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  • Speakers Magnat 1  

    Magnat Monitor Supreme 200 pair of speakers 2-way bass reflex RMS power 90 W Walnut (Electronics)
    So there! Hats off to the Magnat brand !! Excellent speakers of an amazing quality level! Musicality, sensitivity (ie no need for a powerful amp) are at the rendezvous. For a relatively small wonder they develop a safe and with ease. Excellent on var
  • quality magnate at the right price  

    Magnat Monitor Supreme Sub 301A Subwoofer bass reflex RMS power 100 W Black (Electronics)
    As always with Magnat quality material even for the entry level Being equipped Magnat Vector Needle for 10 years for home theater use, I ordered the 301A sub box waiting to get my omega of the same brand that has to deal with an electrical overload d
  • Super Price / Leistungswoofer of Magnat  

    Magnat Pro Charger 130 300 mm bandpass subwoofer (400/1200 watts) (Electronics)
    Quality product from Magnat with very good price / performance ratio .. Ideal for those who have no money of thousands of euros to invest in a plant and still want to have a rich bass.
  • Compare: "Magnat monitor Supreme 200" - "AEG LB 4711"  

    Magnat monitor Supreme 200, bookshelf speakers, black (1 pair) (Electronics)
    Preface: I try - whenever possible - to avoid returns. Mir is reluctant to take things for the purpose of "trial and error" to order. In this case I made an exception - and am very happy. The boxes were as a Christmas present for our Junior, 14y
  • Test Magnat monitor Supreme 200 - depends on what you plan with the boxes  

    Magnat monitor Supreme 200, bookshelf speakers, black (1 pair) (Electronics)
    The Magnat monitor Supreme 200 make for really low price of 115, - (!), For the couple mind, a very good impression. The appearance is sleek, very discreetly with the cloth aperture, the processing of wood and technique with no obvious flaws .... bec
  • Magnat monitor Supreme 100 excellent shelf speaker  

    Magnat monitor Supreme 100 2-way bookshelf speaker pair, bass reflex 89 dB cherry (Electronics)
    The Magnat monitor Supreme bookshelf speaker is characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio and is especially suitable for the sonication of small and medium room sizes and can also put comfortably as Sorround box for home theater systems i
  • Under Magnat 673 they make Super  

    1 pair of speaker stands V2L Black-Line * long version * of glass / aluminum with spikes, 2 columns, cable channel integrated (electronic)
    Lacy price / performance, optics, processing and customer service! When I opened the package I was first disappointed because the wrong color has been delivered, but helped an email and it was me immediately the correct sent with R├╝ckholschein for wr
  • Magnat BS 30  

    Magnat Edition BS 30 300mm closed cabinet subwoofer (800 watts) (Electronics)
    Have this subwoofer to a Mac Audio ZX 2000 Black Edition connected. The power ranges from all times. Have the Subwoofer installed in my Peugeot 206 3-door. Even with minimal bass intensity wiggle Ausenspiegel. The end Level I bolted to the back of th

    Magnat Monitor Supreme Center 250 2-way speaker RMS power 75 W Black (Electronics)
    Very good product. Restitution of sound frequencies. Advisor product. Very satisfied with my purchase. Very good brand and good aesthetics.

    Magnat Monitor Supreme 200 speaker pair 2-way bass reflex RMS power 90 W Black (Electronics)
    Restitution of frequencies. Very good aesthetics. Product to recommend. Very good speaker brand. Speakers may be suspended or asked my preference suspended.
  • Magnat Monitor Supreme Sub 301A Subwoofer  

    Magnat Monitor Supreme Sub 301A Subwoofer bass reflex RMS power 100 W Black (Electronics)
    Bought to replace one of my Yamaha home theater. It is much bigger and really strong tape. The bass is very present, it changes all the listening.
  • Magnat speakers  

    Magnat Interior 501 5.1 Home Cinema System (Electronics)
    Super price / performance ratio. Great sound and good workmanship. The mounting / assembly was also very easy. My husband has had these things in five minutes together. If some write here, the assembly would last so long, then there is probably more
  • Magnat Needle aluminum Sat black, 1 pair  

    Magnat Needle aluminum Sat Black (Pair) (Electronics)
    Have tried a lot, it seemed to me on the clear language and that I am older, I had problems. I then run as a solution as these LS Center and are the left and right of the TV, set the crossover frequency as recommended 150Hz, now I can finally underst
  • Best Car Radio  

    Sony MEXBT3900U CD / MP3 / WMA tuner (AUX-In, 4 x 52 Watt, USB) (Electronics)
    Installation in my VW Polo 6N2 was simple, simply pull apart the polarity when ISO adapter and reposition, already all settings remain after received the key is removed. Sound is superhot with my mounted from Vorbestizer magnate boxes with little EQ
  • Except for the low bass reproduction world class  

    Canton Vento 890 DC tower speaker (180/340 watt) black high gloss (piece) (Accessories)
    Basically, everything is described here is my own opinion and my own feeling !!! Of course, everyone can look different, since everyone has a different taste and / sensation. Extensive testing hearing in a high-end store with 8 screening rooms has th
  • Satisfied .... 20  

    Speaker wall bracket pair (2 pieces) black LSB1 support professional (electronics)
    Before you order this wall mount, you should definitely a price comparison to make. So once a little searching. For the same product, there are many different prices. The screws and dowels. (Mounting hardware) Dear manufacturers, this scrap let it of
  • super home theater system with a slight sagging in Software  

    LG BH7230BB 3D Blu-ray 5.1 Home Theater System (HDMI) (Electronics)
    The installation was relatively simple, helpful are the standard speaker terminals, where you can easily connect it other speakers if required, except for the subwoofer is connected, unfortunately, over a fixed connector with the system. Am now not s
  • Expresses quite well!  

    Magnat Pro Charger 130 300 mm bandpass subwoofer (400/1200 watts) (Electronics)
    Have I bought the Pro Charger few days ago at Media Markt and am completely satisfied with the thing! Previously had the magnate BS30 in the car and that was pretty good. But simply wanted to create a new of a little more pressure. It is operated by
  • The emergence of a myth  

    The Legend - The battle for "Citizen Kane" (DVD)
    With the most important first: this film course is aimed at connoisseurs and fans of "Citizen Kane". So if you have not seen Orson Welles' masterpiece from 1941, which should do beforehand necessarily. For film buffs, this film is a must in
  • I am completely satisfied!  

    LG BP620 3D Blu-ray player (Smart TV, DLNA, Wi-Fi, HDMI, 1080p upscaler, USB) Black (Personal Computers)
    Suitable for a LG Full HD TV I wanted to get away from my PS3 to a Blu-ray player that also can access my wireless network. Decided I have for this device for which I before ca. one months have 160 issued at the big blue power (times) Market [;-)]! W