and selection against Mobistel F3  

    Samsung S7582 Galaxy S Duos 2 Smartphone (10.16 cm (4 inch) TFT touchscreen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 5 megapixel camera, Android 4.2) (Electronics)
    ************************************************** Update ************************************************** 05/03/2014: ************* I was now able to compare with its predecessor, the S2 Duos. You can tell that it's faster. For example, the access
  • Almost 5 stars, unfortunately problem with Google Syncronisation  

    HTC One Smartphone (11.9 cm (4.7 inches) touch screen, ultra-pixel camera, 1.7 GHz, 2 GB RAM, LTE, NFC-capable Blink Feed, Boom Sound, MicroSIM, Android OS) (Electronics)
    The HTC One has a Syncronisationsproblem with Google Contacts and Google Contacts. I have solved the problem, but only shortly superficial as the smartphone is. I had been an S1 to S3. Then came the HTC One. Should be a transitional cell phone until
  • Great phone, after the update, the Babykrankeiten in Full Eco mode off  

    Gigaset S820 Dect cordless phone, touch screen and keys, black (Electronics)
    Have the phone bought in the first place because I liked the design and for the full or Eco Eco Plus function. Since I have small kids at home who do not yet need to be exposed to radiation zusätlicher, we all have enough cell phone radiation and ele
  • does not fulfill the minimum requirements despite a willingness to compromise, because alone the contacts management is a KO criterion  

    Nokia A00017885 220 DS Dual-SIM mobile phone (6.1 cm (2.4 inch) display, 2 megapixel camera, Micro-USB, Bluetooth 3.0) yellow (Electronics)
    I had the "Nokia 220 Dual Sim" on Amazon soon, there was not available known. All the more pleased I was supplied as the phone a few days later (10/06/2014) - although it officially on the Amazon page is still the status "pre-order" ha
  • Good phone 2  

    Gigaset C300A DECT cordless telephone with voicemail, black (Electronics)
    The Siemens Gigaset C300A is a recommendable landline phone. The answering machine works as expected and can accept calls immediately (without waiting time). However, it took 3 attempts to accommodate the (a possible) announcement since a short loud
  • Super phone at a great price !!  

    Gigaset A630 DECT cordless telephone, black (Electronics)
    Was looking for a cheap landline phone, as the successor to our old phone, there is no longer the battery mitmachte. Based on the descriptions the phone was exactly what was wanted (landline phone is not often in use) After about 2 months, I can say