Lovetesa app


  • fun puzzle app with addictive  

    LYNE (App)
    This app is perfect for in-between. But if you're not careful, it can happen fast, that one is so much under the spell that you forget everything around you. So watch out for example on the train, that you get out will not forget. Conceptually, it is
  • Super Game but shaky App  

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (App)
    I'm quite a fan of Warcraft, therefore, obvious that I wanted to try Hearthstone. From the game itself, I am absolutely convinced, however, the Amazon app has yet to make a fundamental error of the game hardly more than 10 minutes to play. Namely, th
  • super app to manage images and secure  

    Amazon pictures - Cloud Drive (App)
    I love this app. All photos of the smartphone will be automatically uploaded to the free Amazon Cloud. Here you can view the pictures on their PC or other mobile devices then. The annoying copy back and forth is omitted.
  • more apps and personalization necessary - Spotify only possible with extra hardware  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    The device is technically and optically really great and also for real layman to use. However, I miss a little more customizability of the home screen and a filter for prime content. The use of voice search in apps would be great. But a big downer is
  • An app for reliable music recognition - now ad-free  

    Shazam Encore (App)
    If you want to know how a song is the degree on the radio - this is the app for that. So far, it has been recognized each piece. I used to date the free version, so far as the Encore version was briefly offered freely to my delight in the Amazon Stor
  • Settlers ... now have an app ...  

    Catan - The Game Edition 2015 (Toys)
    This edition of the famous old classic game is now available in a more modern layout and with an app extension. The game is about to colonize the island of Catan, to win all kinds of resources and to make his fortune in the construction of settlement
  • The KOTOR app is finally available for the Kindle Fire! Awesome!  

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (app)
    I was already last year look pleased when I found out by accident from the port of Aspyr, and was also very disappointed that I can not play on the Kindle (Kindle Fire HDX 7 a "3rd Gen). For the Most games apps for small Android (like) little de
  • Works with Skifta and Walkman App  

    AirReceiver (App)
    The app is easy to set up and do what you want. The UPnP / DLNA streaming immediately work with Skifta or Sony Walkman app. The Fire Tv was Exporer visible in Windows (8) immediately. Prima part in more reliable playback than my Panasonic Blu Ray Pla
  • Good App  

    Plants vs. Zombies (Kindle Tablet Edition) (App)
    I find the app really cool, a good pastime game. But when I changed my name in the game were gone all solved level and Co.! Therefore only 3 stars. Otherwise would have Plants vs. Zombies deserves 5 stars.
  • Good app to stream music  

    Airtight (App)
    I can hear with the help of the music app from my Synology on Fire TV. Works as it should, no Intermittent. If the surface would be a bit prettier, there were five stars.
  • Unfortunately, APP is not useful!  

    VIMU Player (App)
    Lack of lack of variety of UPnP / DLNA player for Firestick, I was forced to buy this app. Unfortunately there is no free demo version, because then it would be 'the APP uninstalled faster than instaliert been and I would have saved me money. For sho
  • Plays only a few formats, as DLNA app unusable  

    VIMU Player (App)
    Had the app to buy movies from my NAS via the Amazon Fire TV play. But unfortunately was a waste of money. - Had some MKV's tried, almost all without sound - TS which were recorded with the Panasonic recorder plays not the app - My Panosonic DMR BST7
  • Really a great app  

    AirPlay / DLNA receivers (PRO) (App)
    I have at home a MacBook Air 13 "and was on a quest for a streaming app via AirPlay on the Fire TV. I have to say that I let myself be guided here was just from previous recessions, the app but is really great. The setting on the app itself is e
  • Class App  

    Weather Live - Detailed forecasts and live weather conditions (app)
    I had to get lucky the app free. However, I would have paid for it. The widget is very beautiful and elegant. Runs smoothly on my Galaxy S3 and does not need all too much battery. I highly recommend it!
  • great and safe app, only here with less updates.  

    Threema (App)
    I use threema like and am also for updates, bug fixes and improvements for the purpose. Unfortunately I did not get the latest updates on Amazon. Despite AmazonApp sync my installed apps. So in threema creates a backup and uninstalled. And once again
  • App runs fine, but recipes very spotty.  

    Jamie's 20 minutes Meals (App)
    On the Galaxy Note Pro (tray) running the app flawlessly (Android 4.4.2) However, many recipes are, where you has to factor first time shopping one hour.
  • Prima App  

    Handy Clock (App)
    The clock does what it is supposed to work on my TV Stick Fire, it would be desirable if one could set the clock so that they can be seen at a glance and is automatically hidden in launched apps.
  • Good app just for me it always crashes  

    Goat Simulator (App)
    A good app only when I'm running around about 2 minutes no matter where no matter what card is always the same, a state I hope that the image resolving other good graphics as the PC
  • Best TV guide app!  

    KLACK TV program - The fastest TV (App)
    Meanwhile, I have almost all electronic program guides tried (for PC). This one is the best by far. Pros: - Very clearly for a 7 inch tablet - All for me important channels available (great choice) - Several easy to be created and sorted channel list