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  • The Black Roll - an extremely effective tool for self-massage  

    Blackroll Blackroll STANDARD 30cm (equipment)
    I suffered at the ITB syndrome (runner's knee). As I stumbled repeatedly on recommendations of Blackroll in various forums runner I ordered them to me spontaneously. Nature The material of Blackroll can be described as very hard Styrofoam. The role i
  • Massage is almost always good.  

    Remington FC1000 Reveal face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    As a man, the deeper meaning of this device is somehow passing me by, my wife but the Remington REVEAL was equally interesting and was impressed by her fast even after the first applications. It is supplied with a white Beauty Bag, this carrying case
  • Battery-operated massager with 7 attachments.  

    PIXNOR P2016 Portable 7-in-1 facial cleaning equipment Brushes for Women & Men - deep cleansing of the skin - Natural Anti-Aging - Microdermabrasion Cleanser Set - exfoliating dead skin cells - Stimulate collagen - Beauty Care Massager Facial Massager (Pink) (Health and Beauty)
    This is a battery-powered massager (not are electrical like the title) with 7 attachments including two brushes, two sponge, a pumice stone and massaging applicator head and a rough polishing accessories. It is AA battery operated - requires 2 batter
  • Massage 1  

    Silk'n Replacement brush set for Sonic Clean (Personal Care)
    Brushes are very soft. Bring not the desired cleaning effect with me. But unfortunately not to use toll for Massage for deep cleansing
  • ok, but not the right thing for relaxing massages  

    Chakra Meditation - The Healing Power of Music (Audio CD)
    ok, but in my opinion not the right thing for relaxing massages, VLT. also vary from person to person - however, Chakra Healing II is very well suited for
  • Thai Massage  

    Thai Massage (Audio CD)
    Evocative Far Eastern sounds full flowing harmony, artfully played with original Asian instruments and keyboards. This wonderful spiritual-inspired relaxation music with depth leads the listener on a journey to the contemplative quiet center of his o
  • Shiatsu massage cushion with heating function  

    HoMedics SP-10HSW-EU Shiatsu massage cushion with heating function (Personal Care)
    Bin with this product more than happy !!!!!!!! My back pain and tension have disappeared on this unit again. Can this device only recommend any of suffering from back pain and other muscular pains. This is not a conventional massager massaging the vi
  • Nice tool for self-massage  

    Blackroll DuoBall (small, 8 cm diameter) (Misc.)
    I had tried the DuoBall friends and loved immediately thereof. So I've bought the DuoBall itself. I also use the already Blackroll and am very excited about this. The ball is perfect to place it at the spine, so the two muscle strands and thus to mas
  • Massage by the nubs  

    Foam Roller - Foam Roller - Roller Sports - Fitness Roller, Black from PRGear - Massages and rolls her muscle tightness and tension - extra hard - 12.5 cm x 31.5 cm - Crossfit (Misc.)
    Can also be used while standing will: pinch roll between your back and the wall, go with your knees up and down for massaging. In this way, you can then also dispense print anyway you want (feet further away from the wall for more pressure). Useful t
  • very cool massage roller  

    Foam Roller - Foam Roller - Roller Sports - Fitness Roller, Black from PRGear - Massages and rolls her muscle tightness and tension - extra hard - 12.5 cm x 31.5 cm - Crossfit (Misc.)
    After my physiotherapist showed some exercises to mobilize my thoracic spine I have decided to buy the massage roller. I had one that is not filled with foam here, in contrast to this, and after a short time was soft. The scooter is much stronger and
  • Great for massage or stubborn tensions  

    Blackroll ball black 8 cm (Personal Care)
    I have often struggled with tension and back problems. Since I do not want every race times to the doctor to let me prescribe massages or physiotherapy, I've bought several items from Blackroll. Sure - it does not replace a physical therapist and has
  • Massage Ball  

    Blackroll ball black 8 cm (Personal Care)
    I am often torn, whether me the massage really helps with a ball, sometimes I have but because of severe pain no other choice. Against this ball I was using a tennis ball, which was also fine. This Massage Ball Blackroll has just the right size to ad
  • The massage ball is much used  

    Blackroll ball black 8 cm (Personal Care)
    Although I was not sure if I would really use the Massage Ball, I am surprised that he is almost every day in use. I'll take him, for example, my calves to massage after jogging. It feels good and my calves are really loose again. Massage ball I woul
  • For me, this is not a "massage"  

    Bomann FM 8000 CB Foot Massager (Health and Beauty)
    From "Massage" I felt nothing. The unit makes noise and vibrates slightly. A few air bubbles gushing, but you hardly notice. The massage roller on the top is small, hard and uncomfortable. I have returned the device.
  • Good massage mat for little money  

    Massage mat mat silk quilted mat, electric, heat massage function +
    This massage mat is certainly not the best there is. Nor has it the most powerful engines and warmest heater, but it is a very good alternative for those who do not want to spend so much money on a massage mat. The price-performance ratio. It is good
  • Massage device  

    Dial 4295-016 Deluxe Heat Therapeutic Massager (Health and Beauty)
    The massager I had ever tried, and now bought. Have thick legs repeatedly and now try it with this massage.
  • This Togu a lot of fun, especially when massaged.  

    TOGU gymnastics pilates ball Redondo Ball Touch (equipment)
    Following the training, participants massaging each other or alone on the wall. By studs the effect is simply pleasant.
  • Good massage roller  

    Blackroll Orange MED (The original) - the self-massage roller - incl. Exercise DVD and Exercise Posters (equipment)
    The role is good in itself, only if you really have to spend on it just under 30 euros, everyone should decide for themselves. I take this role almost täglichm, mainly for back and legs. The role is very hard, but you get used to it. My connective ti
  • Very good massage balls  

    2 massage balls / Noppenbälle, 75mm and 90mm in retention tube of Hudora (equipment)
    The balls are suitable for massage Best. They are pretty hard and promote at proper pressure and applying optimal blood flow and thus optimal results. It is also good that this Set 2 balls in 2 sizes are available. So also, people with small hands or
  • Great massage balls - if you like it a bit harder  

    2 massage balls / Noppenbälle, 75mm and 90mm in retention tube of Hudora (equipment)
    I had bought a cheap massage ball at Rossmann me some time ago. Unfortunately this was far too soft for my needs. I use the balls for tension in the back, as I am with the tense juncture lege and then rub with light movements. The balls are very stro