lupano panaccione books an ocean of love


  • The book that made me love books ....  

    1984 (Paperback)
    Everything has probably been written about this book, so rather than talk about the story itself, it may be more demonstrative to tell you about my history with this novel ... In my youth I have rarely read, and with the college, high school and prep
  • little book that made me love Germany ...  

    The Silence of the Sea (Paperback)
    My title is deliberately paradoxical. I read this charming little book sixteen. Holidays following summer, I left for the first time to discover Germany, I went for the first time at the opera (in Munich), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau himself was on stag
  • A nice book about friendship and love with a lot of humor!  

    An Abundance of Katherines (Paperback)
    An Abundance of Katherines is a book with a protagonist who is very special. Colin has an IQ of about 200, but connected with it is not only a powerful brain, but also a little "self-willed" character. Colin is nice and quite sympathetic, but ca
  • a book full of humor, love and adventure  

    The pack of the Phoenix, Volume 1: Trey Coleman (Paperback)
    Very good book I devoured, an exciting story and devouring a Share of history and romance between a rebellious wolf who is unable to transform and dangerous wolf known for its savagery I looked forward to as I advise against to those who do not like
  • A nice book for those who love the expressions  

    1001 favorite phrases of French (Hardcover)
    The book is the author of the site I delight in rediscovering the expressions of the French language which were previously only available through the site. A must have gender
  • Wonderful book - if you really love literature, you will spend a good time.  

    The art of telling (Paperback)
    This really is one of the most interesting books that I read. A walk through the literature, an explanation of some literary devices, all has nothing to do with a manual, rather it is a literary work in itself. The choice of novelists that made the a
  • A book for people who love cats, who love good way  

    How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom (Paperback)
    Book and gift blink Wave to a loving feline with a touch of humor. Nothing wrong. A Julien and Aimé
  • An unusual book to discover and love the madness!  

    Comic Asylum News (Paperback)
    Over the twenty-stories in this collection testimony François Boquet evokes tenderness, humor or derision, the situations he has experienced during his internment. Trivia medical, psychological and personal, the author knows how to touch us with word
  • I discovered the author I love  

    Mom is wrong (Paperback)
    Author I did not know, discovered following a radio ad and a catchy book title. I love the style of writing, a compelling story that keeps us in suspense until the end of the book. Well written and catchy, it's hard to look up from his book as we wan
  • This book was so inspirational and emotional,  

    Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man and Life's Greatest Lesson (Hardcover)
    This Was Such a good book !! I have to admitted, though, I watched Reviews some of the movie before I read the book, qui I hate to do. I found out, though, that 'the movie is surprisingly accurate. I mean, while I Was reading the book, pictures and p
  • THE book hugs  

    I always will, whatever happens (Album)
    If there is ONE book to choose to discuss the feeling of love from a parent (both Dad mom) to her child, it is this one! A compelling story, funny, touching and safe for children, but also reassuring for parents who may worry about their absence from
  • A wonderful science book  

    The Secret Melody: The Stepford the Universe (Paperback)
    Trinh Xuan Thuan, an astrophysicist by profession, to the magic in this book to make us discover how not one to not discover the universe of Greek origins to the most recent discoveries and what that structure forces and laws the universe. Very clear
  • fan of the book series  

    South community, Volume 13: The last death (Paperback)
    the last volume, alas ... I love the book series and I love the author. I do not like the series that is too part in drift compared to the stories of books. Too bad the adventures of Sookie end there.
  • I loved! I recommend this book  

    The night of the almond tree (Paperback)
    Great book. Me who loves Provence, I felt the smell ... I was ... The culture of the almond tree I was quite unknown, and have discovered. I was in the streets of Gap with Anna. And cooking recipes, I'll highlight them for identifying and achieving t
  • Very interesting book 6  

    1515 - The invention of the Renaissance (Paperback)
    I expected more of a book containing more illustrations, and could be more easily read by teenagers. Despite this disappointment, I took my courage and I started the book. Although some descriptions and details can be quite long, the book reads easil
  • Book 51  

    Disappeared Into the Night (Paperback)
    Hello, this was a very good book and I really love, I can recommend another book by the author, we'll see later, I wish you a good day Dominique
  • Super love story! I love  

    One look (Paperback)
    A truly great book counselor all who love light love stories, funny and sexy! I loved it so do not hesitate, it's great! definitely my favorite book of this collection milady book romance.Ce m & rite although its five stars.
  • Super Book 27  

    Tomorrow I Quit! (Paperback)
    I completely loved this book, lots of humor, love of self and even derision !!! I advice this is a reading that puts in a good mood :)
  • 47 good book  

    Sense and Sensibility (Paperback)
    This is a very good book, even if I did not like that "Pride and Prejudice". We find the particular style of Jane Austen, and the book format can transport it easily if we do not have too small a bag. I recommend this book to anyone who loves th
  • On a philosophical scope much broader than love  

    The revolution of love: For a lay spirituality (Paperback)
    Luc Ferry uses the theme of love to give the reader his worldview in 2011, the book is not only love, the author uses this central theme to show the world view he wants, that 'hopes for the world to which it belongs, as a philosopher recognized by it