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  • Great Jazz with sometimes dominant Sax  

    Belonging (Audio CD)
    With "Belonging" was launched in 1974, the relatively short, by many but respected as a most exciting project of Keith Jarrett band phase with the European Quartet to the Northmen Garbarek, Danielsson and Christensen. Parallel worked Jarrett mid
  • No successful combination of sax and strings  

    Luminessence (Audio CD)
    With just under 36 minutes of playing time this disc is in the catalog of Keith Jarrett probably the shortest, shorter even than the piano composition "Ritual". And just as in "ritual" Jarrett operates on "Luminessence"

    One Day (Vandaag) (Audio CD)
    Klingande has in the last year with "jubilation" (no. 1 hit) and then led the way with "Punga". These great jazz instrumental hits, primarily with plenty saxophone, just come on! Bakermat with "One Day", although accordi
  • Inviting a sax in my house  

    TENOR Bb / F # & Hard Case ~ Nine & Warranty
    Magnificent object ....... I do not finished the regarder..le touch and carry me in their use; he invites me to the effort to learn and tame a sometimes too subtle music for my fingers .... Cherrystone is his name and attentive student I vibrate all
  • 1 sax instead of 12  

    12 Inflatables Saxophones (Toy)
    When I read 12 inflatable saxophones, I expect to see a few dozen ... I received one ... We are very far off ... Deceptive ad ...
  • An alchemy that works between sax and violin  

    In Praise Of Dreams (CD)
    Discovering the disc, inevitably raises the question of blandness or combination of these two instruments. And listen, thanks also to the recording quality, the concept works gradually. Grace and subtle arrangements, balancing the instruments we nimb
  • sax taut  

    Sun Ship (Vinyl)
    not by commncer this album if you wish to enjoy all of all the work of Coltrane or go directly to the box "John Zorn"
  • Loosening up  

    Born Under Saturn (Audio CD)
    The fact remains that London is in terms of dance music of different Coleur still the first port of Hot Chip, Zoot Woman, Factory Floor, Jungle, all names with a reverberation behalf. Ever since the 2012 are necessarily also Django Django in this ser
  • a touch of pop ...  

    Belonging (Audio CD)
    1974 played - as I know, the first time - the four exceptional jazz musician Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, Palle Danielsson on bass and Jon Christensen on drums and percussion together and took in Oslo this excellent album. the thing has many facets,
  • Partly overwrought, otherwise great  

    Nude Ants (1980) (Audio CD)
    With "Personal Mountains", "Nude Ants" and "Sleeper", there are three live albums of Keith Jarrett's European Quartet, all of which during the last tour of the band in April and May in 1979 by Japan and the "Village
  • A great moment of an unusual trio in every respect  

    Hamburg '72 (Audio CD)
    The CD contains excerpts of 81. Jazz Workshop of the NDR, parts of the soundtrack of a two-part television production on June 14, 1972. The one or the other could therefore have a recording of private video archive. Unfortunately, I am not one of the
  • Strange World Music  

    Spirits 1 + 2 (Audio CD)
    The oeuvre of Keith Jarrett is not exactly lacking in "peculiar" plates. There is the early album "Restoration Ruin", on which he tried in the Bob Dylan-style (and even sings!). The church organ recordings from the 1970s for
  • Strangely Sampler  

    Works (Audio CD)
    What has brought out a strange compilation ECM in 1985 as LP and a few years later unchanged as re-issue on CD! The greatest artists of the label will appear in the "Works" series with a cross-section of their work and it seems almost as if
  • Classic with hook  

    My Song (Audio CD)
    "My Song" is the second of four releases from Jarrett "European Quartet" with Jan Garbarek on sax, Palle Danielsson on bass and Jon Christensen on drums. Characteristic of the European Quartet is the abundant dominant saxophone of
  • Shelter Me One More Time  

    Shelter Me (1985) / Vinyl Maxi Single [Vinyl 12 ''] (Vinyl)
    I already knew his Woodstock version of With A Little Help from my Friends, but "COCKER" was the album with which he moved in 1986 into my consciousness, and Shelter me, the first single, was the harbinger. The Single offered a Edit (4:20)
  • Soul in the cold north  

    Soul Classics (Audio CD)
    Maceo Parker comes the winged word, When I Need Sax, I call Candy. By this he means the Dutch alto saxophonist Candy Dulfer, who provided not only with its funky rhythms, but also their long legs sensation. Could be modified this quote on the initiat
  • Prolonged listening pleasure far from the party - Tralala  

    Tracker (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    Mark Knopfler is a musician who apparently little who cares whether he comes into the charts with his creations or not. If he had wanted that, then he would have to curry favor. Then he would have the little profound and superficial expectations of a
  • The Art of Sampling ...  

    The Invisible Girl (Audio CD)
    ... So Parov Stelar describes his music. Electronic perfection with cross-genre influences that are preferably in Jazz. We know it from the numerous publications of the last years. 'The Princess' was the last album by Parov Stelar and during it to se
  • Van surprised again all  

    Duets: Re-Working the Catalogue (Audio CD)
    My first thought was: Oh no, now begins my beloved Van Morrison also with this vice to want to revive old songs, because he can think of nothing new !? But far from it, because this album has become an absolute Burner and almost every song a highligh