megatek note 2


  • Camera well in the battery life I'm not sure  

    Canon IXUS 170 Digital Camera (20 Megapixel, 12x optical, zoom, 24x Zoom Plus, opt. Image Stabilization, 6.8 cm (2.7 inch) LCD display, HD Movie 720p) (Electronics)
    The camera itself is very good. The operation is simple and the photos look great and it is very easy, as I wish the. As far as I am very satisfied. Only downside is the battery life. After Amazon has delivered as always ringing and on time, I first
  • TOP controller, not only for the Fire TV  

    Amazon Fire Game Controller (accessory)
    The Amazon-controller is very comfortable to hold, the directional pad responds perfectly with a pleasant pressure point, as the AXBY keys. The media buttons are very useful addition to the controller, well, if you do not just have the remote control
  • The meaning reveals itself not really ...  

    LYNE (App)
    No idea why this app is so hyped, annoying Eso music and not really recognizable sense, I'll probably delete it, of addictive So at least for me no trace.
  • Can not be used anywhere in the world even if it is Amazon!  

    1000 Amazon Coins
    But I am German Customer am currently in the US. Can 1000 AmazonCoins buy the phone, but if I want to redeem them for buying which is rejected because the deal is not offered there. Is Amazon Amazon is no longer?
  • Way too expensive - save up to 10%, for payment and not eintauschbares remaining balance?  

    500 Amazon Coins
    To all who here cheering: "SAVE SAVE SAVE!" - Considered it out .. Your "save" more than 10%, must it but go in advance, have a very limited product range (only apps and digital books) and at the end of the spending spree still re
  • Wi-Fi separates repeatedly - technology not mature  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    The basic idea is great, and when the wireless would not always disconnect every 10 seconds, the drive would be a great thing. Unfortunately, the wireless connection reception and precise handling separates constantly, despite full WLAN according to
  • Wireless speakers can not be so far connect  

    LG BH7530TWB 3D Blu-ray 5.1 home theater system with wireless speakers (1200 watts, HDMI) black (Electronics)
    The plant was delivered quickly and at first line with expectations while unpacking in relation to its low price. The structure was a little pfriemelig with the cables for drawing, but went. Unfortunately, so far can be the rear wireless speaker not
  • ..... Not a steering wheel owners ....  

    Project CARS - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    Hello. Play the game now 2 days and try to make friends with me, unfortunately, the controller controlling vain. Sure, you can make changes, was already written here but make the driving experience even not really better. Have now tried everything dr
  • Not bad. Not perfect.  

    Chrome (MP3 Download)
    Attention: Subjective opinion. Although I have not bought the EP via Amazon, but with iTunes. I did not expect much - just a few YouTuber who make music. Certainly the music, making the three here, not as bad as LIONT, The Lochis, ApeCrime, YTITTY an
  • And again: the single charts not much more give her ....  

    Bravo Hits Vol.89 (Audio CD)
    Now as a 53 year old probably already past the time where I still can tear really socks off current hits, only stars like Madonna can inspire me with their music, but I still always like to have a few new songs from the charts on CD I buy for some ti
  • Does not work with the S4 LTE  

    Hitman GO (App)
    The app does not work with the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (I9505), but according to my research with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500). This is very annoying, because I do not understand why. LTE should not prevent that you can play a game.
  • Not disappointing, uninspiring  

    Wild Mind (Audio CD)
    While for me in the previous two albums stood out a lot of moments and beautiful melodies, great instruments and of course tied the distinctive vocals of Marcus Mumford, ripples or, to my taste, Wilder Mind makes noise in many places too much to hims
  • Can not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    Guarantee of 2 years Extension for digital cameras 100.00 to 199.99 EUR (Accessories)
    How can I judge what I have not laid claim. I hope this service will I need! MfG Adnan Nasser
  • Nice try, unfortunately not (yet) fully developed!  

    Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Telekom) (Electronics)
    As always, at the specifications, I will not go into here. For those interested, [...] Haptics & Size: 3 stars How it feels ?! Once quite heavy. The 160g make truly noticeable in your hand. Well, because the front and the back cover can be expect
  • Super! as a free bonus. I would not have bought it but.  

    Sev Zero (App)
    After I initially had some problems to understand the game mechanics, I like it now but very good. If you are first time there, it's really fun. This mix of tactics and Ballern says real to me. Since I have actually gambled after the first PS exclusi
  • Bag ok - not offered Bundle  

    AmazonBasics Hard Drive Case for My Passport Essential (Personal Computers)
    We have the bag - like Amazon Deals - bought in a bundle with the WD MyPassport Studio. Theoretically, both match (if you purely the dimensions compares) The bag is but worked quite stable and is specified with external dimensions. The key, however,
  • HD problems and Dauerruckler !!! Amazon that will not do !!  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    I am a long time customer of Amazon and possess for 1 week the Fire TV. Multiple speed tests show me an average download speed of 25-28 Mbit / sec. at on laptop. The best conditions for a cozy evening streaming. But no: the Fire TV shows films not in