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  • File under indie pop  

    Best of Tocotronic (Audio CD)
    I have all the good intentions in defiance ("something no one MOLL MOLL MOLL ... but needs") bought the "Best of Tocotronic" disc and where I still take a short but curious look on the set list and the CD back then wanted to put i
  • A highlight of the indie folk-pop scene  

    Bonxie (Audio CD)
    Indie / folk pop from England..auf go .. !! Stornoway, come from the elite Oxford and exist since 2005 and have an EP, five singles and three albums now released. Her new work goes by the title: "bonxie". Preliminary, Stornoway listen to di
  • Brilliant debut young indie idealists - of course from Hamburg  

    Debris (Audio CD)
    The debut album of the band debris matters to me right now the best German indie plates in recent years. Lyrically speaking Paul Pötsch from the mouth of many young, critical early twenties ("I want to streets full of dirt!" - "I start
  • Indie Blues?  

    Homewrecker (MP3 Download)
    Indie Blues? Is there such a thing? And if so, who does something like that? Well, I admit, I have been using this concept still some definitional problems (for me Blues was a musical genre has always traditionally something 'independent' in terms of
  • One of the best indie bands  

    Sons of the East (Audio CD)
    I can only agree with the other users. The music is fabulous. There are many indie bands, but Sons of the East are really special. This year, the album is to be released. I am glad it huge.
  • To experiment Indie  

    Gulag Orkestar (Audio CD)
    This CD makes wanderlust because the melancholic mood pervades the entire plate. Balkan music is brought here in the pop music. Beirut that have little to do per se with polka and the like I do not feel as a negative, so the opponent to Indie is but
  • Unfortunately India goods "flawed"  

    Sony DVD-R blanks 25DMR47SP (16x, 4.7GB, 120min, 25-er spindle) (Electronics)
    Once in local markets DVD's are no longer available in previously known selection, I am dependent on ordering online. After receiving the goods I was disappointed: DVD's not by MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL but by MOSER BAER INDIA. I did not expect anything el
  • Waste from India useless!  

    Sony - CD-R, 48x, 700MB ISO 9660 MODE-1, 50-pack Spindle 80 minutes per CD-R (optional)
    I still have from 2 years ago stock a "green" stem, which were manufactured by "Mitsubishi" in Taiwan and achieve gorgeous results and today even after years have no C2 errors and low C1 error. The delivered spindle is contrary to
  • Waste made in India  

    Sony - DVD + R (recordable), 16x, 50-pack Spindle 120 minutes per DVD (electronic)
    Since it again These are "Moser Baer India" as a producer, (incidentally image does not match the delivered goods match) I have the spindle returned unopened immediately. For more detailed information, read it please my reviews on the 2 oth
  • From because of extra wide! Perhaps in the country of India .. but here?  

    Josef Seibel Bradford 06 Men comfort insole (Shoes)
    Made in India .... because of extra wide. The shoe is about 2 cm narrower than another extra wide shoes I had bestelt. With this shoe, I have a feeling my front foot is stuck in a vise! The leather feels good and also the smell is OK. The processing
  • Also works in India  

    finicon® Avantgarde Ameisenködergel
    Just performed professionally in India. Have, no had a significant problem with probably Pharaoh ants. The poisons available here are not capable to exterminate an entire ant colony, killing this (unfortunately) only relatively quickly the workers. T
  • India to Europe  

    Nirvana (Hardcover)
    Of course, the author has read and revisits "Indian Nocturne" from Tabucchi. Even leaving for India in search of a missing person. The route via Mumbai and Goa is found in the two books. Here we sprinkled a little esoteric and suspense. What is
  • Knowledge of India  

    India (Paperback)
    Do not expect to see pretty pictures: it is primarily a book that teaches you India. And you'll need it, India is becoming a major trading power, we will (hopefully) become a partner, it is the wish of our president as he booked his first foreign vis
  • A trip to India between past and present in the city of Delhi  

    Dehi (Paperback)
    The Indian novelist Khushwant Singh disappeared in December 2014 here offers a novel full of poetry and spirituality, misery and destruction in this sprawling city with many faces that is the capital of India; DELHI. The author gives us a vision of h
  • Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne mysterious India  

    The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes (Paperback)
    One of the most successful adventures I have read in the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, joining a detailed description of India (and rightly saw the author) to a flawless adventure within the meaning references to "canon" of Conan Doyle and
  • Back unexpected for a wonderful indie-pop ballad  

    Indie Cindy (CD)
    More than 20 years after "Trompe le Monde", it would be absurd to expect the Pixies (aka "biggest band in the world in my eyes") serve us the same great grub that has made them successful. Already, meanwhile, half of the current groups
  • indie rock band to discover  

    Je T'aime. (CD)
    cool indie band, beautiful melodies, I saw them in concert at Bota in Brussels, I highly recommend to all
  • Made in india!  

    Bialetti Venus Italian Cafetire 2 Cups Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
    nothing to say about this great Italian tradition if it is fabriqué..en India, not a single CE logo on the box, so I have no idea of ​​the quality of steel used, and I doubt that in India we respect labor law; for ethical consumption, hello the damag
  • MADE IN INDIA is not terrible for the CATERPILLAR  

    Caterpillar Utility Biker, Men Boots (Shoes)
    already owner of two pairs of boots CATERPILLAR Sheffield, I am very disappointed with the finish of it the traces of glue, leather is not beautiful and the zipper is junk. Also after reviewing the boots there is a beautiful made in INDIA on the labe
  • Indie-RPG with a special charm  

    Child of Light (Deluxe Edition includes a download code) (Video Game)
    Child of Light is an indie game, although developed by Ubisoft, but settled in the low budget range. I've always been fan of RPG's and I've purchased one, also due to the low price the game. For game itself. It stands out for the Rayman graphics engi