monsavon shaving soap


  • A fine shaving soap  

    Shaving Factory Arko Shaving Soap Bowl in 90 g, 1-pack (1 x 90 g) (Health and Beauty)
    The Arko shaving soap has, I think, very pleasant odor. I do not feel it "lemony", as described here often, but rather oriental, but without being intrusive or sweet. The shaving foams up well and the foam adheres, once pitched, long time.
  • A great shaving soap  

    Soap beard Proraso eucalyptus and menthol 150ml (Health and Beauty)
    To choose my shaving soap, I trusted the different opinions on the internet. A name often came up: the Proraso soap. So I decided to try. So far, my experience with shaving soap was limited to that basic, 2, smelling soap. He spread a thin layer of s
  • very good shaving soap  

    Tabac Original homme / men, shaving Original 125g, 1er Pack (1 x 125 g) (Health and Beauty)
    In my opinion the best shaving soap in this price segment. TABAC also convinces here by very high quality and discreet masculine scent. Especially for users of razors / shaving plane is a reasonable mandatory. Strong buy recommendation.
  • Very fine shaving soap  

    TAYLOR: Shaving Sandalwood in a wooden bowl 100g (Personal Care)
    Wonderful fine foamy shaving with fine fragrant sandalwood. Has a pleasant balance to the skin. A not even expensive upgrade to higher Shaving Culture
  • Scrapes off only the shaving soap, without bending a hair ...  

    SHAVE-LAB - FIRE - Starter Set Shaver with 4 blades (Black Edition with P.6 - for men) (Health and Beauty)
    I thought this would be a real alternative to the market leader Gillette, the razor but has nothing in common with its name. I have the impression that shaving would only scraped off and the beard would hardly cut. In direct comparison with the fusio
  • Proraso - Shaving Soap dispenser - eucalyptus oil and menthol  

    Proraso - Shaving Soap dispenser - Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol 400ml (Health and Beauty)
    A super shaving cream - soft foam, (but not too superficial-thick) has a pleasant smell of eucalyptus. In Italy, for decades a classic. Very economical,
  • Shaving soap bowl  

    Edwin Jagger - shaving soap Bowl with handle - Porcelain - Black (Personal Care)
    This bowl is beautiful and the handle is well thought out to avoid dropping it. By cons inside is a bit difficult to access for raising mousse I think. My badger often just "tap" against the walls. Now it is perhaps a bad grip on my part.
  • Edwin Jagger shaving soap with sandalwood  

    Edwin Jagger shaving soap with sandalwood 99.9% natural travel size 65 g (Health and Beauty)
    I did not know the brand Perfect for everyday use with the razor Edwin Jagger De89bl purchased together: to advise without reserve.
  • So I imagine reasonable shaving at a fair price before  

    SHAVE-LAB - ZERO - Starter Set Shaver with 4 blades (Black Edition with P.6 + 1 - for men) (Health and Beauty)
    I think I can claim to have used each shaving system except a razor in my life. Disposable razors, razor system of all brands incl. Discounters goods, electric razor (the top products in each of the market leaders), as well as classic safety razor. W
  • Perfect Shaving for travel and also for home  

    MILL - Travel Shaving Brush Silvertip Fibre® - TRAVEL series - handle metal chrome (Misc.)
    Use this Shaving for a good year, mainly traveling but from time to time at home also. So my may expensive to dry silvertip shaving brush of mill correctly. The "Mill - travel shaving brush Silvertip Fibre®" is very classy and through the a
  • Super shaving!  

    Proraso - Shaving Round pot (large) with green tea - sensitive (Personal Care)
    The shaving soap smells very pleasant (for me) is very pleasant on the skin and does not dry too quickly, like many other shaving.
  • Class Shaving  

    Shaving Factory Arko Shaving Soap Bowl in 90 g, 1-pack (1 x 90 g) (Health and Beauty)
    This shaving soap I purchased in a set with a shaving brush and mug at a very reasonable price. The smell of soap is pithy, fresh. It is relatively hard, while very efficient, produces a rich, dense foam, and leaves the Blade glide well, without any
  • For the pleasure of shaving  

    Traditional shaving kit comprising 100 razor blades Derby Professional Single cutting edge and a straight razor Shaving Factory! (Health and Beauty)
    I tried the straight razor, but I've never really managed to keep very sharp. With this razor, no problem as you can change the blade. The cutting edge is exceptional, it is imperative to use a shaving brush and shaving soap and go slowly, without ru
  • You will love shaving !. Excellent product quality, but booked for an informed public.  

    Shark Parker 96R safety razor blade Double Opening Butterfly +10 Blade Chrome (Health and Beauty)
    Coming from a Mach3 gilette and a Wilkinson hydro3, I sought a cheaper alternative. I had good memories of a razor opening papilon gilette my father - Childhood memory. I started looking on that side. I came across the shark parker 96R that seemed a
  • Simple, effective, nice fragrance, but I prefer my shaving foam.  

    Monsavon shaving bowl 125g (Health and Beauty)
    I buy this product for testing a shaving soap. The product comes in a box. That which is good in my opinion; I would look at not to protect the product itself is in a box. After 1 month of use, everything is said in the title: "Simple, efficient, nic
  • Magic Soap  

    Crabtree & Evelyn - Sandalwood - Shaving soap - Wooden Bowl - 100 g (Health and Beauty)
    What more than other 5 star review? Nothing ... And if I were a user shaving foam supermarket and I was tired of my face even still attacked by the blades and skin reactions have not so friendly. So I told myself, this is the time for change! Result
  • Fantasia - A good starter soap!  

    Fantasia shaving approximately 100 g, in metal box, fragrance: sandalwood, ø 7.5 cm, silver (Personal Care)
    When I wanted to start with the razor shaving, of course, must also produce a shaving soap. I decided, even for reasons of cost (for the time being, to taste if I like the blade shaving) for this soap. First Impression: The package was to open approp
  • A top performer among the sebaceous Shaving  

    Tabac Original homme / men, shaving Original 125g, 1er Pack (1 x 125 g) (Health and Beauty)
    This soap is deservedly the international Best Rated shaving soap from Germany and is regarded with some other of the best shaving the world. PRO: - Very easy to pitch; Thick foam; therefore very suitable for beginners. - Extremely large yield. Will
  • one of the best shaving there is - together with a thoughtful pot  

    Tabac Original homme / men, shaving Original 125g, 1er Pack (1 x 125 g) (Health and Beauty)
    I've tested a lot of shaving in the price range from 4 to 35 euros, including the British classic. The men's cosmetics series Tabac Original was introduced by Maurer & Wirtz (Stolberg / Rheinland) in the 1950s. The tallow based shaving can lather up
  • good soap for a small price  

    Derby shaving 140 ml (Personal Care)
    A workable product that I can recommend. It can be good lather, the foam has fine pores, Who does not like the smell, or a shaving experience expected can mix a drop of mint oil in the foam that makes the foam more creamy, mint cools and refreshes th