• COMPLIANT but manufacturing defect and too long response for exchange  

    55cm cabin bag - Trolley ALISTAIR Airo - ABS Ultra Lightweight - 4 wheels
    Delivery rapide.Produit very consistent and very pretty, but the bag has received a fault on the zipper is missing a tooth and another is badly positioned. So to open and close is the galley !!. I am still awaiting a response to my exchange since 1 w
  • return impossible Photo battery  

    Battery for Canon PowerShot SX700 HS (Li-Ion) (Electronics)
    I wanted to return this item because I did not keep the camera. return my request was never ré thought we had a month to make the request. may be this type of article is not included. damage because the item arrived very quickly in an envelop
  • Wireless Spy Camera miniature CMOS 2.4 GHz.  

    BestOfferBuy - Miniature Spy Camera Wireless CMOS 2.4GHz 1CH 1 / 3in PAL Surveil'ance Nanny (Electronics)
    Hello, I would have taken five stars for this article, if there was possibility to choose the camera transmit channel to receive the images on 1,2,3 or 4.Or channels, after several e-mails I still have not had réponse.Dans ignorance, I do not control
  • Article faulty on arrival.  

    Flames N Games Diabolo LED Kit - Kits Lights Diabolo (Toy)
    We received the product within the time défectueux.Un but does not work the other has 2 LED that works on 3. We have made a claim for exchange or refund, we expect réponse.Cet item seems to me very gadget and too fragile, we expect a return to the se
  • a bit dÃcevant. ..  

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 2014 (App)
    We find the atmosphere of the game, but frankly rÃalisation bà ¢ Clae ... spelling errors, rÃponses that ignore the boxes, etc ... it is unacceptable for a paid app made by Sony and TF1 have the means to pay programmers ... otherwise the app is easie
  • qualifications  

    Inforad GPS V6 driving assistance Assistant (Electronics)
    Excellent material, compact, quasi-autonomous 4 pm clear instructions, but to call technical support at the slightest difficulty of updating the update of the database, or if the unit is not immediately recognized in connection to the Windows 7 compu
  • error of delivery the article does not correspond to the order  

    ENERGIZER Renata Watch Battery 317 (SR516SW) (Electronics)
    Jai ref ordered a button battery: RENATA 371. I received a button battery ref: Renata 394, I turned the latter with a letter, I have no answer acompagnement.N'éyant adrssé plusieues protest email never any réponse.Au after 3 weeks I finally received
  • Grosse desception  

    USB Charging Cable for PS3 controller - 3 m (Accessory)
    For a few weeks I buy the controller charging cable for PS3 but it did not fit, I ask for explanations to the seller on cable and I still is not had réponse.En hoping to have news in near future.
  • Montre superbe  

    Michael Kors Men's Watch XL Chronograph Quartz rubber MK8152 (clock)
    The Mets 4 étoiles non pas pour le produit mais pour l'oubli de cachet dans le livret de guarantee. J'attends une réponse du vendeur pour voir comment on peut remédier à cela Sinon la montre est magnifique. Elle est assez grande comme j'aime et l'eff