makita DF330DSP1A vs DF330DWE


  • Bosch GSR 10.8 Li VS Makita DF330DWE  

    Makita cordless drill DF330DWE 10.8V, 1.3Ah (tool)
    So much time in front: I am a layman and not working every day with power tools. Also cheaper devices would Realistically enough for my purposes, but quality and well thought-out to make me at work more fun along the lines of work and play (which in
  • 2 x 18V / 5aH or 4aH Makita batteries BL 1850 & 1840 work with this mower! ... And you should have it!  

    Makita BLM430ZX2C cordless lawn mower 36 V Li-Ion (tool)
    I make it short: Weaknesses: mowing problems in higher grass or at too low height of cut, in particular moss, expensive batteries only dry grass or cancel at onset of the rainy immediately mowing, the plot size and the grass height, and how fully the
  • Makita?  

    Makita P-44046 Drill / Bit Set 216 pcs (tool)
    This case has the name Makita really do not deserve. Even those who want to work with it for the first time, will have problems viewing the tools from the inferior recordings (especially the small tools such as drills) elicit. Replacement is mated to
  • MAKITA good name for something ago Why there?  

    Makita P-44046 Drill / Bit Set 216 pcs (tool)
    I bought this set, after I had fallen with a similar but no-name part of the Tele Shop. Around 60 Euro seemed equal a little too cheap for good goods. But I thought to myself, where it says Makita is also quality in it. When unpacking, however, I not
  • Should not carry the name of MAKITA  

    Makita P-44046 Drill / Bit Set 216 pcs (tool)
    Property me Toolbox concerned as a supplement to my other MAKITA bits and drills. The trunk is very extensive stocked but with very poor quality, the / bits / drill bits is comparable in any way with regular MAKTIA tools. Drills for example so that a
  • Makita, really? Hard to believe  

    Makita D-37194 Drill Bit Set 200 pcs. (Tool)
    Love artisan community, The case has now been two days with me and it was my first bad buy in Makita Wonderland. I am willing to spend a little more money, so I can also work with quality. The interior of the case was partly dirty (despite the sealin
  • Super Wrench Makita  

    Makita cordless drill DDF459RMJ 18 V / 4.0 Ah, 2 batteries and charger MAKPAC (tool)
    Thought long about this screwdriver from Makita buying as some competitive products also are good and cheaper! The quality of the electric screwdriver to remember is the same and has a lot of strength thanks to the battery. The batteries last full ou
  • Quality fits as always with Makita  

    Makita Cordless Hammer 18V, 1.5 Ah battery included lamp, DHP453RYLJ (tool)
    Familiar Makita - quality. Percussion drill for little use ok. Led lamp very bright. The only real minus, unfortunately, no guarantee extension to the manufacturer - the Amazon website acc.Manufacturer is not an authorized dealer..
  • unusually poor quality of Makita  

    Makita P-44046 Drill / Bit Set 216 pcs (tool)
    Do a few weeks storage in the basement (dry !!!) started the first bits used to rust. The unused had a kind antirust / fat layer on it. After 2 weeks, the first cross is - bit broken, more were to follow. Total unusually poor quality for Makita. Pric
  • 2000mAh external battery for Makita 6317  

    Kraftmax 12V battery for MAKITA - 2000mAh / NI-CD - 1220/1222/1230/1233/1234/1235/1201/1202 / 192598-2 / 6227D / 12 V (Electronics)
    Have the battery several times now loaded with a special computer-controlled charger and a charge capacity of 2300 mAh get a value. The discharge-capacity amounts to according to the charger about 2000mAh >> exactly in accordance with the manuf
  • Makita forever  

    Makita LCT315X Combo Kit 10.8V (+ TD090D JR102D + ML101), 2 batteries and charger (tool)
    Already have 2 other cordless screwdriver from Makita and wanted now to matching impact wrench (Battery 10.8V) use it. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised as a 100 chipboard screw in wood without pre-drilling was scorched. So for the semi-pro-your
  • Does not meet the expectations of Makita - for the price but okay  

    Makita drill bit set 99-piece, P-30835 (tool)
    A set for the ambitious handyman, which probably covers all needs. The life I can not say anything yet, but well on the trunk. This is cheapest soft plastic quality, as I know it from various freebies with fine screwdrivers etc. But everyone knows th
  • Makita drill and bit assortment  

    Makita drill bit set 99-piece, P-30835 (tool)
    Have this bit and drill range for a year and am not as happy as I had imagined from Makita. There are nähmlich with me already all 3 small PZ2 bits which were present therein, moderate to heavy use, canceled. Furthermore, I can say that the magnetic
  • makita - also makes the garden a  

    Makita BUR181Z battery - trimmers, Li-Ion 18 V, solo instrument without battery, without charger (tool)
    sensatoinelle battery performance. We have approximately 1,500 m2 garden with many rough edges ... normally get by with a battery. one can only say: unique, this Makita. the fast delivery pleased also. highly recommended.
  • Makita UD2500 - Practice Test  

    Makita electric UD2500 - Chopper, for thick branches and soft shredded, 2500 W (tool)
    + Assembly was simple, but large washers have used, as I refer to the included disks (which is approximately the diameter of the screw heads had) had concerns about whether they distribute the pressure sufficiently to zuverschraubenden plastic part.
  • Familiar Makita- quality  

    Makita angle grinder GA5030KSP1 in suitcase incl. Accessories (tool)
    Quality meets the expectations that I have to Makita - again all at a Makita device and the case is really nice top.
  • Makita BHP 453RHE  

    Makita BHP453RHE Cordless Hammer 18V, 2 batteries and charger (tool)
    I have the cordless screwdriver is now for a few weeks. The big bet is still to come, but basic can already notice. The screwdriver is supplied in a carrying case Kund by all parts are safely housed broadly. only the description of the device, which
  • Makita My Love  

    Makita BMR102 battery radio with 10.8 V (tool)
    Rapid delivery from Amazon. For someone who is looking for a 100% mobile and halfway compact device for listening to music, the scores with extremely long battery life, perfect workmanship, great sound and unparalleled robustness to access. For pure
  • Makita JR 3050 T  

    Makita reciprocating saw JR3050T 1010 W (tool)
    After my Billigsäbelsäge broke the aerated concrete cutting a few stones I bought the Makita JR 3050 T. That I should do the same! This saw is perfect, strong, silent and consuming staubgeschüzt. Together with a carbide masonry saw blade they solve a
  • makita battery, but true ....  

    Makita BL1830 battery 18V 3Ah LXT Li-Ion compatible with over 80 tools (Tools & Accessories)
    makita battery brand malgrés but the appearance of the new state refuses my charger to charge and considered "broken" The embalage was somewhat unusual: a transparent plastic bag ... no blister sealed or else prove that this is a first hand ...