levis 501 buatan bangladesh


  • Good alternative to the Levis 501  

    Lee KENT L7407084 DARK USED (Textiles)
    Lee has its own understanding of clothing sizes-information. In league I need at the Kent 1 inch less than usual, but the leg lengths come much longer in front of me than 32 inches (compared to the Levis 501). Only when I'm wearing my big shoes, I lo
  • Levis 501  

    Levi's Men's Jeans Straight Leg Modern 501 (Textiles)
    The bid was not immediately obvious that there is a foreign party, the (supposedly) only buys its goods in the United States, with corresponding week long lead time. But the customer service of the provider was quick and friendly in communication, pr
  • Replaces a Levis 501  

    Wrangler Jeans Men Tapered Regular waist GREENSBORO (Textiles)
    Very nice pants which has a modern cut. By elastane it is despite tighter cut very comfortable to wear. I am certainly not a Thin woodpecker, my legs are toned. Especially my thighs. Fits perfectly at 1.85m height. Just FYI: my manufactured in Bangla
  • Original Levi's 501 No fake !!!!!  

    Levi's Men's Jeans Straight Leg Modern 501 (Textiles)
    Hello, First let me say that I almost only Levi's jeans wear and they've always bought in a Levi's store. Now I needed a new pair of jeans again and because I had a voucher for clothing action, I thought to myself I watch something Amazon has so for
  • ***** Very successful, precious top smartphone at a reasonable price ****  

    Huawei Ascend P6 smartphone (11.9 cm (4.7 inches) touch screen, 8 megapixels, 8GB memory, Android 4.2) (Electronics)
    I am already since 3 days proud owner of P6 and have to say I am quite impressed. A brief history, originally I'm on iPhone disciples the first minute, but have always felt at home in the Android world. Always have 2 cell phones had, iPhone and an An
  • Great jeans, unfortunately very long  

    Replay Men's Boot Cut Jeans Bill Strong (Textiles)
    I am quite some time looking for a suitable replacement for the Levis 501 and 527, as I am very dissatisfied with the quality of Levi's for quite some time. After several failed and now expensive bad buys (at least for me and because of my stature, s
  • product copy  

    Levi's 501 Original Fit - Jeans - Right - Men (Clothing)
    j, had ordered a levi's 501 li a year ago, satisfied, this time n, is only a copy, label, marked 501 missing al inner of the back belt color white and yellow stitching, levi '501 original, yellow, dull shiny button 501, so no satisfaiit products
  • The best pants in the world ..  

    Fjällräven Men Pants Karl (Sports Apparel)
    ... Even before the Levis 501! It is very light and thin, but keeps the punishment was to run through the undergrowth. It is slightly water-repellent, when it is time filled right after minutes dry again. There are enough pockets, barely noticeable i
  • Levi's 501 Original Fit (3 pieces in one order)  

    Levis ® 501® Jeans
    I wear since 1967 exclusively ß Lich "Levi's 501 Original Fit" which solely the size varies and am never disappointed. My jeans I bought otherwise only in "Levi's Shops" - take off my size from the stack, pay no annoying fitting and &q
  • Levi's® 501 Original - Jean - Right / Regular  

    Levi's 501 Original Fit - Jeans - Right - Men (Clothing)
    I generally do my Jeans purchases directly in stores. However, given the kinds of not very motivated sellers that we have in front of us, I made the jump to Amazon. Well protected, true to my wish. But careful Jeans Indonesia and not just the USA.
  • Levi's 501  

    Man Levi's 501 Original Fit Jeans (Clothing)
    Too bad there is a hitch 3 cm² to the inner base of the right leg, otherwise it would have been perfect. See photo attached a gesture of goodwill would be welcome.
  • Levis discount or "under Levis"?  

    Levi's 501 Original Fit - Jeans - Right - Men (Clothing)
    I was surprised by the mountain of negative comments from customers unhappy and pretend all unpleasantly surprised by the product. Now I know why I ordered 2 Levis that one and one black. So first the sizes do not match / more when I wear for 20 year
  • 501 - Classic and robust - Be careful when choosing size  

    Levi's Men's Jeans Straight Leg Modern 501 (Textiles)
    The 501 of Levis is distinguished in my opinion by the durability and the classic cut. While other manufacturers Jeans (Esprit, Diesel etc.) after 6-12 months stress show me wear (I drive daily bike), is the 501 after this period still in very good c
  • Schade: Levis changed pattern very disadvantageous!  

    Levi's® Jeans Men's 751 Standard Fit / Regular Fit, 00751 (Textiles)
    For decades I buy Levis Jeans. In the future, no more likely or just with easy return option. Why? Previously you got when you stated size Wxx / Lxx type and number, always the same cut and could be sure that the pants fit. This time is over! Presuma
  • Made in Pakistan vs Made in Bangladesh  

    Levi's® Jeans Men's 751 Standard Fit / Regular Fit, 00751 (Textiles)
    The information provided by Amazon Levi's 751 blue (Stonebleach) is made in Bangladesh and so different from a 1,5 years ago in Levi's Store purchases, sizes identical, Made in Pakistan Blue (Stonebleach) that you only with enough imagination can spe
  • Ne 501 flat  

    Levi's Men's Jeans Straight Leg Modern 501 (Textiles)
    Everything as expected, Levi's 501 with buttons, as they had many times. Best price I had found. Would the Büx buy the same conditions again here.
  • Not the usual Levi's quality; perhaps counterfeiting.  

    Levi's Men's Jeans Straight Leg Modern 501 (Textiles)
    Caution I already owned several 501er from different Jean shops that always like an egg resembled each another. This, however, here has strong variations, which is why their authenticity and thus the product quality and durability is in question. Con
  • Euro smart single lever mixer Grohe - highly recommended  

    Grohe 33281001 Euro Smart Single - lever sink mixer DN 15, chrome (tool)
    Our old faucet was totally calcified after eight years of use and leaking, so it had to be renewed. Since I could not find a craftsman who wanted to use my newly acquired Amazon Faucet Grohe, I had my old bones bend and make the assembly itself. It w
  • Levis Henley  

    Levi's 'Henley' Long Sleeve (Textiles)
    Have I left with the review a little time to see how the shirt would look after a few washes and frequent wearing. In short, I was not disappointed. So far, it fits like the first day, the fabric is very comfortable to wear and you also do not get as
  • Hansgrohe Focus Single Lever Kitchen Mixer chrome  

    Hansgrohe sink mixer tap Focus with L-swivel spout, chrome, 31817000 (tool)
    This kitchen mixers from Hansgrohe I have not ordered from Amazon, but at a different shop where I ordered already fittings for the bathroom habe.Es was important to me that the handle is positioned to the left, because I sink right and left shelf, s