megasonex m8 vs emmi dent


  • Emmi-dent Toothpaste Fresh  

    Emmi-dent Toothpaste Fresh (Personal Care)
    Emmi-dent Toothpaste Fresh is the perfect addition to ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8, a quality that will satisfy. With Emmi-dent Toothpaste fresh the day begins well.
  • Emmi Dent represents a danger for your dental health!  

    Emmi-dental Professional Ultrasonic Toothbrush (Health and Beauty)
    Attention! The manufacturer tries to make it appear the product in a good light with questionable social marketing methods. I am sure fooled you, I would like to spare the trouble. Beweisfoto complacent? My partner had a professional cleaning and aft
  • Emmi-dent toothpaste.  

    Emmi-dent Toothpaste Fresh (Personal Care)
    The toothpaste was recommended toothbrush for Ultra. Other toothpastes would not fit so. Do I need to confirm. Bin of the whole thing very enthusiastic.
  • Emmi-dent toothbrush  

    Emmi-dent ultrasonic toothpaste Mild 3x75 ml (Personal Care)
    Anyone who suffers from dental problems, the ultrasonic toothbrush is highly recommended. In particular, the enamel is not affected. But this requires the toothpaste.
  • I am very pleased with the Megasonex and my dentist also. However acclimatization period when cleaning required ...  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    Have the Megasonex now for almost 8 months. Am a floss objectors and use them usually only a few days before the next dentist appointment. Go every 3-4 months for tooth cleaning, as I am periodontitis risk and already 2 periodontitis treatments have
  • not quite good 6  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    I have the toothbrush now. Almost four months in use and am very satisfied so far Came across "Ultrasonic cleaning" during my last visit to the dentist because I was in fact suggested that I might be making the removal of tartar from now on
  • Worth the price! 1  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    Now, after several months in which I had the toothbrush in operation I wish to make a review here. In the toothbrush I came because I was told by my dentist that my gums do not just develop positively. You mean ... it retires in some places. Cause is
  • Not too much promised 5  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    I ordered this toothbrush out of curiosity at the ultrasound brushing in addition to my system used previously Oral-B Professional Care of brown. It was unclear whether the toothbrush the old supplement, replace or return would go if not conviction.
  • Dentist see me now rare, moved periodontitis treatment!  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    My Zahmärtztin recommended me this toothbrush to avert a painful periodontal disease treatment. Even after 4 weeks of intensive use 3-4x per day with the right toothpaste "Emmi Dent" visible results in Nachuntersucheung found and put the treatme
  • In my view, no effect  

    Ultrasonic toothbrush Megasonex M8
    Nothing has been proven, not even the manufacturers of such brushes hold a traceable test ready. So I can only rely on my own test and shown to be negative. I made a Miradent tablet (from the pharmacy, the bacteria on the teeth visible. Red (new Plac
  • Excellent, despite the strings attached ...  

    BROXO® brush mechanical OraBrush electric toothbrush (vertical oscillation) Sonic & (hydrodynamic). The most effective action of the teeth & gums - Pack Arkebion®: Broxo OraBrush + Pens ARKEBION® (Health and Beauty)
    I use toothbrushes Braun / Oral-B decades. For 2 years, I also use alternately ultrasonic Emmi-dent brush. At the time, there was little available review for this brush ... My dentist did not know and had advised me already Broxo. I did not respond b
  • I have researched many days, this is the best toothbrush in the world (as of March 2015)  

    Philips Sonicare HX6510 / 22 EasyClean Sonic toothbrush, white (Personal Care)
    That is, if you look at price and performance. Surely a USB charging cradle is (as in the DiamondClean) quite nice - but it's worth the money? I can not find. I have researched for a long time and can assure you that it is absolutely unnecessary more
  • Too uncertain for a dentifrice product  

    Emmi-dental Professional Ultrasonic Toothbrush (Health and Beauty)
    Before I tried the device does the first things I already misbehaving. These are: The personal plus really credible experience with the Emmi Dental missing on the Internet almost entirely. Press releases and (even worse) quoted press releases determi
  • cheap but clunky  

    Ultrasonex Brush Heads 3 packs of 3 pieces
    compared to Emmi Dent variant. The Ultra Sonic has no charger but replaceable batteries. The disposable heads are bulky, but it produces less waste when throwing away. Similarly, the purchase price for the replacement heads is more favorable.
  • The is the dentist of his family  

    Emmi-dental Professional Ultrasonic Toothbrush (Health and Beauty)
    My wife and I already use the Emmi 2 years. Meanwhile, I have recommended it many times friends u. Relatives and wonder that is no longer the big drum is agitated. First things first: At my last check-up was the first time any necessary removal of ta
  • Metal box, unfortunately dented - unusable as a gift therefore Box with a gift card (metal pattern) (gift card)
    Unfortunately, the metal box in which there was the gift card, so dented that I could not give it away. She wandered into the garbage immediately. The card had to be presented in an envelope. Very annoying, because the box seemed very noble in the pi
  • Does the job great, very smooth gliding wheels, can be dented with pressure.  

    Samsonite Large suitcases S'cure Spinner 75/28, 52 x 31 x 75 cm (Luggage)
    I bought the suitcases for a long trip to the US. He had to endure hardships there really great. The processing of Samsonite is fairly solid, the weight is in the See. To something newer suitcases still OK, the roles are really leichtgängigg. The lar
  • not al dente  

    Kerbl 82721 nylon bottom for Freigehege 82708 (Misc.)
    As other have described, the soil is not al dente. My one rabbit has managed quickly to gnaw the eyelets and then also the ground. Otherwise, the floor is easy to clean, but also not 100% fit to the specified grid. The delivery time was flawless.
  • After a short time "sun dents"  

    Beds-ABC 10000125; 4114 Model Dream night orthopedic cold foam mattress 7 zones, density RG 30, height about 16 cm, cover washable up to 60 degree, size 140 x 200, hardness H3 (Housewares)
    The delivery was prompt after only 2 days. After I rested 48 hrs. The mattress, I now for 3 weeks they have in use. I've ordered in hardness grade 3 and weighing 75kg. After such a short time a dent or trough has now unfortunately been made of it lyi
  • Denta's, what else?  

    Pedigree Dentastix 56er Multipack for medium dogs, 1er Pack (1 x 1:44 kg) (Misc.)
    First of kudos to the distributor, suuuperschnelle delivery, I was almost in front, as with ner current TV advertising: am still with the online order during the delivery service is already ringing at the door! Do whatever tried to get used to our fo