montiss mini washer


  • mini washing machine "CLATRONIC"  

    Clatronic Mwa 3101 Mini Washing Machine Capacity 1 Kg 15 Minutes Timer Low Water Consumption, Electricity and Laundry - (Miscellaneous)
    just super, light, washing very well, excellent quality / price. small drawback: a bit short discharge pipe + the machine requires a flat, stable (vibrates a bit) but overall, satisfied 100%
  • Mini Washer Aqua-Laser  

    Camping student Single WG Washer Mini Washer Toploader washing machine washing machine 3kg 450W (Misc.)
    I find this little machine great. For the laundry in between or for small things or even for new things. You can start with the brightest of laundry and wash always darker parts in the same water, you can save a lot of water and time. However, the ma
  • OneConcept DB003 Mini washing machine with spin  

    oneConcept DB003 Mini washing machine with spin - Mini washing machine and wringer - Camp, studio and small parts (2kg, 250W and 120W wash spin, programmable) - Blue Modern (Miscellaneous)
    Device easy to use, but a regret, the drain water is by gravity, a drain pump would have been welcome because in empty apartment on the ground or in a manhole is impossible. We must therefore place the unit in height to empty in a bathtub or shower.
  • Mini washing machine wringer  

    I bought this machine for my daughter who just had a baby. She is very happy. It is effective on baby stuff (and there is little dirty) but has not been tested on anything else. The spin function is performing. She averaged a machine every two days a
  • There are better mini machines  

    JOLTA ® / AQUA LASER Mini Washer -New Model 2015 -
    I ordered the Jolta Mini washing machine and of course immediately tried oh. Water can fill in the bin also with the normal shower hose, but you should really be careful that you do not exceed the given amount in the instructions. Full goofy here is
  • Keeps close  

    Xavax Laundry Net for sensitive materials (eg lingerie, curtains, tights, cashmere, merino, 45 x 25 cm) white (household goods)
    I am the proud owner of a mini-washing machine in which you really should not wash without laundry net. I had been both large and small from various discounters, spherical with zippers from North to the South Pole, so a complete half. While good for
  • Inefficient ... 1  

    Tools Lifetime 84670 Pump Siphon fast transfer (Tools & Accessories)
    The hose is wound so that it can not be used for anything other than an empty tank, thus avoiding to empty a mini-washing machine ...
  • Super 1880 4974  

    products comply with my request bemole only the very strong smell but after 15 min washing machine more odor Amazon thank you for the rapidity
  • perfect for keeping the soundbar  

    Sonorous Universal support for pregnant / TV (Accessory)
    perfect to hold the sound bar above the TV, and move along that changes the orientation of the device. The metal surface requires shake that screws and bolts so that it does not move too much, or even add a check mini-washer. All holes to adjust the
  • In the washing machine at 40 ° C or 800 U / min and washing schleuderbar !!! ;)  

    Transcend JetFlash 300 Hi-Speed ​​8GB USB flash drive USB 2.0 [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] (Personal Computers)
    Of course, no one would get the idea to wash his USB stick together with important data in the washing machine. I've done it, accidentally of course (got it in your pocket forgotten) After washing, I found the stick in the drum. My thought was:
  • Washing Machine Frontal 10lbs 1400T / Min Class A +++ ...  

    Washing Machine Frontal 10lbs 1400T / Min Class A +++ CANDY GV1410TWH3
    The washing machine is at our request, the only problem is in the delivery, the delivery man refused to stay in for unpacking to check the product, fortunately everything was perfect.
  • Siemens iQ700 WM14S443 washer / A +++ AB / 1:03 kWh / 1400 U / min / 8 kg / 56 liters  

    Siemens iQ700 WM14S443 washer / A +++ B / 1:03 kWh / 1400 U / min / 8 kg / 56 liters (Misc.)
    Due to the bad recession of Siemens WaMa (identical Bosch) I was very confused and was on my way to the local MM. This had both machines, the Siemens and Bosch, right next to each other, said Siemens, good 40 - was more favorable. Curious and wisely
  • Top Washer  

    Beko WML 15106 NE washing machine front loader / A + / 168 kWh / year / 1000 rpm / 5 kg / white / program sequence display / Mini 30 program (Misc.)
    My old washing machine had given up the ghost after many years, and so needed a new one. I wash about one to two machines per week. Therefore, for me no high-end device is necessary. I mean, I wanted a low-priced model. After a quick search I came ac
  • Intuitive operation, good washing results, but cheap processing  

    Bauknecht WA PLUS 634 Front Loader Washer / 2 + 2 years warranty / A +++ / 1400 rpm / 6 kg / White / Start time delay / 15-minute program / color programs (Misc.)
    One ahead. We did not buy the machine at, so I can not evaluate the local takeaway. We bought at a big red electronics discounter who had the machine for stately 399 on offer. As our old, now unfortunately broken, washing machine were also
  • Good washing machine at a very good price  

    Beko WMB 71443 Washing Machine Front Loader LE / A +++ / 169 kWh / year / 11220 Liters / Year / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / multifunction display / 16 wash programs / brushless DC motor / white (Misc.)
    The machine holds seven kilos and has a number of programs. We bought the machine primarily because it has been well tested by Stiftung Warentest and prices query. It was delivered within a week, the exact delivery date (time corridor) we could choos
  • Good washing performance, fuel economy and bass drum * Update *  

    Samsung WF5784 Front loading washer / A +++ / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / white / chrome / foam active Technology (Misc.)
    I have read in the last few weeks a lot of current machine models and recently brought a current AEG model, which now had to face the Sasmung WF5784 itself. And I was surprised by the result of the comparison itself. Features: The WF5784 is a relativ
  • Review TaoTronics TT-HS04 (for iPad Mini / iPad Mini 2)  

    TaoTronics® iPad Stand Mount Holder for Apple iPad 2/3/4 with extension back protector (Electronics)
    +++ +++ Preface I have received the TaoTronics TT-HS04 iPad Mini / Mini 2-bracket as tester and will tell my experience in below: With the company TaoTronics I've allowed to accumulate more experience and was previously thoroughly satisfied. From the
  • For a combination device of this washer dryer is really great! - FIX for Service  

    Samsung WD906P4SAWQ / EC washer dryer / AA / 1400 rpm / Washing: 9 kg / drying: 6 kg / white / sparkling active / Diamond Care drum (Misc.)
    In principle, we prefer two separate devices: washing machine and dryer. But sometimes it's place technically not help, that's why we had the AEG washer-dryer AEG LAVAMAT TURBO L16850A3 washer dryer / AA / 4.76 kWh / 7 kg / 1600rpm / bought white ear
  • Washes & dries super. Sovereign Delivery  

    LG F1496AD3 washer dryer (front loader, B, 8 kg 6 Motion Direct Drive) White (Misc.)
    I find the device super. Times are perfectly acceptable. Wash about 1:30. The time is calculated during the process. Extra dry indicates approximately 3,5kg 3:54, but down also calculated on about 1:30. The laundry is super dry. In wash & spin cy