myryad mi loud buzzing


  • very good feature, unfortunately loud buzzing noise  

    Eltako TLZ12D-230V + UC Staircase time switches (tool)
    The staircase timer itself has aimed for complex functions for alone there were 5 stars, only when the front light, a fairly loud buzzing around the 12KHz (measured) heard. It bothers quite strong and in the fuse box closed well still audible. Possib
  • High temperature, loud buzzing noise, no firmware update possible  

    TrekStor DataStation maxi light 3TB external hard drive 8.9 cm (3.5 inches) USB 3.0 Black (Personal Computers)
    The first hard drive I got was broken, which is not just increased confidence in this type. The free replacement from Amazon then works, but has agreed to quirks: -It Was appointed the TrekStor DataStation because based on previous reviews as compare
  • Hardly performance, loud buzzing noise  

    Samsung ETA-U90EBEGSTD PSU + Cable for Raspberry Pi / Pi Banana 2A (Electronics)
    Never ever an original. Neither the packaging (clamping bag) nor the power equivalent to the original by Samsung. The charging time was with my "identical" AC Power Adapter that the TAB 3 this is not even half as long. The Fiepsen that is genera
  • Am absolutely thrilled! 1  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    Did the Firestick reserved at the offer price of 19 what I would regard as extremely favorable. Connecting the Firestick is easy. HDMI extension of the stick, and into the TV. Power supply into the wall socket and the Fire Stick is ready for use. (On
  • He goes on my mind, this shaver  

    Panasonic ES-LT31-K503 wet / dry Linear Shaver (Health and Beauty)
    I own 2 Rasiererer Panasonic ES-RF31 and this the razor. This I bought, inherited the other. So you can compare the two. One advance: Technically, this razor is superior to the other. But still, I have decided to elaborate technically less To use raz
  • Works, but has a few quirks  

    dnt IPdio clock Internet Radio (Electronics)
    The technical stuff on the radio almost everything was already told, so I will limit myself out the things that please me personally not so good: 1) After turning on the radio searches for the first WLAN and then attempts to load the last station. So
  • From a long-standing AF-S 80-200mm-user's perspective  

    Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm 1: 2.8G ED VR II lens (77mm filter thread, forming rod.) (Camera)
    After it had itched me but because of the known impressive image stabilization rather long, but then I pulled it off six months ago and changed my proven, about 11 year old, second-hand bought AF-S 80-200mm VR II against the new 70-200mm , Below my p
  • Very compact and quieter than many DVD player for the fitting ...  

    Transcend TS8XDVDS-K external slim DVD 8x burner (CD-R / RW, DVD ± R (DL ±, ± RW, -RAM, 13.9mm height)) Black (Personal Computers)
    ... A great device that of my three Compis (Acer PC with Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Server and homemade Lenovo ThinkServer Book with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit) is recognized immediately. With Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013, and Nero Burning ROM 2013 and to
  • Beautiful but full of flaws!  

    Auna Belle Epoque 1901 - nostalgic retro design radio station early twentieth century with wooden frames (FM / AM tuner, USB port for MP3 playback, speaker cloth) (Electronics)
    Delivery within 5 days by UPS. I agree that the design is successful. Despite a very careful packaging, double cardboard and polystyrene timber arrived scratched and the dial. Under the dial there are 3 buttons MW (for AM), VHF (FM) and USB (only for
  • Awful! 8  

    Jai several problems with>. It automatically connected with my computer (Windows 7 Home Premium) without problems. I already Audacity 1.3 on my computer (the version 1.2.6 comes with the drive) so i changed the settings dAudacity computer and started
  • Unsatisfactory 3 3  

    Philips SHD8600 / 10 HiFi Headphones quality interior, high acoustic speakers and fast charging base (Electronics)
    Disappointed by this article, I returned it. I should mention that I am a heavy user of headphones for television and music, and I've had various models, all wirelessly. This article presents several annoying faults. Please at first with bass very pr
  • I do not understand the bad reception ..  

    Beco 1 USB Fan with programming via keyboard, with 7 red LEDs, 8 different texts with 20 characters each 611.29 (household goods)
    I find this very horny fan: D That you can enter your own texts (which includes 100% Perfect Below are) [How is it with 7 LED's just possible] you can also own images "Paint" (The individual positions of the fan LED's filling - is poorly explain
  • Bosch GSB 16 RE Impact Drill  

    Bosch Professional GSB 16 RE Impact Drill + keyless chuck 13 mm + 210 mm + depth stop auxiliary handle + Case (750 W) (tool)
    A good, affordable professional impact drill. The machine drills without play, has power and is light and easy to carry for one-handed drilling. The quick-release chuck is very good, allowing quick change of drills and bits / bit holder. By the contr
  • Cheeky  

    Grundig GSB 500 Bluetooth Speaker (Electronics)
    Since I have a soundbar with Bluetooth technology, this feature is more often in use. Since the Soundbar is however firmly installed in the living room on TV and I wanted to use the opportunity of wireless music playback in the whole house, I was loo
  • Overall ok, but saved in detail.  

    Marantz Melody Media MCR610 / N1B Network Receiver (Electronics)
    In principle, impressed me the device that now since about 3 weeks enriched my living room, in terms of functions and sound quality already. But some downside you have to accept unfortunately. 1. The plastic housing is the Marantz reputation and the
  • Price ok, Pity  

    Auna AV2-CD509 HiFi-CD player (USB, MP3, radio receiver, CD, CD / RW) (Electronics)
    Unfortunately, I have fooled me the price, or should I have informed myself better about the product. Here my +/- Points - The device makes a loud buzzing sound on my Harman Kardon amplifier before the CD starts (RCA); the same via the optical input
  • Rather annoying than frightening  

    4x Mole Schreck Solar - Mole distributor Wühlmausschreck
    After buying we were very confident but now already 3 weeks have passed and he is still there. Some of the hills are right next to the Verschreckern. In addition still comes the loud buzzing and gefiepse which is just very annoying at night.
  • Great board! But be careful with GTX970 cards onboard sound!  

    Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 motherboard socket LGA 2011-13 (ATX, Intel X99, 8x DDR4 memory, 10x SATA III, 6x USB 3.0) (Accessories)
    Among the specifications I need not say much, the motherboard has everything you would expect in an X99 board with the price and has the usual good Gigabytequalität. POSITIVE - Design I find most appealing, the black and white at MSI tells me somethi