logitech z906 vs edifier s550


  • Edifier S550 VS. Logitech Z906  

    Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System THX and Dolby Digital (electronic)
    Good day, I was able to both systems extensively compare. I make it short: Edifier: sounds balanced, especially in middle-Breich. Edifier: is processed valent. Edifier: bring higher sonorous bass over, due to 2 passive membrane. Edifier: bass reprodu
  • Not suitable for Logitech Z906 screws  

    TechSol 4 Pack Black Universal Wall Mounts for Speakers (Electronics)
    In itself it is super wall brackets, but unfortunately totally unsuitable for the Logitech Z906! The screws that came with the wall brackets, unfortunately do not fit with the English UMC 1/4 "(inches) Thread the Logitech Z906 match and although
  • Screws for Logitech Z906 - this match!  

    5x 1/4 "12mm camera screw hex - steel (Electronics)
    After I made my search of wall mounts for my Logitech Z906, I stumbled over that special screws are necessary. The search then led me to this one. Friday ordered, Mondays in the mailbox, tried directly, fits. Wonderful. Now I'm just waiting for the h
  • Suitable for Logitech Z906  

    5x 1/4 "15mm camera screw flat head - steel (Electronics)
    I ordered the screws that have been missing since the appropriate screws for the wall brackets for my Logitech Z906. The wall mounts were suggested to me by Amazon to the plant. The screws that came, but unfortunately have not fit because the satelli
  • For Logitech Z906  

    5x 1/4 "12mm camera screw hex - steel (Electronics)
    These screws fit perfectly to the Logitech Z906 speakers Anlage.Sie I can only recommend this as the length is ausreichend.Damit has the search Ende.Super
  • Good quality, fit for Logitech Z906 speakers  

    5x 1/4 "12mm camera screw hex - steel (Electronics)
    What can you say to screw great? Well made, clean thread and fits perfectly into the thread of the Logitech Z906 speakers. The length is correct. Shipping was 6 days with a little long but it can neither the dealer (sent on the day of the order), nor
  • Not compatible with Logitech Z906  

    5 Pack Universal Wall Mount for Satellite Speakers / Home Theater System (Electronics)
    Good product but misleading description (it is not universal) and the screw hole is not compatible with the Logitech Z906 5.1 kit
  • Logitech Z623 VS Edifier C3  

    Logitech Z623 2.1 PC Speaker System (Personal Computers)
    I want to comment briefly on a small comparison between the Logitech Z623 and the Edifier C3 here. One thing first: I have the speakers on the TV at a distance of 2.5 - 3 m tested. For use on PC the aural impression differs from possibly. When the Lo
  • Fits on detours to the Logitech Z906  

    2x speakers Boxenwandhalterung wall bracket for Teufel Concept E 100/200/300/400, Yamaha NS-AW 592, Boston Acoustics sound goods Cube XS satellites Dynavox AS-301 WS-502, Harman Kardon HK S4, LSM-SW 3-way, Magnat Needle aluminum Sat, McVoice ADX 2995, MINX Min11 know OMNITRONIC PCW-10 column speaker IP44, satellite boxes ADX 2995 SYNN stereo flat panel wall speakers set, satellite boxes Loudspeakers trapezoidal boxes AS-301 (Electronics)
    The wall brackets are for my purposes OK, but I came to tinkering not around. (See below) The wall brackets are just boxes side and the boxes have a slight inward curve. This means that the the holders are pressed only at two points against the box .
  • Fits 1A for Logitech Z906  

    5x 1/4 "12mm camera screw hex - steel (Electronics)
    I have the screws for the Z906 used for mounting bracket flawless workmanship no tilting or similar Shipping is 1A despite consignment ..... on Thursday ordered on Friday in the mailbox .... Top Support is also Super Instant Response get.
  • Logitech Z906 system speacker  

    Logitech Speaker System Z906 Speaker System 5.1 Wireless Remote Satellites 3D Surround Sound Stereo Subwoofer 500 watts Black (Electronics)
    Hello, I vien to control the Z906, I am satisfied with the product itself, but I would have just a claim on the appellation. (AttacHMent WALL) and I'm above not find them in the carton while its separately sold to a little less than 30 euro. Thank yo
  • Very good 5.1 speaker Logitech Z906 these.  

    Logitech Speaker System Z906 Speaker System 5.1 Wireless Remote Satellites 3D Surround Sound Stereo Subwoofer 500 watts Black (Electronics)
    These are very good 5.1certifiées THX speakers, the sound is powerful 500W in total, and the connection is complete. The only fault I have found their, are the (5 fixing screws to secure them to the wall not included) because the U.S standards are al
  • Logitech Z906  

    TechSol 5 Pack Black Universal Wall Mounts for Speakers (Electronics)
    As written here several times: processing well Pastik stable mounting some technical skill not a problem. Since the wall brackets are mounted runs around, you have a little fiddle. I got the 1/4 inch screws Sechskan dazubestellt Since the supplied no
  • Supersound, Geiler Sub * - *  

    Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System THX and Dolby Digital (electronic)
    I have informed me long and was thinking between Z5500 and Z906. Devil, Edifier, Logitech Devil e400 or Edifier S550 came only out of the question, since there was no built-in 5.1 decoding. Was in some review that the Z906 with eg. the Edifier / devi
  • Top value for money! 4  

    TechSol 4 Pack Black Universal Wall Mounts for Speakers (Electronics)
    I bought this box holders for the Logitech Z906 5.1 system, and am very pleased with both the nature of which, as well as with the installation on the wall and appearance. The plastic of which the holders are made is very durable and well made. The t
  • Match 1  

    5x 1/4 "15mm camera screw flat head - steel (Electronics)
    Adjust the: Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System Speaker, however, are for: robust 1 Pair Speaker Stands / Satellite Stand 4.5kg each, a bit too long, so I had to put two washers between.
  • Economical  

    1 pair of speaker stands / Satellite Stand 4.5kg per load, speaker stand / speaker stand column (Electronics)
    Purpose is achieved by the arrangement of the speaker in the surround area very important. Sufficient for the rear two speakers Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System. Otherwise, they were always too low, now they have the correct height and can be aligned
  • Super price / performance 42  

    Ligawo ® HDMI Switch 4x1 - Pro 1080p 3D - Toslink / SPDIF - 3.5mm audio (Electronics)
    Real great device for the price! 4 inputs - are> which 3 on the back and 1 on the right side (viewed from the front) On the right entrance to hang Chromecast, going from super from the square. On the left side a Toslink cable going to my Logitech
  • Serve their purpose 9  

    deleyCON HQ stereo audio cable [10m] - 2x RCA male to 2x RCA plug - gold plated (Electronics)
    The acquisition was for the connection between the DVD player and speaker system from Logitech Z906 type. I'm very satisfied, the cable fit for purpose
  • Super surround sound system at a super price  

    Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker System THX and Dolby Digital (electronic)
    Good day, I have this system now been a good 1/2 year in operation. The system will find me in a 18m² room to use it. In operation, there is a PC with the sound card "Asus Xonar D1" (via Toslink - optical), a Samsung LCD TV (via Toslink - Optica