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  • For those who are no longer cold feet want!  

    Medisana FWS Foot Warmer, Oeko-Tex 100 standard (Personal Care)
    Foot warmers are a possibility prakitsche quickly warm feet get. When I wanted to buy a foot warmer to me a year ago, I made the unpleasant experience that most electric foot warmers are apparently designed only for petite people with small feet. Wit
  • Warm feet .... well ...  

    Medisana FWS Foot Warmer, Oeko-Tex 100 standard (Personal Care)
    The Medisana foot warmer meet the demands that the feet do not quite keep warm. Those who expect hot feet, is not satisfied even at level 3. First: The Füßwärmer is easy to use. Simply pick from the box, put the plug into the socket, the controller t
  • Cold feet ade  

    Crocs Mammoth (Textiles)
    Fortunately, I came in search of a remedy for cold feet in these shoes. Opinions about Crocs can apparently divided into 2 camps: either you hate or you love them - this experience I made in my circle. I am very pleased with my execution in a simple
  • No more cold feet!  

    Haflinger Kanon unisex adult Flat slippers (shoes)
    Pretty slippers that make instantly warm feet. Slip sole, so you can sometimes briefly go out with it. Would I buy again at any time.
  • great slippers for warm feet  

    Kitz - Pichler Ötz Unisex Adult High slippers (shoes)
    My husband loves the slippers. The make nice warm feet and look good too. The gray is also OK.
  • Helpful protection against cold feet  

    Bama Alu Therm Airtech, silver (Shoes)
    Had my insoles ordered for my sneakers, so I do not get cold feet in the autumn / spring. The isolation and the feel are top. Since I have narrow feet / shoes, the soles are also good without strong slipping. You fall out To Size. The price I find fi
  • Smooth Feet  

    TV our original 02980 vitalmaxx Comfort Callus (Personal Care)
    Initially had my doubts whether cope with each other at my feet and the device. Have plenty of cornea (due to illness). The Callus not make with me indeed everything, but he improved the condition dramatically. Have been buying so far not regretted.
  • In short, what fine for the feet.  

    Scholl Velvet Smooth Intensive Serum, 1-pack (1 x 30 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    What is the Scholl Velvet Smooth Intensive Serum? In short, what fine for the feet. The main ingredients are hyaluronic acid, Green Caviar and Pentavitin. Hyaluronic acid has certainly heard it before. They strongly binds moisture, is used in some cr
  • Cold feet Adé 1  

    Hot Sox & Thermo Maxx heat grains slippers sizes 36-46 8 colors (Textiles)
    I Love My Hot Sox! Fast for two minutes at full strength in the micro and already are the feet toasty warm! The first uses it or smell very strong, however, that passes after repeated use! I am very happy with it and use it in the winter very often.
  • Wonderfully warm feet  

    Bosotherm Fußwärmer 3000, 1 St (household goods)
    A Top Foot Warmer, at level 3, the feet are so warm that they sweat, better then to put on 1, so power is sufficient since. Have shoe size 45 for ranges of warmer fine.
  • Warm feet for Schreibtischtäter :-))  

    Beurer FW 20 Cosy foot warmer (Personal Care)
    Once it is cold outside - and the floor of my study remains refreshingly cool despite heating - needed a source of heat for long hours at a desk. I have long hesitated to me (32 years) as a "Senior Product" zuzulegen. But I wanted to get at
  • Pleasant warmth on your feet even for "frostbite"  

    Beurer FW 20 Cosy foot warmer (Personal Care)
    First, the most important points: The information on the product are here on this page at Amazon, except for the photo, almost all wrong (as of 18.12.2010). The foot warmer has namely a three-position switch ("Off" + 3 heat) and a power of
  • Warm feet  

    Medisana FWS Foot Warmer, Oeko-Tex 100 standard (Personal Care)
    When someone has warm feet and what heat he feels about them, everyone has to judge for themselves. I know that I already feel a small amount of heat. Positive things: The cover is already fluffy, also the foot warmer is so soft that I can move well
  • Chicken feet can rock!  

    III (Audio CD)
    rgendwie I did not believe that the so-called supergroup Chickenfoot be reloading after their first and very good album yet another. Often these collaborations seasoned musicians are indeed rather short-lived. In the case of the chicken feet but musi
  • wear sweaty feet with every  

    Crocs Crocband unisex Children Clogs (Textiles)
    I myself am an absolute fan of crocs because they are ideal as a home or garden shoes suitable. time to slip the main thing is comfortable in summer and winter ... perfect! why should a few for our daughter here. actually were the crocs Classic plann
  • beautiful boots - but nothing for narrow feet  

    Tamaris 25508 Ladies High boots (shoes)
    These are really nice boots from nice smooth nappa leather. The processing can be left no wishes, the heel height is perfect and the boots height is just right. In addition, the boots are lightweight and comfortable lining. But, unfortunately, unfort
  • Unfortunately, these shoes do not fit on my feet  

    John W. Sonelle 9363 A Ladies Pumps (Shoes)
    Because of all Notes / Reviews my "previous speakers" I ordered these shoes. Most reviews were pretty positive and I had "particularly suitable for wide / narrow feet" never problems with footwear within the meaning of "parti
  • for really warm feet  

    Brubaker ABS Stopper slippers men and women who made genuine leather lined with fur lining Gr. 35 - 47 (textiles)
    Since I changed from carpet to laminate in my apartment, I got lately always cold feet. Now the season is due also explicable. I then ordered me blind these slippers and must say class. The slippers are really nice and warm and even cooled-feet come
  • Best socks for sensitive feet  

    6 pairs of socks Camano "Ca-Soft" without rubber pressure / Art. 3642 / Unisex (Textiles)
    Best socks for delicate and sensitive feet. I have my favorite socks found. A product with replacement factor. My feet say thank you. There remains the question somewhat thinner socks for neuropathic feet.
  • Super shoe for stressed feet  

    Tamaris TREND 1-1-25206-22 Ladies Lace Up Brogues (Shoes)
    I am engaged in trade and thus the whole day on their feet, because it's important to wear a lightweight, comfortable shoe. Because I liked the look, I ordered him to brown. After a try, I was so excited that I everything you could wish for him even